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Your guide to demolishing interior walls

Half a century old homes are characterized by narrow and long corridors and therefore the division of rooms in them is disastrous, we must recognize that the requirements of today’s homes have changed over time, during a society during which we place great importance on social relations and spending time with the family, the concept of open and spacious spaces to make effective communication between individuals The family became the idea.

Thus, in every repair of old apartments we remove some walls to make larger spaces, this process isn’t as simple because it seems, but it requires a series of labor permits and sophisticated procedures.

Breaking down a wall is often an easy task, but we offer you with the finer details in order that you do not miss any step of the method.

Barrier or load wall?

The first step we’d like to require to demolish a wall is to see the thickness of the wall. this may guide us on the demolition method and whether this wall is for erection or is it a load wall with the structure of the house.

If the space features a door, window, or the other openings you’ll have a couple of seconds to require measurements thanks to the presence of the beam, if you’ve got but 10 or 15 cm before the beginning of the wall it’s ready for demolition.

There is no thanks to calculate the thickness of the wall with the eye , but there’s a trick that you simply can try by banging on the wall if the sound is hollow and there’s an opportunity that it’s a partition wall, but when there’s doubt you ought to seek the assistance of experts during this case.

If the wall may be a loading wall, the openings within the wall must be few and little, but five feet, and that they must be wide and spaced, a minimum of one meter between the opening and therefore the other.

What will we find?

Once we confirm that the wall we would like to demolish may be a partition wall, we will create an idea counting on its construction and therefore the materials utilized in it.

If we’ve a gypsum wall the work won’t take long, during this case it are often cut with a saw between the 2 columns, and once are often “> this is often done the 2 sides can be reinforced using pegs to make the inner frame.

In the case of walls made from bricks and gypsum together, a cutter with an out sized diameter must be wont to open a hole within the wall first, then prepare the space during which we’ll work because this work will produce tons of dust which will spoil the space and furniture, and don’t forget that the cutter has risks, so gloves must be worn And glasses before starting work.

Do not ditch cables and pipes

When considering the demolition of any partition wall, we must use the house plan, because it will determine if those walls that we would like to get rid of are a load or partition, and it’ll also appear through the plan if there are electrical cables or pipelines supplying water or gas inside the wall.

In the case of cables, it’ll be necessary to scale back the width from which to start demolishing and within the case of pipes, new pipes must be installed with slopes in order that the water reaches the drain properly.

If you think anything is inside the wall, stop all electrical, water and gas connections before work begins.

Demolish the wall

Get out of your head the thought of de-stressing by demolishing a wall up the house, you would like to require all preventive measures before taking any step during this work, although the walls of the house appear as separate pieces and anybody of them are often demolished without affecting the general structure, except the reality is that razing a wall can cause cracks inside adjacent walls as a results of blows, so you ought to be extra careful when performing these tasks.

The second important thing is to get the acceptable materials for the work, including glasses to guard the eyes from dust and dirt, and gloves to guard the hands from the hammer.

First: Using different angles to start out demolishing in order that the paint doesn’t fly everywhere, we’ll always start from top to bottom to form sure that a part of the wall doesn’t explode thanks to the load of the bricks thereon and fall suddenly.

After demolition

Once a hole is opened within the wall, it’s indispensable to put a threshold to support the wall in order that it doesn’t fall, in these cases, no matter the materials we face, it’ll be necessary to strengthen the interior structure of the walls, which is vital when expanding the openings more and more.

Most of the beams on the marketplace for this purpose are metal or prefabricated in concrete and must be embedded within the wall of a minimum of 15 cm, although this procedure will create a bigger open space within the wall.

This amazing apartment is found within the center of Madrid and was refurbished, the apartment contains an out sized front room connected with the most entrance and kitchen area, because one among the partition walls that closed the space was demolished and glass was installed on this door.

3 alternative wall options you’ll apply in your home

  1. Wood Panels: Wood panels are an excellent choice for separating spaces in your home instead of walls, especially if you favor country style decor. One among the foremost prominent advantages of wooden panels is that it’s a chic appearance that provides your home tons of heat also as its cost is acceptable and there is many designs and shapes available to realize the design you would like.
  2. Plastic panels: the thought of using PVC panels could seem strange initially, but it’s really a practical alternative to concrete walls. Its main advantages are that it’s easy to put in and clean and is immune to mold also, making it ideal for rooms with high humidity. As for its main disadvantages, it’s that it’s a touch expensive and sometimes its cost approaches the value of building a standard wall.
  3. Fiberglass gypsum board: This alternative may be a non-combustible, rot-resistant interior panel that’s more durable than regular walls. One among its most prominent features is that it’s a beautiful appearance, giving your home the foremost beautiful views.


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