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The entrance is a semi-public space that is noticeable not only by the people who live there but also by an unspecified number of people. It is also an important point. Therefore, I would like to stick to the design and layout. Would you like to design a front door that feels comfortable as a place to receive home delivery and talk with your neighbors? This time, we will explore various possibilities while introducing actual examples of entrance spaces of various shapes.

Sticking to the design at the entrance

For the time being, the entrance space is easy to get in and out, and if you have enough storage space, you may be satisfied with it, but this space can be said to be the face of the house. I want to create a design that feels comfortable to both the people who live there and those who just stop by. Of course, depending on the area of ​​the site, the space available for the entrance will be limited, but various ideas can create a feeling of openness. In this house, the space based on white is expanded by incorporating glass and mirrors.

Connect to living space

The entrance was a space that was often separated from the living space in traditional Japanese architecture. However, it seems that there are many cases where the entrance and living space are laid out directly, probably because the number of people who prefer to build an open house is increasing recently. This house is a house designed a first-class architect office in Kobe. The LDK space spreads immediately from the large dirt floor space. There is an entrance to the pantry in the back, so you can stock immediately after returning from shopping. The good flow line is attractive.

Incorporating the beauty of the lattice

At the entrance of a Japanese-style house, I would like to design by incorporating designs. In this house, the sliding doors of the lattice decorate the space minimally. From the garden beside the entrance, you can see the inside through the lattice door, and the ground window where you can see the courtyard leads you to another adjacent space. At the entrance, where you can feel the expanse while being wrapped in the warm texture of wood, everyone who visits it may feel the comfort of forgetting the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Open in the atrium space

In the outdoor space with a wide field of view, the sky is high and you can feel an overwhelming sense of openness, but the high ceiling makes you feel relaxed. Then, how about creating a stairwell space in the entrance hall? At this house, the entrance made of dark wood on the white walls reminiscent of an old Western-style building is very impressive. The ceiling is high, and the space is open in each direction. Not only had the side of the entrance, but also the large windows on the second floor let in the light, which is very bright.

Practical with a wide dirt floor

In houses, there is a dirt floor at the entrance, and it is common to take off your shoes and go up there. In apartment houses, etc., the soil floor is kept to the minimum size required, but in old farmhouses, the soil floor served as a workplace that can be used without worrying about dirt. Even in modern life, there are benefits to having a large dirt floor. This house is used as a bicycle storage area, and it seems that maintenance work can be done here as well.

Double entrance

In densely populated areas, the entrance space may not be large because the site is adjacent to the road. Also, some people may want to devise something when considering privacy. In this house, the entrance is double-structured and a courtyard is created, so that the house is built without worrying about the eyes even though it is a densely populated area. This ← sliding door is the second entrance. There is a wooden deck around the trees in the courtyard, and it is a design that you can sit down and talk to.

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