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Interior Design ideas for bed frame with DIY

Why don’t you make a bed frame with DIY and put a bed with the perfect design for your home? The first thing to consider when DIYing the bed is solid durability. However, it is quite difficult to combine the durability with the design you want. So this time, I will introduce DIY ideas for bed frames that you can sleep with peace of mind and are fashionable.

Slatted bed

I’m sure some people don’t have a very fashionable image on the drain board, but surprisingly it is also a design used in various architectural scenes. Since the wooden pallets used for transportation are made in the same way, it is not only durable as a bed frame, but also has good breath ability and there is no need to worry about moisture buildup. Also, the materials are cheap, so it’s a nice material to DIY.

Under-bed storage

Even when making a bed with DIY, I think that many people are thinking of making effective use of the space by providing a storage space under the bed with drawers. Why not make the storage space not as big as a drawer, but as a desk? This Is a house of the bedroom, which worked, while the space is well satirically effective use in this manner, has become a comfortable is looks good bed space.

Swing bed

With the idea of ​​reversal, a swing-type bed that hangs the bed from above is also one method. Of course, the ceiling needs to be built to withstand the load, but it can create a large storage space underneath, and it may be possible to fall asleep in a comfortable fluctuation like a hammock. Is it not? This bed also has the amazing feature that you can pull the rope to lift the bed up and adjust the height, and pull it all the way up to store the bed in the ceiling.

Pipe bed

Wood is not the only material for DIY. Another material that is becoming more popular now is DIY using metal pipes. With proper assembly, the material itself is strong enough and you can make a lighter bed frame with lines thinner than wood. Isn’t it the best DIY design for an industrial bedroom with exposed wiring and piping in the interior?

Movable bed

Why don’t you sleep in a cozy place of the day with a bed that can be freely moved horizontally with rollers attached to the bed? Also, it may be interesting to configure it so that you can create your own large space, such as the 90 cm square tatami box in this living / dining room. Why don’t you change the place where you feel comfortable with your bed according to the light and wind that change from day to day and enter the room?


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