Design With Multipurpose Furniture

Too much in too little space: Anyone who has faced this challenge can attest that careful editing is the key to success. It’s a bit like putting a jigsaw puzzle together and finding the best place for everything. Once we know where everything goes, systems are in place to keep your home clean and tidy and take away most of the processing burden. But careful editing does not always mean tidying up. Sometimes that just means rearranging a few items, prioritising them, and creatively tucking them underneath or behind them, all with organisation and efficiency in mind. Furnishing with a wide range of options is even more interesting for small living areas. There are many effective and surprising ways to not only make things work, but make them work well when the right elements are incorporated into the room design. A multi-story space is often a comfortable space, and many of us feel most comfortable in a space that offers more than meets the eye.

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