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10 ideas you must have in your home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The beauty lies in the details, and the success of your home starts from the smallest touches, and to get a balanced interior decor, you have to take care of making optimal use of every corner, and adding practical decorative elements to meet needs that do not occur to anyone, and then you will find in the long run that your home keeps pace with the times despite its old design Today, Interior A to Z presents you with 10 items and ideas that you must have in your home to get a great design.

1. Storage spaces..

Do not hesitate to add storage spaces in any unused corner of the house, whether it is in the entrance, roads, hallways, or under the stairs, and whether it is in the form of drawers, shelves or storage units, as it is in front of us in this design where the area under the stairs is designed in the form of drawers One large for hanging clothes and the other for shoes.

2. Additional levels..

One of the most practical solutions in your kitchen is to add additional mobile or applicable surfaces and levels, to get an additional work space when needed, and to provide space for movement in case your kitchen is tight..

3. Cookware organizer..

At the kitchen sink, you always need an organizer for the utensils that are washed and need to be filtered from the water before storing them so as not to harm the wood or cause insects to collect, so the cooking utensil organizer with filtering nets is one of the most healthy solutions that you will need in your home later..

4. Dishwasher..

With the increase in the number of your family members, the process of cleaning dishes and dishes will become one of the most tedious tasks, especially in the winter, so the dishwasher is the magic solution that develops every day to serve and meet the needs of the modern family..

5. Suitable electrical connections.

Recently, experts have resorted to designing electrical devices with triple connections to increase their capabilities and maintain them, in addition to increasing the number of household appliances due to the development of technology, so you need to increase the number and diversity of internal electrical connections in your home, a trick that you will discover its importance later..

6. Towel holder..

One of the most important items that you must add to  your bathroom is the towel holder, which helps to organize and clean your bathroom, and keep the towels clean and away from water.

7. Carpet for the entrance..

The entrance rug protects your home from what your shoes and the shoes of your guests carry, so its presence is a necessity that cannot be overlooked, to keep your home always clean..

8. Special addition..

There are a lot of accessories and decorative elements that make your home distinct, although we do not need to use them permanently, as a touch of fur on the edges of your bed..

9. Your tool wall.

We always make a great effort in organizing and searching for repair tools, because of their large number and ease of loss, so your tool wall is the magic solution to keep your own tool, add a simple installation panel to make it easier for you to organize them..

10. Comfortable and privacy-preserving curtains.

Always make sure to choose the curtains for your home in a practical and smart way, you should study the use of the vacuum and its design, in order to succeed in choosing the appropriate curtains, make sure that the curtains are balanced in terms of their beauty, performance, privacy and protection from the sun ..

6 Tips to Perfectly Decorate Your Kid’s Playroom

Even parents who find it difficult to make time to play with their children due to their busy daily life, all parents who have children will have the same love for their children. Regardless of the economic situation, it is our child who makes it sad that we cannot give more even if we give everything we have. Just as everything has its time, perhaps your child will know that we want our children to play with childlike innocence and unspoilt health. Like the process we have already gone through, when our children reach middle school, they will naturally have more time to spend with their friends, and they will have their own society in earnest. will be. Before that, how about creating a play space that grows bigger and wider so that the child can radiate the energy of a child and smile brightly? Perhaps in our playroom, the child will grow up to be an attractive child with a bright smile as he feels the love of his parents with his whole body.

Free decorating ideas for your home

We all have a desire to change the look and feel of our home, from the entrance to the rooms and  the bathroom, but the financial aspect does not always help us, as some things may need expensive expenses.. And since we are looking for the least expensive thing, today we collect in this article 10 tricks that will make Your home is full of vitality, elegance and beauty at absolutely no cost. Where you can find an inspiring way to decorate your home from these ideas that we present to you in a photo collection to get the house of your dreams.

1. Wooden panels on the walls

Simple wood panels can create a different ambiance behind your bed headboard, and the proof is in this inspirational photo that the entire wall behind the bed headboard has been sheathed with simple wood panels. It is a substance that you can have in your home or you can get it easily from anywhere if you do not have it.

In the end you have a wonderful way to decorate your bed with important accessories such as beautiful quilts, colorful pillows and blankets.

2. Old table

If you don’t have enough money to buy a new table don’t bother, you can get an old one from your parents’ old house, surely they have there an old table downstairs or upstairs without having to buy one, here you have the chance to achieve personality and give an old piece the chance to shine one more time.

It may only need minor restoration, if you really want it it shouldn’t be hard to find. This table will be very functional in the rooms and in the kitchen, and may be comfortable and important for the new baby’s room so that it does not quickly distort or destroy the new one.

3. Flowers in bottles

We always have a lot of bottles at home and most of the time we don’t use them or recycle them!.. but after seeing this inspiration you will think again before throwing them in the trash, by making them like pretty vases to hold some of the flowers you buy or grow in your garden. It gives a wonderful shape to the decor and more charming touches to your home.

4. Replacement of furniture place

Changing the location of the furniture or dividing the room is like moving the  furniture differently in the existing space, so that you can find a different place in your room. As in this example, he moved the bed in front of the old dresser to make the cabinet look like the headboard of the bed.

5. Use fruit boxes

We continue on the wave of restoring and transforming old things, because in fact we can get amazing solutions to decorate our home without spending anything.. Fruit boxes can be an excellent ally to give a special style to your home, and create a tremendous personality.. Where you can create many things with them as drawers Beside the bed, coffee tables, sofas, outdoor furniture, shelves. So that you can finally make great use of it and make it more functional.

6. Hang pictures

More and more pictures..with them we can bring a clear upgrade and joy to the walls and no longer need to buy frames, you can hang branches to them with a garland of lights or put them with a piece of colored tape and glue them, for example we give you this room for inspiration From these happy thoughts!

7. Paper shapes

We all have a lot of papers at home from magazine or newspaper that we can use to make cute paper shapes. And make your lamps at home look unique.

We give free rein to your imagination in creating those shapes that you want to decorate the lamps with.

8. Create LEDs

If you don’t want papers, recycle old mugs inherited from your grandmother, put lamps in them for a unique look, it will be a nice way to remember the past, get nice lighting and decorate your home with minimal cost.

9. Build a ladder

Simple wooden stairs in home decor, whether in the bathroom, bedroom or living room. But the truth is that it is expensive and we are looking for the lowest possible cost, so we have to build the wooden stairs ourselves with some sticks, which we will be able to collect from anywhere or some old timber with some nails.. Note that this ladder is only decorative to put towels or clothes or lids, and does not have enough strength to bear your body.

10. Get rid of useless things

And finally one of the endless and super cheap tricks to have a neat, bright, clean and looks orderly home, by keeping everything in its place.

And getting rid of some rubbish, furniture, clothes, and everything that is not useful, in order to have a harmonious home, a clean, comfortable and dignified session, this is a great example.

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Interior Tips for Sensitive Teenagers

The time comes when children who are like little sunflowers, who are crawling and walking around, looking only at their mothers and fathers, become adults. just puberty. Time spent with friends is more precious than time spent with parents or other family members, and conversations between family members are becoming shorter. Through various methods such as conversations with friends, books and music to show off their unique individuality, our children going through puberty form their own identity. In particular, the daughter and son, who had maintained a friendly relationship with their parents, seem to be moving away emotionally, so even if parents want to express their love for their children, they may stop for fear that the children will reject them and distance themselves from them. In that case, we will be able to narrow the sense of distance by decorating an independent space for children according to their taste. And while decorating the children’s room, we will be able to understand the children’s favorite singers, books, and thoughts by guessing at least a little. Even if children distance themselves due to puberty, in order to become delicate parents who constantly express love to their children, today we need to pay attention to the interior of children’s rooms for sensitive adolescents.

Space organization

For a child who is carefully forming his or her identity at the boundary between an adult and a child, his room should be a more comfortable and precious space than anywhere else. In adolescence, who wants to be respected as a person rather than the property of their parents, it is good to design the child’s room as a space with guaranteed privacy and an interior that fits the child’s lifestyle and movement. In this emotionally sensitive time, it is important to choose the right color to help you manage your mind, as well as prepare a space for study because it is an important time for your career. In addition, since it is a time when people are more interested in their appearance, it is necessary to harmoniously design a suitable storage space to store clothes and accessories and a comfortable bedroom space where children can relax and relax so that they do not toss and turn over miscellaneous worries  .


It’s not just for infancy, it’s not just about decorating the interior with a variety of colors to match the child’s personality. Even in the children’s room, where the emotional ups and downs due to puberty are large and emotionally sensitive, proper color arrangement can instill a sense of stability and confidence in the child. First of all, it is better to avoid interiors using only white or black colors that increase tension. Let’s add a red color as a point to the white or calm pastel color like the picture. If your child easily feels lethargic and depressed because he is worried about friendships or schoolwork, you can breathe life and energy into the child through the red interior. Also, if you are a child who is not interested in studies and always values ​​time with friends, it is good to use blue or green colors to calm the mind and increase concentration so that he can have an appropriate investment time for his future.


Adolescent children actively grow physically as well as mentally, so it is important to select an appropriate bed for a comfortable sleep and the interior around the bed. If my child is in high school or going to high school soon, it is easy to fall asleep because of worries about the career path, such as what I should study and what I want to calm down. There should be a space between the bed and the study area. In addition, let’s install a cozy and warm orange indirect lighting so that you can sleep comfortably by making a difference from a study stand or a regular fluorescent lamp around the bed. It is also a good idea to put an indirect light on the ceiling of the bed and turn it on and off with a switch right next to the bed, a domestic company  . In addition, since high school students have to read novels written for the SAT in addition to their own novels, it is good to have a side table or a mini chest of drawers next to the bed where you can put books while reading comfortably.

Rest area

While high school students are the time to focus on their studies in earnest, middle school students are when they value friendship more than anything else. They enjoy their own hobbies, chat with their friends, and deepen their friendship. If you are worried that your child will wander dangerously outside the house, instead of nagging him to come in early, we can provide an appropriate resting space for the child to spend time with friends and enjoy his hobbies comfortably in the house  . And it is good that this rest area is located right next to the bed to separate it from the study area. You can relax and relieve stress by listening to your favorite music, or invite friends to chat comfortably.

Learning space

Recently, puberty often occurs in the 5th or 6th grade of elementary school as early as the first year of high school according to the rapid physical development. However, at any age, the most important part of a child’s room is the learning space. Studying is the easiest and most difficult way for our children to survive in a fiercely competitive society. It is necessary to design the learning space with attention to detail so that the learning effect can be seen more efficiently. A child who tends to lose concentration should never decorate his desk with various frames or props, as there are piles of books on the bookshelf. This is because it is easy to waste time looking at the props around the desk and sorting out books. If there are books you are not looking at, you should organize them by sharing them or place them on a bookshelf right in front or next to you when you sit at your desk so that your vision is not obscured. It is good to put only the workbook and the stand that the child studies frequently on the desk. Also, as we saw earlier, the study space and the bed should be separated from each other. It is necessary to properly organize the study space so that you do not get up the next morning after leaning on the bed in front of you to rest for a while. Finally, you don’t have to choose the chairs in your study area to be overly soft or comfortable. There’s no way a school where a child is taking an exam has a cushioned chair with a large back. It is necessary to create a place of tension so that the child can concentrate and study on a hard chair with a single cushion.

Point furniture

Point furniture is useful for children whose relationships with friends are important, but can also add freedom to the children’s room. Just an empty bag. As shown in the photo, if you match the color with the existing furniture in the child’s room, it will harmonize with the interior of the child’s room. If the children’s room is small, it may not be easy to separate the study space, the rest space, and the bedroom. When children come, they usually sit on the bed or on the floor or on a chair in the study space. However, if you have a bean bag, your child’s friends will be able to sit comfortably and you will be able to relax and have a deep conversation with your child and share your concerns.


Let’s choose children’s room interior accessories that can reveal the child’s taste. The silver light in the picture is a perfect combination of modern and classic, opposite styles, right next to the baby’s bed, put on a side table made of soft and warm wood, or hang a picture frame on the wall. . At this time, it is good to lay out the picture in a sensuous way by not only hanging one large frame, but also putting family photos, children’s childhood photos, and photos with friends in frames of different sizes. In addition, colorful flowers that breathe life and radiance into the room, or plants such as hoya carnosa, which has a good scent that blocks electromagnetic waves and absorbs carbon dioxide, rosemary, which is good for memory, and herbs like basil, which improves concentration and improves brain function. You can also place flower pots.