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Learn about the latest trends in the world of paints

If you want to change the color of your home rooms and refresh them with new and fashionable colors, we have come to you with a number of wonderful colors that will definitely need some boldness and some planning so that the new wall colors fit your home furniture, your color palette and the general atmosphere prevailing in the room. Paint colors may be a difficult choice for most of us, as many of us can make a mistake by imagining a certain picture of the room with new paint, but when implementing this idea, we regret this choice.

We brought you a number of examples of the latest paint colors with suggestions for colors that go with them to inspire you to choose the colors of your homes elegantly.

Dark Blue

Blue comes in many shades, but this dark and deep shade combines elegance with contemporary touches. It is a color that has a wonderful effect of creating a comfortable and elegant environment.

Mauve color

This wonderful color is a mixture of cool and warm colors that add warmth and beauty to the room, as it gives it a royal, dramatic and special atmosphere that will refresh your rooms in your home.

It matches with the neutral colors of gray, white and beige in addition to the blue color in its shades.

The color orange

One of the wonderful colors that give the rooms of the house a special warmth and refreshment. As we can see, it is a color that is not strange, so we use it all the time in special types of orange wood, and in floors as well as in ceramic tiles or marble, but in the walls it is a wonderful, natural and beautiful complement as well.

The yellow color

This color, which is not matched by any other color in the freshness and joy, it would add touches of joy and happiness. It appeared in the seventies and is returning strongly again this year.

Mint color

This refreshing pastel color gives a special and quick touch to holiday homes and children’s rooms . It is a relaxing and relaxing color that gives a dreamy ambiance to the rooms in addition to being a color with personality despite being a calm color, it is a beautiful addition to any room.

The color grey

This wonderful gray color that comes from nature also decorates our homes in a wonderful and very beautiful way.

Fits walls and furniture, as it matches the white and cream color like no other to give you a unique decor.


Another example of pastel color, this beautiful pink color, is a bold choice as it draws the attention of everyone who sees it for its artistic touch, and its ability to create calm and comfort in rooms. The best colors to go with are earthy tones.

Dark gray

One of the most daring colors to use on the walls of your home, but be sure to use it in a simple and small way, preferably on one wall or part of the wall only. With the addition of decorative touches of accessories and furniture in light colors of white or gold, in addition to warm colors.

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