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The bathroom is one among the foremost sensible places in home. For many people, the washroom has become a private sanctuary. It’s not just an area to scrub in Kaushambi Ghaziabad. It’s like your own little spa where you may unwind after a long day. Thus, when you renovate your bathroom, you’re not just making a place where you can take a shower or a bath; you’re also making a place where you can be alone. In order to achieve this goal and also fulfil the practical requirements of bathing, every feature and component must work together.



No one likes shower curtains, let’s face it. They are difficult to wash and stick to you while you are taking a shower. To stop this, replace out your curtain with a frame-less glass panel instead.

This may open up your bathroom. Significantly and permit more light into your shower or tub.


Glass panelling is simple to install, maintain, and is ideal for small bathrooms. Either they will be permanently installed or hinged to swing. When the shower isn’t in use, you can also fold the hinged glass panels within. Avoid using sliding glass panels, which are more difficult to clean and require top and bottom tracks.


Curbing less showers is one of our favourite small bathroom design concepts in Kaushambi Ghaziabad. For a completely seamless appearance, you’ll even add a buried or infinity-edge drain. Moreover, curbless showers are simpler to clean.


Wall-mounted sinks, like wall-mounted toilets, are a great way to save floor space and make your small bathroom look more spacious. Choose a wall-mounted floating vanity if storage is essential.

Look for modern thin-edge sinks and narrow washbasin designs in Kaushambi Ghaziabad. You’ll get a larger washbasin in less area, and the ceramic is just as durable as it is with a normal sink.


Kitchens dream to be in your home

We all have aspirations of designing a unique kitchen, but what are the precise descriptions and components needed to say with assurance that we are in front of the dream design for our home kitchen in Kaushambi Ghaziabad? The precise components of the splendour and uniqueness of your kitchen design lie in paying attention to every detail in the design, from the colours to the cabinets and components that are used.

Dazzling lighting

One of the most fantastic things you can make to and employ in the decor of your new kitchen is modern lighting. If we carefully match the current lighting colours to the available walls, cabinets, and flooring in the design, they are quite impressive in Kaushambi Ghaziabad. If you prefer to be brave and try new things, you might be content with common hues. You will achieve a stunning outcome on every level by utilising neutral colours for the cabinets, altering the lighting colour scheme to something contemporary like red, purple, or green, and painting the walls and floors.

Daring and different

One of the things that is suggested for constructing a dream kitchen is boldness in the cabinet colour selection. Try to use cabinets in the size that you can Store all your things, but arrange them in such a way that the taste and arrangement are acceptable and in line with the kitchen’s decor in Kaushambi Ghaziabad, colours, and other details. Cabinets take up a significant portion of the total view of the kitchen and are more important if they are viewed from another place or other rooms overlooking the kitchen without dividers.

Multiple lockers

Your kitchen’s ability to achieve your goals depends on how they are organised and coloured, not how many cabinets you have. Here is one of the best designs that clearly contrasts the qualities of glass, closed, and open cabinets side by side without creating any misunderstanding due to their utilisation in the overall look of the kitchen. While there are many cabinets constructed in that image, they are evenly distributed between the top and bottom, and the shelves were merged into recessed internal spaces. On the other hand, the size of the yellow cabinets was selected for the floors, with the largest at the top.

Wide area

Large spaces are one of the aspects of bliss that can be distinguished in your kitchen, but there are several ways that we must realise to design a kitchen on a large area, the most important of which is to occupy the large space, even with a little accessory, including light and shades. In this model, we note how to use these elements. The placement of white lighting on the ceiling, which produced a brilliant reflection on all the walls and then had a significant impact on the entire space, together with the glossy accessories through the walls where the shiny ceramic is employed in a way that surrounds the kitchen from every direction.


The designs inclined to blue and white colours, with no more than a colour combination between only two degrees of colours, are one of the most wonderful designs that can transport you to a world of magic and tranquilly, and those colours in particular have a great ability to show the kitchen in a pure, clean and tidy way for the longest possible period.

Classic luxury

With a little imagination, this kitchen appears to us in a traditional manner that leans towards luxury thanks to the use of dark colours, such as black and silver decoration in lovely patterns that decorate all the walls and cast a shadow on the harmony of the floors between white and a neutral grey colour. This gave the kitchen an unusual appearance because, with the exception of a few, kitchens are rarely designed in dark colours in Kaushambi Ghaziabad. Actually, the use here was a sensitive scale for every detail, and the effect was more than magnificent.

Stunning interior design in a modern style

Today we’ll show you an interior design for an apartment Magnificent in modern style, a title of beauty and elegance, and an expressive painting of architecture in its finest moment. Because architecture is one of the most popular styles right now and one of the most beautiful arts, it is cherished by creators and adored by those with good taste in Kaushambi Ghaziabad. The more creative experts are, the more new secrets appear in this world.

Luxury and elegance in Kaushambi Ghaziabad

While the designer focused on emphasising the aesthetic aspect with the neutrality of furniture, natural lighting, and the element of wood that is embodied in the flooring and tables, the features of the apartment stand out dramatically in this space.

Gorgeous modern kitchen

Contemporary kitchens are characterised by practicality first and attention to shine, cleanliness and lustre, which is what the designer accomplished in the model in front of us, where he included the lustre of stainless steel as an aesthetic feature that adorns the corners of the kitchen in white in Kaushambi Ghaziabad.

Elegant bedroom

The master bedroom of this property features a straightforward design in neutral colours that embodies the peaceful, elegant, and lovely bedrooms in Kaushambi Ghaziabad.

Hotel bathroom

Hotel bathrooms are designed with a specific luxury for the users in mind, thus the interior designer was driven to utilise contemporary healthy furniture and unique accents in muted colours.

Beautiful balcony

The designer included an open terrace with a straightforward living room since balconies are the true link between a person and the outside world, and the more attentively they are created, the more lovely and expansive life is.

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Want a comfortable bedroom?.. Here are these tips

The bedroom is unquestionably one of the most significant rooms in our home since it is where we find our privacy, comfort, and escape from the cares of the day. As a result, this space should be cosy and have an ambiance that is proportionate to how we want to live.

It is a process that you must go through in order to find this comfort, and it is built up piece by piece through all the small aspects like furniture, lighting, and furnishings in Kaushambi Ghaziabad. We wish to assist you in this process by offering ideas that can easily provide you comfort through professional designs in Kaushambi Ghaziabad.

1- comfortable bed

There is no better way to start our subject off than by discussing the bed. The bed is without a doubt the most crucial piece of bedroom furniture, and it needs to be comfortable. It is where we unwind after a long day of thinking, read our favourite books, relax with some calming music, and occasionally work. These factors necessitate a flexible bed with a sturdy foundation in order for it to survive everything. Among the several forms on offer in the market, you can select the one that best suits you.

2- Pillows of different colors, sizes and textures

The pillows, whether they are on the sofa or the bed, are an important part of the bedroom furniture in Kaushambi Ghaziabad. You can select them in pleasing hues and designs, like flowers, that help you achieve some degree of harmony in the room’s design and comfort.

3- Illumination

Lighting is an essential element in all rooms, not only in the bedroom. A strong light source is indispensable next to the bed in the bedroom, and it is preferable to use a hot spot whose intensity can be controlled.

4- wall decor

The walls, with everything we can decorate with them, whether it be wallpaper or paintings, and if the room is for a couple, we suggest that your choices be neutral, far from masculine and feminine in everything you depend on. This is another aspect that makes everything different when we talk about comfortable spaces.

5- Beautiful curtains to maintain privacy

The bedroom is one of the locations where curtains are needed to maintain its privacy away from prying eyes, especially if the room overlooks the street. Delicately and softly drawn curtains provide a romantic and light mood and enable light to pass in a pleasant way.

6- A suitable carpet

We have reached the final suggestion in this article because we want every nook and cranny of the bedroom to be cosy and unique in order to create a pleasant environment and a cosy sensation in Kaushambi Ghaziabad. Lightweight and compact enough to fit in the space, it resists dust accumulation.

Interior Design firm Interior A to Z

One of Ghaziabad’s and Kaushambi’s most reputable interior designers is Interior A to Z. More than 20 years ago, a group of architects, interior designers, and construction enthusiasts founded Interior A to Z with the goal of transforming spaces in a distinctive and contemporary manner.

Due to the high quality and timely completion of their projects, Interior A to Z is one of the most reputable and trusted interior designers in all of Ghaziabad. This gives them a competitive advantage over other interior designers in Kaushambi and around Ghaziabad.

We at Interior A to Z have been known for our unique designs, amazing concepts, and excellent designing of spaces of all kinds, shattering all kinds of stereotypes in the process. With a committed and diligent team of great brains, we never give up, and every job, no matter how challenging it may seem, ends in a brilliant success, making us without a doubt the best interior designers in Ghaziabad.

As suggested by our name, we strive to be developers. This means that we try to limit environmental disruption to a minimum so that we can “co-exist” with nature. Even our On-Site employees don’t suffer any harm or unfortunate outcomes because to the way our work methods and ethics have been shaped. For designing, decorating, remodeling, renovating, and redefining currently existing as well as completely new business and residential spaces, Interior A to Z has an army of highly clever and competitive workers at its disposal.

We have always brought happiness and smiles to our numerous clients by creating workplaces, hospitality spaces, villas, homes, kids’ rooms and nurseries, dining rooms, gyms, and living rooms. You can always count on Interior A to Z to go above and beyond your expectations. We appreciate every dollar our clients spend with us and give them the best service money can buy.

Living room design

The living area, often known as the living room, is the nicest component of any establishment because it can speak for the entire home by itself. One of the most important places for any interior designer is the living room because it serves as a statement of the owner’s style. We at Interior A to Z promise all of our clients a modernistic approach to designing, creating, decorating, and renovating the Living Area Spaces of all kinds that are contemporary and fresh, unquestionably making us the best interior designers in Ghaziabad. Changes in the interior design industry are occurring at the speed of light.

The Interior A to Z is the greatest interior design company in Ghaziabad that you can pick, boasting a brilliant team of knowledgeable specialists and a 20-year experience that is improving with each passing second. Every area we encounter is handled uniquely based on the demands and preferences of our customer. From muted tones to vibrant ones, metal sofas to plush ones, rustic to plush, Indian to French, we have mastered all of these styles and promise to exceed your expectations.

Each kind of room may be given life by using spectacular natural and artificial lighting contrasts and arrangements. Each person is unique, thus it’s crucial that the location where he will spend the most of his time is completely in line with his preferences and habits.

Interior A to Z Interior, the best interior design firm in Cochin, is one such place where you can come with all the wishes and wants and leave with a broad smile on your lips when the task is completed. Some people prefer highly modern settings with modern electronic appliances, some want colorful settings with an oriental look, and some feel that white is their favorite color and everything in the living room should be white.

Interior Designers in Lucknow Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me
Interior Designers Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me

Fix the wrong cleaning methods that are ruining our house and our health!

One of the most important things in the house is regular cleaning and maintenance. This is because, no matter how much money and time spent on a space, it is meaningless if it is not managed. Therefore, continuous management is very important. However, there is a wrong way of cleaning and managing things that we take for granted in our daily life.

If you continue to do this cleaning without knowing that it is wrong, it can have a bad effect on our health as well as damage to interiors and electronics that have been painstakingly worked on. Continuous management is important, but managing it in the right way is also important. Today, we are going to learn about the wrong cleaning methods and introduce a way to manage even the smallest parts. Let’s fix the wrong cleaning method and keep even the forgotten parts neatly.

Toilet – Lux

Due to its high cleaning power, Lax is a detergent that most households have. Moisture-induced mildew, scale, and stains, strong lacquer is also the main detergent used in the bathroom. However, Lax is a detergent that we use of course, but with special care.

Although we do not know it well, locks accidents occur constantly every year. Lax is a strong oxidizing agent called sodium hypochlorite. When mixed with water, it causes chlorine, so it is very bad for health if you use lacquer in an enclosed space. Therefore, if LAX is used without adequate ventilation, it may be difficult to breathe and adversely affect the nervous system and eyes. Lax also corrodes electrical appliances easily.

Chlorine, a component of lacquer, evaporates and permeates into electronic products, causing corrosion in electronic products. In addition, even if it does not come into direct contact with the product, volatile components alone can cause damage to the product. Therefore, when using lacquer, it is important to dilute it according to the usage and follow the usage and storage method. Because it has a sterilizing effect as excellent as its strong toxicity, it should be used with special care.

Wooden floor

Wood flooring is the most commonly used flooring material to create a sense of luxury and coziness in the living room. The wooden floor is an essential element of the interior, but it is also a part that requires a lot of work. Depending on the material and condition of the wood, if the wood floor is cleaned incorrectly, various damages such as corrosion, abrasion, and warping are easy to occur.

Above all, it is weak to water, so routine mop cleaning is easy to cause damage to the wooden floor. Therefore, when cleaning the wooden floor, open the window and wipe it with sufficient ventilation. It is sensitive to moisture and water, so when mopping the parquet floor, you need to make sure it doesn’t get wet and the water dries quickly. Otherwise, the life of the wooden floor may be shortened.

If you want to easily clean the hardwood floors, you can also take care of them with a coating. If you use a floor coating agent, you can clean and manage it without worrying about moisture. You can also use quick-drying citric acid (vinegar) to clean the hardwood floors. However, avoid spraying directly on the wooden floor and use it with a mop.

Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon
Creative ideas for small homes


The kitchen is a space where fire is handled and oil and many cooking ingredients are used, so it must be maintained and cleaned particularly frequently. As it is a space for making food that goes into the mouth, it is also a place that is directly related to our health. In particular, it is important to pay attention to areas that are not easily seen or forgotten. A gas stove hood is an example. In the case of a gas stove hood, periodic maintenance is difficult. So it is a place where there is a lot of grease and dirt. Most of us use natural detergents made from baking soda and vinegar to clean in a non-healthy way. However, there are times when these two alone are not enough in the case of a place where the oil stain has been there for a long time. Therefore, in the case of a kitchen where dirt has been in use for a long time, it is necessary to use a dedicated detergent according to the usage. However, the key to cleaning the kitchen is regular maintenance. This is because if you manage it regularly, you can keep it clean at any time without getting dirty. If you are curious about more various kitchen cleaning methods.


One of the indispensable household appliances in the living room is the TV. Located in the center of the living room, it not only serves as an interior accessory, but also serves to gather family members into the living room. Recently, products boasting excellent performance along with luxurious designs are pouring out. However, if you are in a living room where your family often comes and goes, the TV tends to cover a lot of dust. Also, it’s easy to get your hands dirty. Televisions are high-performance electronic products that require special care. As with any other product, the product is prone to damage if taken care of. Most use a wet mop to wipe the TV.

But this is the wrong cleaning method. When cleaning the TV, first turn off the power and wipe it uses a special cloth. You can also use a microfiber cloth to clean it. It should be wiped off gently, not too vigorously, and if there is a stain that does not disappear easily, it is recommended to use it after moistening it with water and squeezing the water well. Electronic products must not come into contact with water, so special care must be taken when cleaning.

Washing machine

Washing machines are one of the most difficult products to maintain on a regular basis. This is because they think that it is complicated and has a large volume and that professional cleaning is difficult. Also, it is easy to forget to clean because of your busy life. However, if you don’t take care of it regularly, mold can form and it is easy to invisibly affect your clothes.

Therefore, if you are particularly sensitive to health, do not forget to take care of the washing machine. There is an easy way to clean it without having to call a professional company. Just dilute vinegar and baking soda in a glass of water, pour it into the washing tub, and run it for rinsing. The ingredients of vinegar sterilize the inside of the washing tub, and baking soda has the effect of removing foreign substances, so you can easily wash the washing machine. But most of all, it is important to maintain the habit on a daily basis.

To prevent contamination of the washing tub, it is recommended to leave the detergent container open and the washing machine door wide open. Moisture builds up mold and mold is the cause of the fungus. It is good to manage it well through small habits on a regular basis along with regular management.


A window is a place where a lot of dust accumulates more than it looks. Therefore, it is easy to forget, but you need to take care of it from time to time. Most windows are cleaned with water. You’re just thinking that using warm water will remove the dust. Of course, it is good to use water, but if you use only water, it is not easy to remove dust, grime, and stains from windows. Therefore, in addition to using the exclusive detergent, it is better to use newspaper or use vinegar, rice water, etc. together.

Mix vinegar with water in a ratio of 2:8, put it in a sprayer, and spray it on the window, or put rice water in the sprayer and spray it on the window, and then wipe it with a towel, cloth, or newspaper. It is said that the oil in the rice water is effective in lubricating and removing stains from glass. As such, it is good to effectively exfoliate by using several methods together, rather than simply using water.

To clean everywhere

Through the cleaning methods introduced today, let’s look back on my wrong cleaning methods and find out some valuable cleaning tips to keep your home cleaner and more comfortable. Vinegar, salt, and baking soda are good natural detergents, so if you mix them together, you can easily remove stubborn dirt from the kitchen oven, refrigerator, or living room.

It’s also important to look back on products that you might forget. Mattresses used every day are easily damaged by sweat or dead skin cells. Therefore, for regular maintenance, it is recommended to remove the mattress and hit it with a bat or sterilize it in the sun. It is also helpful to turn it side to side once every 3 months, and turn it upside down once every 6 months. You can keep your home neater if you take a look at the small parts of your home that are easily forgotten and don’t forget to clean them regularly.

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