Design Tricks To Make Your Home Compact Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

Design Tricks To Make Your Home Compact | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Design Tricks To Make Your Home Compact

From day to day, the price of land for housing is increasing sharply. Therefore, sometimes we have to compromise with the land area that can be purchased with the existing budget . But don’t worry, you can still build your dream house with a compact system. Even though it’s only one floor, it fulfills all the needs of family members. What is the secret and what is an example?

 In the interior architecture of this house, it still holds the principle of a compact house, that is, there are not many partitions. There are spacious rooms that are not partitioned but include several rooms at once. An example is here, where the study area, television room and refrigerator are in one room.

The kitchen is one part of the house that is almost impossible to remove. But what if you only get a small amount of space? So take advantage of every corner like this. Closet compartment below, hanging cupboard, so it can store a lot of things.

If the area of ​​the house is limited, the bedroom cannot be large either. How to make it look more relaxed? You can create a reflection effect on the surrounding wall like this. Also use neutral wall and floor paint colors so it doesn’t look full.

Want to separate one room from another? Use a partition shelf like this. Besides being practical, it can be moved around and is also efficient. Its functions also vary. Can be used as a bookshelf or other storage area.

What if there is only 1 long room to accommodate several parts of the house? Then you only need 1 partition, which is to separate private rooms and open spaces for the public. For the family room, dining room and kitchen can be used as one place.

There are only three colors here, grey, beige and brown. This makes the room look spacious. The color gradations are also right, they don’t collide with each other.

If you look at this room, it feels like in classic houses, right? Even though this is a new house that adapts the concept of a European-style house. The white color in the furniture makes this residence look even more classy.

Even though the house is small, don’t let your childhood dreams go out. Leave a little room to make a walk in closet . Simple and functional, but still fun. Finally wish come true!

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