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Smart ideas for decorating your bedroom

To make  your bedroom more beautiful, all you have to do is follow some of the creative ideas that we will present to you in the next few lines, where we will walk with in creating economical and highly influential ideas in designing bedrooms positively that will impress you without any additional costs or burdensome budgets.

1- Decorate with pictures

Use your photos with beautiful memories and meanings in your life to be the decoration of your bedroom simply by displaying them in thin frames or hanging and pasting them all on the wall without frames and it will not cost you any additional budgets and it is beautiful in meaning and form as well.

2- Use mirrors

Use mirrors in the bedroom because they have great benefits in addition to their low cost, they greatly expand the space and double the visual field in it, and they help increase the joy in the room by reflecting the light and they also achieve more balance between the walls of the room on the one hand. decoration.

3- big cupboard

The large wardrobe in the bedroom achieves an ideal and elegant shape without additional costs, as it will serve as a suitable closet for clothes and all purposes without leaving anything that distorts the rest of the room and affects its arrangement, and from another angle helps the wardrobe to have a far center of gravity About the bed in the middle, and this is very suitable and required in medium spaces.

4- Miscellaneous items

The use of hand fonts, drawings and accessories with an artistic touch affects the beauty and poetic design, which we clearly notice here.

5- Small shelves

Small shelves guarantee you a wide variety of accessories and no effect on spaces, as well as diversity and break in the dominance of dark colors, as we note in this model in which the white shelf broke the dominance of the botanical brick color on the wall.

6- Elegance of colors

The gradation of colors in the cushions and pillows in the bed ensures that you always have a sparkling room, and also the relationship of those colors in the bed with the rest of the walls and furnishings in the room, so be sure to always make those colors consistent.

7- Pay attention to the covers and upholstery

You can choose bed linen according to the type of design and the spirit of the room and its decor, such as the prevalence of dark or light colors or the spread of natural touches such as geometric patterns or plants and flowers, all of which is effective and very low in cost. 

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