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What is a log cabin?

This is a small simple wooden house. A characteristic is that the house is built with logs or heavy wooden beams that fit together at the corners through recesses. Traditionally, you will find many log cabins in Scandinavian countries and in Central European mountain areas, but also, for example, in parts of Eastern Europe.

What types of log cabins are there?

We all know those playhouses for children. These are not intended for living in, but are strongly reminiscent of a home. They are of course adapted to the wishes of children in order to create the ideal playground.

In addition, you also have the wooden sauna houses that you sometimes encounter in a spa or wellness center. In Finland, for example, people have this type of log cabin in the backyard (often a meadow). A wonderful sauna session is something we all long for, especially during the winter months. The Finns usually combine it with a short swim in open water. They believe this is good for circulation.

Then there are also garden sheds, many people in the Netherlands have these in the backyard. Usually these sheds are used for the storage of garden furniture and tools. Often the bicycle is also stored in it.

Log cabins in the Netherlands You don’t see them much as homes in our country, rather in the forms described above. In Scandinavia many people live in houses like this one. You will find a lot of these houses, especially in Norway. Of course you also have them in America, in almost every American film or series you sometimes see a ‘cabin in the woods’. These houses are often located in the middle of the forest and are often used as a country retreat, or a house from which to hunt.

Building a log cabin

Start with the foundation, make sure everything is level. Concrete is often the most stable. Then put down the support beams and lay the subfloor. Then you can start laying the walls: the wooden beams! The roof is next, again use beams for this and roof tiles as a finishing touch. Finally, install the door and windows.

What is the cost of a log cabin?

Once you’ve done your research and are sure that a log cabin is for you, the next step is to think about where exactly the home should be, what materials you want to use, and whether you might want to buy an existing home. It is also possible to renovate an existing cabin, or opt for a new prefab home to reduce construction time and effort. As far as prices are concerned, you can purchase a wooden garden house from around 700 rupees in a do-it-yourself market. This is then very ‘basic’ with untreated wood, without ventilation grilles and simple Plexiglas windows. For a garden house of better quality pay about 1,000 to 1,400 rupees. The final price you pay will vary, depending on where you are going to build, the quality of the materials and the time frame. More expensive variants that are more luxurious can cost 8,000 rupees. Make sure you get the help of an experienced architect uses to guide you through the process.

Prefab vs traditionally built log cabin?

If you want to build a log cabin that you can live in, the biggest question is whether you opt for traditional construction or prefab. Make sure you do good research to ultimately go for the best option. It can be a lot of money. Prefab houses are known for their quick construction, affordability and energy efficiency, perfect if you are in a hurry and on a budget. A disadvantage is of course that you have fewer options. For example, if you want to build in spectacular unique windows, this can be achieved slightly better with traditional construction.

Free consultation

If you have become enthusiastic and want to get started right away with the construction of a log cabin. Leave your details and project details here for a free consultation.


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