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Interior design ideas for color of home wall

The colors of the walls of the house are what determine the shape of the final design, and people’s tastes differ in this, there are those who like calm colors and there are those who prefer neutral colors, and there is another bold type that tends to the bold and youthful color palette that needs a great adventure.

1- Experiment with color in a small portion of the wall

If you are not sure when you choose the color of the wall, you should try it first on a small part in order to make sure of its suitability in the room and make sure that you want it completely, especially with the shocking colors that are difficult to imagine before you see them in real amid the entire decor.

In order to determine the right color for you from the beginning, you have to see many designs and artworks and choose a color that suits you and you prefer to be found in your room, here is a clear example of that, although yellow is not a favorite color for most and is considered a bold color, but its place in this kitchen Perfect in black and white, these bold and adventurous choices take a little trial at first to make sure you feel about them!

2- Take lighting into account

The reason behind the presence of a small lamp in the paint shop at the seller to shine it on the color and you choose it in order to make sure of the correct degree lies in the importance of the light in showing the color properly, as the lighting in the room would completely change the original color tone, better or worse according to the way it is employed and distributed.

We have to always take into account that the lighting is well distributed in the room to cover all its corners, and if the lighting of the lamp in the middle cannot illuminate the whole room, you must distribute a group of small lamps throughout the room depending on the shape of your decoration, so you can choose small units in the ceiling, or lamps Side with furniture, or even indirect lighting from behind the walls or from inside the ceiling, as we see in this design.

Another point that must be taken into consideration is: the effect of shade! The shade that lighting creates on different pieces of furniture, if it is employed correctly, shows the final result of the place in a wonderful way, as we see the effect of shadow here on the curtains, to appear in the end in two different shades in color.

3- Think carefully about how you will feel when sitting in the room

When choosing a color, you should look at the mood of the room and how you feel when you sit in it, for example in the bedroom, do you want to feel comfortable and calm, or drama, or intimate and romantic While the strong colors are a little dramatic, the bedroom in the photo is a great example of warm and romantic colors.

In the dining room, do you want to be strong and energetic, or to be formal and quiet? If you want warmth and intimacy with the family when eating, then you should choose bright colors that create a social atmosphere, but in the event that you want it formal, green and blue are the most appropriate colors for that.

As for when choosing the color of the children’s room, do not always tend to irritating colors such as red and others, because these colors and their frequent presence affect the child’s behavior in general, some of them can be added to the furniture or part of the wall color, not the whole room.

4- Use a circle or color wheel

When choosing more than one color in one room, you should use the color wheel to make sure that the colors match each other and that no discordance occurs in your final design, because the color of the walls is what determines the shape of the design, and you will be surprised by the group of colors that you did not think of their suitability to each other.

Here is a great example in this design of turquoise, fuchsia, white and gray in the curtains, and wood in some furniture, a great combination of colors in one room.

5- Add a bold touch

There are those who prefer single and neutral colors, and they do not want to try something new, but having one color on the walls is a boring thing in design, so what do you think of holding the stick in the middle ?!

Use one color as you like, but add a bold touch to it, such as the painting on the white and floral wall with green plants. This has refreshed the entire design. Imagine with me that if this painting was not present, the design will definitely become boring and you will not feel that joy now!

6- Use different finishes

The colors are wonderful, and they become more beautiful when adding a touch of graphics, wallpaper or stickers to a part of them, but very carefully so that the design does not lose its beauty and original theme, and one of the best rooms in which you can be creative at this point is the children’s room, there is no limit to creativity!

7- Can the furniture be the color of the wall?!

The furniture can be part of the room’s colors, but it can be a whole wall, such as this modern and youthful black wardrobe, which is attractive to a modern living room.


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