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Room design ideas

There are a large number of such rooms in foreign countries, but nowadays it is becoming a tradition. It moisturizes and refreshes the body in the form of steam. In this method, cold water is heated to form steam and this steam is used to relieve body fatigue. This method is more common in foreign countries but now this method is also being given importance. Today we are also offering you some ideas on this method of waxing which you can get inspired by reading it.

Savannah bathroom / room

Gold provides an atmosphere of dry heat. It uses a stove or heater to turn water into steam. Stones are also used in some sauna bathrooms. When the stones get hot, cold water is poured on them and the water heats up and takes the form of steam. Then the steam spreads throughout the room.


In the open, the moisture spread on the rocks spreads only in a small area, whereas if the same moisture or steam is taken in a room, it is more beneficial. The sauna bathroom is usually made of soft wood. To spread the steam in this room, a stove is placed in the room which heats the room up to 5 and generates steam. It is also called sweat bath in common parlance.

What are the benefits of Savannah Bathroom?

Most people talk about the benefits of a sauna bathroom / sauna bath. So don’t worry, we tell you that gold bath / steam not only warms your body but also opens the closed pores of your body and removes excess salts / ingredients. Exhales through sweat. This will make you feel lighter. Also, if you are worried about your weight gain, there is no need to worry about it, because sleeping room is also useful to avoid worrying about it. Are You can also lose weight by steaming.

Savannah bathroom design

We have designers for this purpose who will help you avoid this problem. Also, we tell you what a gold bathroom should look like. You know that it is important to protect your alcove shower from getting wet. If you want your sauna bathroom to be smooth, you can make glass and marble walls for this purpose. And you can have more than one shower.

Shower in the bedroom

If you are worried about installing a shower in your bedroom then don’t worry about it. Here are some shower designs. The ones you like and want to make yourself.

Use of hot steam showers, frame less showers, tech floor showers, small showers.

Interior tips to create a comfortable and tidy living room

A living room that needs the most attention as it is a place shared by the family and where guests stay, but it easily becomes cluttered and complicated. Let’s not leave the living room in a chaotic state any longer so that everyone can enjoy their time in the living room! Let’s take a look at 11 living room interior tips to create a pleasant and tidy living room introduced, and make your living  room more attractive.

1. Utilize simple design shelf storage

If you want to create a visually neat and beautiful living room while solving the storage problem, refer to the interior in the photo. The simple design of an open shelf storage cabinet solves the storage problem in the living room without being stuffy.

2. Install bookshelves like installation art

If you are tired of the living room that is common around you, how about providing a storage cabinet that is like an installation art like the furniture in the photo? You can create a cheerful atmosphere while storing books, magazines, and newspapers that you read frequently in the living room.

3. Arrange furniture with legs

If your living room is small, consider choosing furniture with legs for living room furniture such as sofas, chairs, and side tables. If furniture with legs is provided, the floor is exposed and the interior of the living room is visually relaxed and open.

4. Sliding door to cover TV and storage shelves

If you want to make a living room like a modern cafe, and at the same time, you can’t miss the interior of the living room where the family can relax while leaning on the sofa and watching TV. The living room can be used as a meeting space with a stylish and modern atmosphere by neatly separating the living room storage space including the TV with the sliding door. Of course, if you want to use the living room as a resting space, simply open the sliding door.

5. Organize cluttered storage space with baskets

Open storage cabinets are provided so that they do not look cramped or cramped. Then, like the interior in the photo, use a rattan basket to organize the messy storage space and create a warm and cute feeling.

6. Organize cluttered wires

A small part that is easy to miss, the wires! Wires scattered across the living room such as TVs, side lights, and cell phone chargers, no matter how beautifully decorated the living room, are often a key factor in ruining the atmosphere. Therefore, it is necessary to organize the cluttered wires neatly by using a wire organizer box, an organizer holder, or a wire organizer fixing hook.

7. Choose a side table

Whether sitting or standing, the side table is an essential item in the living room. However, when choosing a side table, it is recommended to select the size and design of the side table in consideration of the size of the living room and the size of the sofa so that the living room does not look too small or stuffy. The smaller the living room is, the smaller the side table should be selected, and it is better to choose a simple design or a design that has a visual leeway like the picture. Conversely, if the living room is large, it is recommended to select a side table design that is low in height or feels heavy to give a sense of visual stability. By choosing a side table that is suitable for the size and atmosphere of our living room, you will be able to complete the living room with a pleasant and sophisticated atmosphere.

8. Let’s achieve color unity

Even if you don’t put a lot of furniture or decorations, even if you don’t have a wide window, if you match the color well, you can complete a stylish and neat living room interior, let’s harmoniously arrange soft pastel colors, primary colors, and monotones. A living room with a beautiful and neat atmosphere will be born.

9. Arrange furniture to increase space utilization

Storage problems that always follow us! Let’s make use of the advantage of the living room designed as the largest area in the house, and provide multiple furniture as shown in the photo. You can complete a simple and neat living room interior by providing a side table with storage space or a bench or ottoman with a storage cabinet at the bottom instead of a sofa.

10. Giving a sense of openness with a plain shelf

If you love books, how about trying a book cafe style interior like the living room in the picture? Of course, instead of creating a stuffy bookcase that reaches from floor to ceiling, let’s install a long plain shelf designed in the same color as the white wall. You can create a modern and stylish storage space in the living room without being visually cramped.

11. Fresh plant decoration not to be missed

After choosing your living room furniture wisely and tidying up or clearing out miscellaneous items, now is the time to make your living room decorative with plant decorations! Fresh green plant pots can be placed on the floor normally, but you can also install a vertical garden using an empty wall, or place a small herb pot on a plain shelf to give the living room a cute and peaceful feeling. At this time, when selecting plants for decoration purposes, it is recommended to provide fresh indoor air by placing plants with excellent air purification effects, such as bamboo palm.

Multi-family house | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Multifamily house is translated into Indian as a multi-family house and true to its name multifamily house is designed with many separate house units for different families. Each housing unit has an area of ​​70 – 150 m2. When it first appeared, Multi family house thrived in the center of European countries and was usually only for 2-4 families to live together. However, due to the increase in population in big cities causing the demand for housing to increase, today this type of housing is expanding in size and has more housing units. Even each multifamily house includes hundreds of different large and small apartments. In India, Multi family house is also increasingly popular and is becoming a trend chosen by many families.

Based on the number of units in the complex, Multi family house is divided into the following types:

– Duplex: Basically, this type of house has many things in common with  a single family house , normally having the same entrance, lobby and a staircase, but this house has 2 families, each household The family lives on one floor. If it is a house with two fronts, front and back, each household will have a separate entrance. There is also a triplex with similar features and has 3 floors of three separate apartments for 3 other families. Similar to Triplex, Quadplex is also a type of Multifamily house for 4 families to live. However, Quadplex usually has a larger area than the above two types.

-Townhouses: A complex consisting of many adjacent multi-storey houses with separate entrances and owned by different owners.

-Apartment: This is the most popular type of multifamily house today with many floors and each floor has many separate living households. The area of ​​this type of house is usually very large, can include thousands of different apartments sharing the same entrance to the house; each apartment has its own entrance and corridor inside the house.

-Apartment Community: A complex of apartments located in adjacent land plots and owned by the same object. In this complex, households often enjoy common utility services such as swimming pools, amusement parks and sometimes apartments are also rented not for the purpose of living.

Advantages and disadvantages of multifamily house


-The price of apartments in the mulity family house must not be suitable for the income of many people, especially young people.

– Good security conditions because there are many families living in close proximity, bad guys who want to break into the house have to go through many layers of protection. Currently, there are apartment buildings that must have a resident card to use the elevator and even enter the corridor.

– Households will be able to use many convenient services such as swimming pools, amusement parks, gyms, parking lots…


-Privacy, quiet when living in multifamily house will not be guaranteed because there are many families living close to each other. Even in the same family, it is inconvenient because all members live in the same space

Homeowners must comply with strict regulations set forth by the building management such as not to hold parties or make noises on the balcony.

– Rarely have long-term neighbors because the rotation of apartment owners occurs often.

– High service costs due to a lot of fees to pay such as protection fee, environmental cleaning fee, building management fee.

Since multifamily house is now considered as a real estate asset with a fairly large value of an individual or organization, when building a Multi family house, investors should note the following details:

– Location: Depending on the target customer, choose a construction location. If building on land located in the center, in areas with convenient transportation, near hospitals, schools, shopping malls, the target audience is high-income families.

-Quality of works: Currently, there are many Multifamily house projects, so households have a lot of options and are willing to hire  construction experts to learn more about design and construction. , and good selection of construction materials of the works. Therefore, the quality of construction needs to be good to attract customers.

-Utilities included: This is something that many households are interested in, so the more utilities there are, the higher the value of this real estate asset.

Price per apartment in multifamily house

Depending on the three factors mentioned above, the price of each apartment varies from 1.5 billion to tens of billions. For families who want to own an apartment, it is necessary to do thorough research to make the most reasonable and right choice. In addition, families can refer to other types of small houses with reasonable costs here.

Interior Design home styles Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

It is fun just to imagine what our house will look like. When planning the interior of a space, you need to find a way to bring out individual individuality while harmonizing each element. One way is to get help from an interior specialist. Also, referring to the construction examples of interior styles that are loved by many people, you will be able to make more complete interior plans. Today, we introduce a variety of home styles that are loved around the world to help you get a clear idea of ​​your taste.

The mid-1900s was a golden age for interiors, creating stunning furniture from new and wonderful materials such as molded plastics, engineered wood and aluminum. The real appeal of this style is that items from different eras can be harmoniously combined. If you pay attention to the style of the 20th century, retro and modern can go together seamlessly.

Industrial style is a steel-centered interior that was popular in the industrial era. You can create an industrial-style house with exposed concrete walls, rough and rough materials such as waste wood and old iron, and vintage accessories and iron furniture.

Let’s immerse ourselves in the wild charm of industrial . Exposed metals, architectural structures, ducts, bricks, and even shabby wood can all be at the heart of this style, with a different finish that creates an exotic atmosphere.

The method of giving points using vivid colors is fun, attractive, and lovely. Whites, navy blues, and vivid reds can be found in many homes at home, and by adding a variety of accessories and decorations, you can create a stylish or kitsch feel.

The Scandinavian style is characterized by striking geometric patterns and a desire to maintain a spacious layout. indicates. Like the living room in the photo, you can complete the bright Nordic interior by using sunshine yellow, soft gray, bright white, and navy blue.

Bohemian decor has evolved around the idea of ​​an uncomplicated, unstructured house that is all multifaceted, hierarchical and constantly changing. For bohemian style, think of colorful fabrics, colliding patterns, bizarre wall art, and basically anything else that resonates with you.

Country style is characterized by an idyllic style with large communal furnishings, thick wood, pastel colors, and possibly some floral fabrics. To create a country style well, you need to create a lively and homely atmosphere, so it is better to minimize shiny materials.

The contemporary design fits well into a chic city center apartment, with neutral walls, low-profile furnishings and smooth, glossy finishes. Its clean design, in harmony with bright white and rich wood, is timeless and loved.

The popularity of rustic decoration has exploded in recent years. Whitewashed wood, chalk paint, and vintage furniture are all the hallmarks of the rustic style, as are the pretty floral fabrics that add a feminine and homely vibe.

By combining modern furniture with rattan, brick, and wooden furniture that creates an idyllic atmosphere, you can complete a sophisticated yet distinctive modern country style.

When styling your home, you need to be careful not to break the harmony. If it is difficult to choose one style accurately , try adding the same color as the one used in the living room to another room to enhance the level of perfection.

Colonial style is an interior style that began to emerge in the 18th century when settlers from Europe set up settlements in the eastern United States, and became very popular in the 1700s. The colonial style uses a lot of brick or wood as a building material, and is characterized by an antique and exotic look.

The Tudor style was a popular architectural style in American homes in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Based on a combination of late medieval and early Renaissance styles, it features elaborate decorations and ornate chimneys and dome-style windows.

One of the distinguishing features of the Art Decor style is the optimal use of bright colors with a shimmering effect. The colors used in Art Decor are elegant and dramatic. This art mainly uses light colors over dark ones with a touch of beige that is common in Indian homes.

Geometric shapes, angles, patterns and curves are styles depicting the rapidly developing culture of the industrial and technological world of the 20th century. The futuristic style emphasizes geometric shapes such as spheres, polygons, rectangles, trapezoids, and zigzags. Elements composed of these patterns are usually arranged in a symmetrical pattern and are characterized by artistic and sensual qualities.

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