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Interior Design ideas and tips

The decoration and interior design of a house reflect the personal tastes and personality traits of each one. The kitchen is a phase in which we have to apply certain practical aspects that optimize the maximum of an environment that is essentially of a functional nature. This need must be complemented with our aesthetic preferences.

Anyway, the basic premise is to transform a house into a warm and inviting space, but without sacrificing its practicality. To inspire you, today we selected 13 ideas to decorate a modern kitchen in the best possible way.

  1. Main color

The L-shaped kitchen is a perfect choice to take advantage of the smart space, while achieving an attractive and charming atmosphere. Here we see that the choice of white color undoubtedly contributes to achieving a pleasant atmosphere.

  1. Elegant and full of light

The white furniture creates a bright, elegant and original composition for an open kitchen. The floor in combination with the wooden counter tops increases the feeling of welcome. The large windows also provide a naturally lit environment.

  1. Wooden furniture

Creativity is an essential ingredient in the kitchen and should not be limited to prescriptions; on the contrary, they must be part of the project. Adding unconventional elements, it helps to create fun and engaging spaces like this, in which the handles are shaped mustache and lamps simulate some hats.

  1. Island + ample space

Another trick that you can implement to decorate a modern kitchen is to promote a unique style and take advantage of the walls. The use of attractive coatings is essential to fill the spaces of personality. It is not necessary to completely cover the kitchen, simply having a brick or stone wall to create a contrast in the environment.

  1. The game of contrasts

Betting on a game of contrasts can be a positive point. In this example, the contrast is achieved by the presence of a light floor that communicates with the granite island in the dark tone.

The island also has a functional space for wines.

  1. Romantic style

Are you a romantic? Then, this proposal will not go unnoticed. It is a modern kitchen, but it does not renounce the past, in part, it is just that which represents the chic style, in which you have certainly heard that, among other things, it includes the effects of the passage of time in the decoration. In this kitchen, the presence of flowers in the lamps and plants gives lightness and life to the space.

  1. Ceramics

There are elements in the decoration and interior design of a house; you not only have a practical, but decorative function. The shelf can occupy the surface of the walls without taking up much space. It is practically indispensable in the kitchen; in addition, you can obtain a beautiful result as shown in the image.

  1. Wooden workbench

The kitchen needs to have a living space, which is why elements that promote meetings like a bar or a table for quick and informal meals are important.

Choose welcoming materials that are compatible with any style of decoration, such as wood, which, without a doubt, will provide a welcoming atmosphere, in addition to personalizing the environment.

  1. Mini vegetable garden

Plants have a powerful decorative power, and offer many health benefits. In a modern and elegant kitchen, you cannot ignore the option of having a small garden or aromatic plants, which will also serve for preparing meals.

  1. Blackboard

The blackboard is a jovial alternative to decorate the kitchen walls. You can write all kinds of reminders, recipes, phrases and drawings to relax the environment.

  1. Art

Art enriches the spirit and we must not leave it out of the design of an elegant kitchen. From small sculptures, paintings or books. Having some works of art will result in a remarkable space, in addition to being a great source of inspiration.

  1. A delicious combination of textures

We have already mentioned that balance is the key to a successful recipe in the design and decoration of a kitchen (and other rooms in the house). You can add a certain amount of different textures to achieve an exceptional atmosphere.

Here we see stone, wood, metals and ceramics, working together to offer an original and beautiful environment.

  1. A deep color

We mentioned the importance of color and finished this book of ideas, with a beautiful option of dark tones for the decoration of the kitchen.

The dark colors have the ability to give the impression of greater depth to the environments, achieving sensational contrasts as the image shows – a welcoming balance is found on the sink wall with white furniture.


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