Living room

Living room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer

Living room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer

Synthesize the information and experience you need to know to design, build, repair, arrange and decorate the bedroom.

Help you answer the following concerns:

  1. How is the bedroom suitable?
  2. Arrange furniture according to area
  3. Cost of construction and furniture purchase
  4. Which design style to choose for the bedroom?
  5. What plants and flowers can be placed in the bedroom?


1. Location – door direction :

The bedroom door should avoid facing the kitchen door, the bathroom door, avoiding the main door in the house. Choose to place in a good direction according to the owner’s destiny.

2. Paint color:

Should have a gentle color? There is an important point in the design of a couple’s bedroom that, no matter how much you like pink, you should not paint the bedroom of the couple, especially the newlyweds. Because according, pink can cause emotional rifts. It is best to use elegant and cool colors such as light blue, green, etc.

3. Bed position :

The bedroom is the private place of the owner. Therefore, we should avoid placing the bed right next to the door. In addition, the bed should be placed in a position where you can observe the entire room because this will create peace of mind for the homeowner, making sleep better.

In particular, the bed should not be placed close to the bathroom wall or opposite the bathroom door because according; the bathroom belongs to the Water system. Therefore, it can be harmful to the homeowner’s lumbar or kidney position. Lying in this position for a long time will easily cause back pain. In addition, due to the dampness of the bathroom, it is easy to make sleep quality not guaranteed.

Another extremely important note is that the bed is absolutely not placed under the crossbar in the room, if it is because this is a great element, it will be dangerous for the homeowner.

4. Bed head direction:

The headboard placed in this direction will create a constant sense of insecurity for the homeowner. Over time, it causes headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. In addition, we should not put the head of the bed opposite the toilet or bathroom because it will affect the health of the owner in the long run. If there is no other option, we can add a curtain or curtain between these areas to maintain privacy.

5. Night Lights :

Many homeowners will love decorating their bedrooms with gorgeous chandeliers. However, in terms, this is not good because it will cause insomnia and distraction, not bringing a sense of home. According, bedroom lights should only be lamps with a simple design with just enough light for the room.

6. Mirror :

Absolutely do not put a mirror opposite the head of the bed because it will cause a state of sedation, not deep sleep, difficult to concentrate for the owner. If you really want to put a mirror in the bedroom, the most optimal position can only be right above the head of the bed.

Arrange furniture by area


Bedroom under 9 m2: minimalist furniture when you have a small bedroom, bed, wardrobe, study table/desk with chair, bookshelf, paintings and decorative items. Save space in a small bedroom by making a high bed above the desk, folding bed, folding bed with sofa, creating storage drawers under the bed.

Medium & Large

Bedroom over 10 m2: bed, wardrobe, study table/desk with chair, bookshelf, combined with a set of double tables and chairs for chatting, couches, items depending on your preferences.. .

Modern style

Using bedroom furniture made from natural wood materials Large and airy windows, made from large glass Prefer light tones, especially white, contributing to the expansion of space to make the room airy more open

Asian style

Use Asian- style ceramic vases printed with orchids or roses Hang more artwork, antique jewelry boxes Silk or satin blankets and pillows, intricate patterns.

Japanese style Japanese

People often choose color tones such as brown, black, or beige. Make the bed the focal point of the room, wooden furniture, bamboo or handmade decoration.

Industrial style

Brick wall Furniture and decorations made of polished steel and plastic, minimalist design. Showcases bold work of art, filled with bright colors and odd shapes.

Rustic style

Raw stone and wooden beams mix walls and ceilings. Old-fashioned interior exudes old-fashioned charm such as embroidered pillows, incomplete or broken drawers, leather storage suitcases… The pinnacle of organizing rustic style bedroom with fireplace or newspaper arranged next to it

Plants and flowers are suitable for the bedroom

hyacinth flower , helps to sleep deeper, reduce anxiety and create a feeling of relaxation when waking up

Lavender , inhaling the scent of this flower helps people feel more relaxed and gentle.

Aloe vera , when the concentration of toxic chemicals in the house is high, the trunk will appear many brown spots to help the owner guess the condition of the room space for timely improvement measures.

Magnolia , this plant has the ability to clean the air and create the feeling of a deep sleep. If you put a vase in the corner of the room or hang it on the windowsill, it will make your room much more lively.

Betel nut helps to overcome formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and benzene in the home. In particular, the living conditions of this plant are quite simple, so it is very suitable for people with busy work schedules.

Jasmine , has the ability to make you fall asleep like a pill.

Climbing ivy is a good formaldehyde-absorbing plant, is fairly easy to grow, survives in moderate temperatures, and absorbs moderate sunlight. This is also one of the therapies to help improve sleep efficiency when placed in the room.

Tiger tongue tree . Recommended as a great way to purify the air in your home. It is the perfect plant to put in the bedroom because it is low cost and requires little care.

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Hallways and halls – the eternally forgotten | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

We barely have a house, new or not, the first things to be furnished and decorated are the kitchen and living room, followed closely by the bedrooms. Bathrooms, if they are functional, and because they often already have furniture, are for later. And most of the time, it takes years before we remember the hall and the hallway!Hallways and halls – the eternally forgotten | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR


Is this description familiar to you? Don’t worry, this order is common to most people and is due to the fact that these areas are often thought of as just passing areas. Priority is immediately given to living and permanence areas, which is not poorly thought out, but this ends up leaving the entrance, corridors and interior atrium somewhat forgotten.

However, the importance of the hall is undeniable… This space is our home’s calling card, and is often the only thing that many of our visitors come from. And who doesn’t like to have a nice and careful business card?

As far as the corridor is concerned, the problem with its decoration or use is mainly related to the lack of area, which often leads to it being undressed. But the truth is that, with some wisdom and the right choices, it is possible to transform the corridor into a useful and aesthetically appealing space.

How can I make my home’s lobby the perfect reception?

When we walk into the house, we like to feel welcome and cozy, and we also like that whoever knocks on our door gets a glimpse of that feeling. That’s why it’s important that the entrance to your house reveals a little of your personal style, without forgetting the functional side.

For good planning, it is essential to think about your functional needs and the type of entrance you have. The entrances that are designing the only entrance to the house, or do it have a service entrance? The answer to this simple question will establish the type of elements you will need to furnish the entrance hall.

A main door that supports a service entrance tends to be less used in day-to-day life and to serve above all to receive more formal visits, and so here the style can rule over the function, with choices that can fall back on more imposing furniture or without any kind of storage, such as a simple console. In a case like this, just let yourself be guided by your taste and follow the same style as the other spaces, or be bold in your choices, as long as they are well balanced and well framed.

If your entrance hall is really the only entrance to the house, it is imperative to combine style with function. Arriving from the street loaded with bags, coats and umbrellas, and only having a bowl to put your keys, may not be practical! Consider the placement of cabinets, always well sized for the area, hangers, a shoe rack or perhaps a support for umbrellas. You’ll get a cleaner and more organized area, while making your entry a lot easier, and we guarantee you can do it in style. If you don’t know how to do it, our advice is to look for an interior designer. These professionals can give you a completely new view of the area and achieve real miracles with the distribution of elements in the space to provide you with all the style combined with efficiency.

On Interior A to Z’s website, you’ll find many images of different projects and you’re sure to find one that you like, or that inspires you. Searching is very easy and you can even save your favorite images for later use. All accompanied by the project’s authors and their professional contacts!

What’s the best style for the lobby?

The best style will be your style, but obviously there are styles that are easier to achieve in a generally small space like a lobby.

The modern and minimalist style generates clean and linear environments, perfect for the area to appear wider. Achieving them without losing the necessary functionality is possible, although it may require tailor-made and very rigorously designed solutions, using, for example, built-in cabinets on the walls, without handles or other distinctive elements, and that they remain invisible.

The rustic style and country style make it very easy to incorporate storage, but can be more difficult to achieve in small areas.

Whichever style you choose, the best thing is that it is in harmony with the rest of the house. You can even dare and try something radically different, but you should always look for balance.

Can runners serve more than passage?

More forgotten than the entrance halls, only the corridors. Considered and planned as passage areas, often the corridors remain perfectly bare, with furniture, decoration and interest! However, getting to enjoy, or simply decorating, a hallway may well be easier than you imagined. With the thousands of images available, you’ll easily find solutions for your case, and if you still don’t get one of our professionals, you’ll certainly create them.

If space is sufficient, you can use the hallway to install more storage space, with narrow cabinets, for example. You can also place open bookshelves and transform your hallway into a charming library. If space is tight, you can choose to add thin shelves to display a collection or a few small decorative objects.

And if I don’t want to furnish the hallway, or don’t have space, how can I customize it?

Furnishing the hallway is not mandatory. You can actually choose to leave it empty, but that doesn’t mean it gets depersonalized! Choose the right mirrors, the most appropriate frames and the softest rugs, and your hallway will be as cozy and yours as the rest of the house. And don’t forget about lighting: – a small, poorly lit space with oversize lamps becomes even smaller, claustrophobic. The same applies to the placement of this lighting, which if wrong can expose small defects in the area in an unsightly way!

Hallways and halls – the eternally forgotten | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Ideas for using curtains for a stylish living room

living room is the first space you encounter when entering the house, it has a great influence on the overall impression of the house. It is also a space for communication where members of the house gather and guests stay. You can add additional accessories or decorations for the living room interior, but you can style it more efficiently and easily by using existing elements.

Curtains basically function to control light and block eyes from outside. It plays a similar role to the blinds, but gives a soft feeling because it preserves the drape of the fabric. The curtains of various designs seen recently do not simply control light, but transmit light and create various scenes. However, in the case of curtains with a design added to them, there is a tendency to worry about how to match them to blend into the interior. Mix or unify. Here’s how to use curtains to create a sensuous living room.

Interior Designing tips and tricks

Creating a domestic indoors layout which you adore may be a lovely experience. All you want is an indoors fashion dressmaker’s insight, and that’s clean to find. But earlier than you begin typing “indoors fashion dressmaker close to me” examine on! We’ve prepare the pinnacle insider suggestions and hints that will help you make your dream domestic and feature amusing with inside the process!

1. Set a Color Scheme For Your Home Interior Design

Pick 3 to 5 colors to be able to be the maximum distinguished in your property. If you’re unsure, choose a tone primarily based totally on the sensation you need for your property indoors design. Alternatively, use your garments as a manual as we have a tendency to shop for garments in sun sunglasses that in shape our personalities.

Once decided, paintings room-by-room as every would require one-of-a-kind ratios of your selected hues. Plus, the accessory hues may fluctuate too. Here are the primary color schemes for domestic interiors: A monochromatic scheme is restricted to 1 color, such as its lighter tones and darker shades. This palette is properly proper to Scandinavian domestic interiors. An analogous scheme refers to colors which might be subsequent to every different at the color wheel. Green, cyan, and blue are analogous hues. A complementary scheme refers to colors which might be contrary every different at the color. Blue and orange, and inexperienced and purple are opposites and best for ambitious eclectic or cutting-edge domestic interiors.

2. Choose Quality over Quantity

Decorating doesn’t must value a fortune. However, less expensive impulse buys frequently cause muddle and put on quickly. Instead, keep up for some thing so one can ultimate many years in place of some thing so one can fray inside a yr or two. Set up a price range and saving plan then you may spend on grounding portions like a sofa, eating table, chairs or console.

3. Try Different Home Design Layouts

Try distinctive layouts. Sometimes, all a domestic desires is a bit fixtures shuffle. Consider taking a Feng Shui approach, specifically in fairly character areas just like the study, bedroom, and bathroom. Start with the aid of using making plans your own home interior’s format then modify till you’re happy.

4. Perfect Picture Height

Show off your paintings through ensuring you hold them at the best height. Ideally, your number one piece of artwork, or horizontal center line of a gallery wall, have to be eye-level, that’s round 57” from the floor. Measure from the appropriate or wire at the lower back of the artwork piece and now no longer the pinnacle of the frame.

5. Use the Correct Light bulbs For Your Home Interiors

The proper light bulb could make destination pop or create a calming atmosphere, at the same time as the incorrect bulb can flip a domestic indoors layout right into a stark and unwelcoming space. Interior designers prefer Light-Emitting Diode (LED) light bulbs due to the fact they may be cost- and energy efficient, however most significantly they’ve an unequaled destination quality.

6. Use Plants: The Instant Updater

Add clean greenery into your property indoors layout while you need a quick, handy and budget-pleasant domestic refresh. Choose evergreen flowers like peace lilies and mess around leaf figs which are air-purifying and coffee maintenance. Make the maximum of this layout trick and upload a superbly adorned planter pot.

7. Higher Ceiling with Vertical Lines

Make a room experience larger than it is, through the usage of a vertical illusion. Vertical stripes from wallpaper, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves or curtains will make the ceiling experience better up than it is. Floor-to-ceiling drapes also can make a room experience luxurious. Keep tall decor inside an affordable percentage to the space. For instance, use a slender shelving unit in a lavatory to keep away from growing a crowded feeling.

8. Contrast Textures for the Perfect Home Interior Design

Juxtaposed surfaces upload intrigue into an interior. Rough and uncovered brick in a sophisticated placing with velvet couches and silk tapestries will surprise and amaze its audience. Engage your senses with the marvel of texture.

Luckily, you may do that decor tip on all of the surfaces for your home: walls, floor, ceiling, fixtures, and decor. Start experimenting with textiles like scatters, rugs and throws and flow directly to fixtures portions after which even your home’s structure!