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The living space we call home has some basic functions that must be present. For example, you may not have a garden, but if you don’t have a bathroom, that’s a big problem. A terrace is not necessary, but it is difficult for anyone to imagine a house without a kitchen.


The kitchen is important because it is a space in charge of food among the elements that must exist in order to maintain life. The kitchen is the place where you buy, store, and cook the stored ingredients. It is possible because there is a kitchen where we can store leftovers and eat them comfortably, drink water, and brew tea or coffee.


In order for such a kitchen to function properly, several electronic appliances are required. A refrigerator, kitchen cabinet, kitchen shelf, kitchen cupboard, gas stove, kitchen hood (range hood) and, if necessary, an oven, microwave, and dishwasher are installed together.


Let’s take a closer look at the necessary kitchen equipment, how to install it, and what materials are available.


How to install kitchen equipment

Usually, we live in a house where kitchen equipment is already installed. So, there are not many opportunities to think deeply about how kitchen equipment is actually installed, the process or materials. This is the part that we usually face when it comes time to proceed extensively with the interior or to build a new house. The process of installing kitchen equipment is as follows.


First, in order to install kitchen equipment, a hole must be drilled in the wall where the construction has been completed. This is because there are things that need to be fixed to the wall, such as installing a kitchen cabinet or a kitchen hood (range hood). It is important to be level when drilling.


Second, before installing a kitchen cabinet, place the cabinet in the planned location and check that the doors and drawers open and close properly.


Third, if it is confirmed that there is no problem in the cabinet even if it is installed in the planned place, insert a nail into the hole and attach it. Use filler to carefully fill the perimeter of the hole to prevent loosening.


Fourth, it is common to install two kitchen cabinets divided into the top and bottom of the wall. Once the first cabinet has been installed, check the height and location of the drain pipe for the second lower cabinet.


Fifth, drill the necessary holes for the lower cabinet. It is necessary to connect with wiring and pipes.


Sixth, install the lower cabinet according to the predetermined hole.


Seventh, if you want to install a shelf, you have to drill another hole in the wall. In addition, if you want to fix the seasoning container on the shelf, you can drill a pilot hole through the lid and shelf material.


Material comparison for kitchen equipment

There are a variety of materials, but here we are going to divide them into four types.


The first material we will look at is wood, which is commonly used . These woods are:


-Oak (red oak: also called red oak as it is pronounced in English): In the case of oak, it has strong durability and is relatively inexpensive compared to wood.


-White oak (also called white oak as it is pronounced in English): In the case of oak, it is harder and more durable than oak.


-Hard maple (also called hard maple): Light colored wood, more expensive than oak and oak. Its density is loose, and in terms of durability, the aforementioned wood is strong.


-Hickory: A hard wood from North America that is lighter in color than oak and oak, and has a similar pattern and strength.


-Cherry wood: It is often used in modern styles and has a smooth finish. As time goes by, the color gets darker and the durability is strong.


-Birch: It is durable and has a beautiful texture. It has a darker color than maple and is very expensive.


-Western Ash: A hard, durable, light-colored wood.


-Pine: It is the only soft wood used in kitchen cabinets.


The second material to look at is exotic (especially tropical) wood. These woods are:


-Mahogany: A reddish-brown tropical wood, used primarily for furniture making. It has a luxurious look and stains easily.


-Walnut: The color ranges from dark brown to purplish-black.


-Ebony (also called ebony as it is pronounced in English): Black and hard wood, suitable for decoration.


The third material to look at is plywood (also called laminate as English pronunciation). Plywood is one of the materials with a wide choice of colors, patterns, and textures. It is strong, stain-resistant and easy to clean. On the other hand, if the hinge breaks down, it is difficult to repair, so caution is required.


The fourth material to look at is stainless steel. Stainless steel is a material that can be found in almost all kitchens in modern times, and its smooth surface and high durability are considered as great advantages. In addition, it is non-toxic, recyclable, and easy to maintain and manage, including cleaning. It does not warp or deform even in high temperature or humidity. However, it is a pity that fingerprints are relatively well exposed, and once a scratch is made, it is too easily exposed.


We have dealt with many materials, so we will choose the most suitable material for the desired kitchen style and kitchen interior according to the durability and visual characteristics of the material.


If you have any other questions about kitchen equipment, you can get advice from a kitchen design expert through Interior A to Z.


What kitchen equipment do you need in a small kitchen?

If you have a small kitchen, look for ideas that can reduce the floor space as much as possible. For example, in the case of a kitchen cabinet that must be present, it does not have to be too large, but there must be enough space. In this case, you can install high kitchen cabinets that reach to the ceiling. It is good to use the wall of the space as much as possible. Finding a smart design is also worth thinking positively.

You can also consider stacking the cabinets on top of each other or installing them inside the wall. Also, it’s definitely a good idea to build a custom cabinet that combines appliances and cabinets into one. Also keep in mind that you can add a little more space for simple items by attaching a small shelf to the inside of the cabinet door.


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