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A wonderful palette of colors to use the green color in your home

Green is the color of nature, greenness, comfort, peace and tranquility.. If you want to use green in your home, you should read this article first, and here you will find many ideas offered by experts to use the green color in more than one way in your home, as its use is not limited to the  garden  and the balcony But you can use it in all its degrees in your home from the inside, to get a beautiful and elegant home in the color of nature.

1. Green everywhere

The use of green is not limited to the external yards only, but you can use green in every area of ​​your house, but with the right use. Here, the use of green in the outer hall gives simplicity and familiarity to the place, and gives a wonderful visual depth with the remarkable openness of the dining room to the  kitchen .. In addition to the diversity in the Using its grades and choosing furniture in light colors that suit it.. it seems as if the garden has moved inside.

2. Green in the bathroom..!

If you want to use green in your bathroom, we tell you that your choice is absolutely right. Green, despite its calm and simplicity, is also a fashion this year, and it seems a great solution if you want to draw attention to your bathroom, and make it a place where your friends feel belonging and psychological comfort.. We would like to draw your attention to The importance of choosing simple colors with him in order to enjoy the calm atmosphere.

3. A bedroom or a garden!

The use of the wonderful color of the foliage in the bedroom makes it come alive, as green is the color of nature and its charm.. it shines in your psychological comfort, calm and inner peace..

Here, its tones varied between dark green, less then light, and divided into a part engraved with leaves and the other plain.. It was very suitable for overlapping with elegant wooden pieces, and simple wooden furniture.

If you want to get out of the ordinary and stereotyped in your kitchen, you can use the geometric pattern that the wonderful wallpaper makes for you, while choosing green for elegant and calm details.. And you can notice how the geometric design gives a wonderful movement to the place.. Would you like to own it?

If you made the decision to use light green, we recommend the living room for that choice, and because you spend most of the time in it, you definitely need calm colors that make you feel more calm and comfortable, as in this simple example that contains light gray furniture and beige pillows bearing green geometric squares And those green graphics on the wall that serve as a great background decoration.

Your choice of wall colors reflects your personality and your love for details, and here green looks great in the plain and the patterned.. But the engraved part was limited to one wall only and the rest was plain in order to avoid feeling tension and annoyance due to excessive glare, and despite the small space of the room, the green did not cause the space to be tight in any way.

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