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Architecture style Tips and Phases | Best Interior Design Firm

High discipline Tips you must got to designing Your New Home’s design one in every of the foremost necessary components is that once we begin functioning on a replacement architecture design of the house is ensured so you should decide and finalized it on the correct style.

Interior A to Z architects in Gurgaon suggests selecting ancient architectural designs to avoid your home wanting non current within the future. Ancient architectural styles in homes embrace styles that you simply see the similar tons inside the planning and magnificence of homes that are built consequently. Consistent with the Interior A to Z architects Gurgaon, discipline designs are that that continuing and lasts forever. So, even in terribly up to date design to make a lot of modern-style homes as a result of the weather include a history and processes which can be incorporated into any form of architecture style.

Up to date architecture design is largely straightforward and delightful. It’s regarding understanding material, principles and philosophies, and proportionality. Therefore, it’s not about seeing one thing and thinking however might additionally stick to that on my house kind and it’d also look sensible too. In short, after you build your home and think about the kind of design.

Similarly, you’d wish to travel for, bear in mind that the right variety of architecture design could also be a wedding between each the kinds of ancient designs and up to date designs. Likewise, keep devoted is that the foremost traditional component of home building, like its mass and scale, however also implement some modern influences to the design also.

To maximize your home’s potential?

There are specific additions that Interior A to Z architects in West Pakistan suggests. That’s to say, it might improve the value of the house and provide a lot of rooms too. Within the same vein, once it involves adding area and increasing value, Interior A to Z architects in West Pakistan place priority on the highest floor.

In different words, “Interior A to Z would continuously build it with a top floor truss, you’ll really get a truss that allows you to steer through the top floor and walk around freely.” Employing a truss means that there are a lot of choices for the occupier. Further, it can even add another all-important bedchamber space to your home design, which may mean the chance of receiving more money once you come back to sell the property.

Top tips for obtaining the correct creator

Further as understanding what work ought to be undertaken? By knowing that who should be doing the work is that the foremost important a part of the project. Meanwhile, making certain you’ve got the proper architect for the work is usually a tough decision; however Interior A to Z architects in metropolis reveals a handful of tips that may facilitate in getting the proper person for the work.

Moreover, the primary should be regarding the work they’re doing, and though it’s like quite a forward question to ask, it’s one that can’t be avoided. Furthermore, “Ask to determine variety of their work, whether or not that is graphical work as a section of their portfolio or a part of their actual imagination of samples of their work. Also, raise them to require a seat down with you to sketch some abstract concepts certainly.” Finally, Interior A to Z creators in metropolis justifies the importance of selecting associate degree architect for his or her passion that they’re doing.

Five design style Phases:

Interior A to Z interiors & architects has 5 stages of discipline design services. These stages with one another build a whole discipline service package. Every stage has its own importance and price within the method of those architectural services. These phases embrace the schematic style, design development, construction documents, bidding, and construction administration. These stages are the breakdown of however planners or architects design or characterize their architectural design services.

During this post, Interior A to Z architects are discussing the phases of styles as outlined by our greatest architects. We’ve divided our main service into 5 categories. It’s simply because of ease in the understanding of users. In other words, the most reason for breaking down the service into five main classes is that simply to create it straightforward for everybody to understand. These discipline design stages are blueprints of the look process.

Pre-Design and therefore the 5 style Phases

There are 5 periods of this plan. With the top goal of this conversation, we have a tendency to won’t think about pre-plan or discreteness concentrate jointly of the stages. We are going to provide a short description of the pre-plan. The rates at a lower place demonstrate that a part of a planner’s expense is assigned to the given stage. Schematic Design, for instance, is roughly 15% of the draftsman’s work.

The rates of building charges or discipline fees will vary, those showed rely upon our experiences are on a standard task. The architectural fee or building charge breakdown is an overall rule of however a modeler’s assets are disseminated at some point of a given project. The look Phases are:

  1. Pre-Design
  2. Schematic style 15% of discipline Fees – will vary 10% – 25%
  3. Set up Development 20% of discipline Fees – will vary 10% – 25%
  4. Development Documents 40% of discipline Fees – will vary 35% – [*fr1]
  5. Providing 5% of discipline Fees – will vary somewhat aloof from 5%
  6. Development Administration 20% of discipline Fees – will vary 20% – 30%

Discipline style Fee Breakdown can disagree on project specific requirements and project type. On the off likelihood that a client demands numerous set up alternatives, an actual model, and 3D renderings, for instance, the Schematic section could be a touch above a typical. Distinctive engineering corporations would possibly propose an alternate expense breakdown on the structural plan stages.

Pre style study Services

Pre-Design is an overall term for what we tend to do before we start designing a structure. this may keep in mind primer examination for the land owner’s half and also the designer-planner. Customers don’t typically rent an architect for this work. At our firm, we offer pre-plan structural administrations and architectural services frequently. This may incorporate helping engineers with selecting if they ought to obtain a property. Additionally, we often do a drafting examination in pre-plan to work out what we will fabricate.

Land Surveys and web site examinations are essential for pre-plan. The client gets a property summary from a licensed land assessor, not an architect. The engineer may get to got wind of a task financial statement within the Pre-Design design stage. To urge accustomed to the pre-plan, inspect another post we tend to composed on Pre style Architecture. The pre-plan can decide the info we want to start out the plan. Here is one or two of variables to consider:

Web site Analysis

 Study, Geo specialized, monetary, so on…  Just in case we are managing a current structure: amphibious testing, lead testing, or other risky materials examination. o Drafting or partitioning Analysis/Code investigation 0.2.1- got wind of what you’ll work, regarding use and size.

0.2.2- specific Code problems which may influence the venture. 0.3- Project Scope Customers ought to acknowledge moreover as may be expected the task extent of work. Task Goals Building Program A Building Program could be a summation of the planned employment. Venture / Project Budgeting Venture /project Schedule Currently then this might be too starter to even take into account setting up. Determination of Project cluster or choice of project team for design style

Schematic style part

Schematic style is that the principal amount of the plan. It’ll represent around 15% of the architect’s work, and consequently the fees on the full enterprise too. Obviously, the rates will vary. Within the schematic plan, the architects and also the owner cite the undertaking and any requirements given by the owner. The architects do point-of-reference examinations and analyses of the property.

The examination will incorporate drafting and construction law offers which may influence the flip of events, even as web site investigation. Writing pc programs is crucial for schematic plans. This can be the point at that the client offers the designer a summation of what areas are going into the structure. The architect builds up the size, area, and connections between all of the spaces. The elemental objective of a schematic arranges is to foster the form and size of the structure with some essential plans.

We tend to foster the arrangement and essential outside plan in Schematic. Throughout the schematic plan stage, we prepared just about however the structure can look and work. The schematic stage encompasses a ton of outlining, various gatherings with the customers, and a fundamental plan. It’s typically the nice half for the clients. Schematic is that the place wherever you’re really doing the arrange, but not diving into profound detail. Once the essential plan is secured and also the designer offers the customer drawings, the architect and owner can consent to still the subsequent amount of the plan.

Style Development part

The planning Development part is around 20% of the architect’s work and expenses. In style Development the architect and proprietor will join forces to decide on materials together with interior finishes and things like windows. Entryways, installations, apparatuses, and so on… The designer can amendment the drawings with a lot of quality and detail than in Schematic Design. Planning will initiate on the construction, plumbing, electrical, warming/ventilation frameworks, energy examination, and a few alternative enterprise specific frameworks.

Toward the end of arrange improvement, an honest arrangement of item alternative and frameworks configuration got to advance. This stage closes once the inside and exterior designing plan of the structure is secured by the owner and architect. The subsequent could be a 3D delivery of a house at the fruits of plan advancement. The attendant image is a chart of the house showing a portion of the frameworks and materials set up.

Construction Document part

The development Documents part is that the biggest of the relative multitude of stages for the designer and can be regarding 40% of the architect’s work and charges. Though the speed may shift a bit from one venture to a different or with totally different design Firms. Within the development report stage, the creator and designers settle all the specialized plans and planning together with underlying designing and specifying, warming cooling and ventilation frameworks, plumbing, electrical, gas, energy computations, and every one thing and materials are chosen and booked.

The architect delivers varied drawing sets including as we tend toll a documenting set for endorsement from the Department Of Buildings and a unique arrangement of Construction Drawings. You don’t have to gift a full CD set to the Department Of Buildings. For instance, the DOB doesn’t mind what reasonably can tiles or cabinets you may utilize. At our design Firm, we frequently do our development records by creating separate drawings changed for every work type.

For instance, the electrical knowledgeable gets his own drawings that main show the electrical work, and also the substantial employee for rent simply gets drawings for institutions and substantial work. This decreases disarray in places of labor and makes it easier for everyone to worth the work and recognize exactly what they’re liable for. The subsequent could be a sheet from our development records with subtleties of the skin divider development.

Bidding for design style

The bidding ought to be self-explanatory. At now the owner prepares to pick the contractor for the task and sign contracts to proceed with construction. This will generally take up 5% of the architect’s time and fees. Multiple contractors submit bids on the job or the shopper can directly rent a contractor while not obtaining competitive bids. The architect’s role here is to help the client. We’ll answer the contractor’s questions; give any extra documentation if requested by the contractor.

This part will be started at the start of the project. You are doing not got to wait till all of the development documents are completed however the worth will be a lot of correct if you do. If you have got an explicit budget in mind at the beginning of the process, we tend to might advocate you rent a contractor early to consult. The Gc will and review the schematic design, design development, and construction drawings from the start so as to make sure the project is at intervals the required budget. Solely a contractor will guarantee a price for construction. Architects and price estimators who give budgets cannot guarantee those costs however can provide an informed budget price.

Construction Administration

The development Administration amount of study style service is that the last stage. CA and records for all things thought of 20% of the architect’s time and charges on a venture as a rule. Whereas this stage is the longest, it doesn’t generally embody most of the architect’s work. On traditional ventures, the designer doesn’t manage development. The architect-designer can often visit the place of labor to envision improvement and guarantee the project employee is projected to the script. Similarly, if necessary the architect will audit the project worker’s month-to-month solicitations to affirm work finishing.

The architect is accessible to handle queries and provides additional information to problems that emerge. Throughout this stage, it isn’t exceptional that some extra administrations for the architect emerge owing to progress orders. In Interior A to Z, the Department of Buildings (DOB) expects architects to play out totally different advancement assessments and extraordinary examinations. The architects and designers ought to submit Technical Reports to the DOB. Progress examinations are light-emitting diode by the architect. Exceptional assessments may need an External review Agency with a selected permit.

Design style method Steps:

As a designer firm Interior A to Z is aware of the planning cycle terribly we tend toll. During this article, we evaluated a little of the elemental concepts regarding the five Phases of Design. This post doesn’t expect to hide every conceivable issue or condition, but offers an overall define of the point.


The on top of information could be a fundamental separation of the Architect’s Phases of Design. The rates of value gave will vacillate from one task to a different and between numerous style firms. These stages are typically acknowledged among most modelers. A planner got to have the choice to administer you an enclosed and out clarification of their expense structure. On the off likelihood that you just may need to find out more, you’ll see another post we tend to composed on study designs. As I will be able to hang in to inform individuals, within the event that you anticipate using a planner, systematically ensure to recruit Registered Architects who are licensed and bonded in your state!


You can’t increase the square footage of a little, square bedroom with a neat layout, but you’ll make optimal use of the space you’ve got. Removing the clutter is important before arranging an aesthetically pleasing, functional bedroom. Get obviate unused furniture, old reading, displaced household articles, unnecessary personal items and unwanted clothing and shoes. Then position the bed so you’ll use the remaining floor space for extra furniture.


A comfortable bed is that the most vital piece of furniture in any bedroom, so it is a good place to start out. If you think that you’ll get an honest night’s sleep on a little bed, go small; if you select an out sized bed, you lose floor space for other furniture. One option may be a Murphy bed, which folds up against a wall when not in use to supply more usable space. With a typical bed, avoid positioning it ahead of a window, which may block natural light from streaming into the space and make the bedroom feel even smaller. Interior design standards recommend a minimum of two feet round the perimeter of a bed.


Eliminate unnecessary or bulky furniture during a small, square bedroom. Replace oversize armories, dressers and chests of drawers with smaller counterparts. Design standards recommend allowing a minimum of 18 inches ahead of a furniture piece with drawers and a minimum of 4 feet between a bed and a desk. Use furniture pieces which will do double duty. As an example, a little reading chair is often pulled up to a desk, and a nightstand with a drawer and shelf can conceal personal items while providing a spot for reading materials. A bench at the top of a bed can provide a seat for putting on socks and shoes and space for storing for extra pillows and bedding.


Make use of the vertical wall space during a small bedroom. Open shelves can provide space for storing for books or a display area for framed photographs. Hang an out sized mirror on a wall opposite a window to assist bring the outdoor scenery inside, making your bedroom appear more spacious and airy.


A well-organized closet may be a valuable asset during a small, square bedroom. Decide which clothing and other personal items you would like to store in your closet. Group together seasonal clothing and shoes. Hang shirts, blouses, skirts and pants for the present season on double rods to form optimal use of the closet space. A little cabinet with drawers can eliminate the necessity for a dresser or chest to store socks, underclothes and pajamas. Hang a rack on the rear of the closet door to carry belts and ties.

Be sure to welcome the New Year with elegant wallpaper In order to keep your home in line with everything that is new in the world of decoration, and in order to distinguish it with a special touch to welcome the New Year, in today’s article, we offer you a great selection of the most beautiful and latest wallpaper designs.. Enjoy watching them with us only now!

1- A wide yard that you think is one hundred percent real

Looking at the charming view that forms the background of the bed, you may not believe at all that it is just wallpaper and not as part of reality as you imagine! This is due to the fact that this amazing design falls under the item of 3D wallpaper, which depicts everything as stereoscopic, which is something we touch with the yellow lighting element that adorns the right part of the wallpaper walls and looks like real light sources, as well as with the floor that forms a second layer with a level Top extends for meters behind the head of the bed!

2- Red bricks

If you want to decorate one of the walls of your house with red bricks while maintaining a modern and upscale look for your home, do not hesitate to purchase wallpaper that bears this shape, which is a design that is very available these days. There are also designs that bear the real shape of stones, wood, etc.

3- Tropical touch

Are you a fan of tropical style in decor? If the answer is yes, then this model will definitely impress you with its design of large aura trees intertwined with each other in dark green shades.

4- Fresh butterflies

Check out this simple pattern of wallpaper with delicate and refreshing touches based on colorful and cheerful butterflies adorning the back wall of the bed and in harmony with its covers and pillows.

5- Bouquets of colorful flowers

Rare are people in this world who can do without flowers in their lives, and for these people in particular, we present this unique design of wallpaper, which depends in its colorful drawings on wonderful bouquets of flowers.

Baby room interior for newborns | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Baby room interior for newborns | Best Interior Designer near me

Having a child starts a lot of changes in your home. From the place where a newborn baby will lie down for the first time when he comes home, toys, clothes, and other things for babies start to increase. Why decorate a separate room for a baby who is not yet able to recognize objects or communicate properly? Basically, the room plays an important role in the baby’s growth as it is the space where the baby stays the longest and sleeps. This is because, even though it may not be visible from the outside, the brain stimulates the child’s emotions in various directions, such as imagination and intelligence, in the space of the room. Here’s what you need to know when decorating a room for a baby who’s too small to touch.

Baby room interior style

When designing a children’s room, you have to start with what style you want to take, just like the general interior. The same goes for nurseries for newborns. This is because the color, texture, and furniture feel are directly related to the emotional stability that the child will feel.

Rather than being too strong, it is better to choose a modern style, a rustic style with a small charm, a Scandinavian style, or a space style drawn with the concept of a cartoon or fairy tale world. Also, it should be kept in mind that the interior of the nursery is not finished once, but needs to be changed little by little for each age. In the case of a newborn, the age is calculated by the number of months rather than 1 year and 2 years old, so delicate consideration is required for each need.

Baby Room Interior Tips by Age (0-12 Months)

First, up to 6 months of age, you need an additional pillow and a thin blanket to sit comfortably while breastfeeding, and to lay the baby on. You also need a cot where your baby can rest comfortably. When you need a cabinet that can store baby items, it is a good idea to choose furniture with an integrated design that has enough room to use the cabinet top as a place to change the baby’s diaper.

The important thing here is that parents can change diapers without bending their backs. Also, putting a rocking chair between 4 and 8 months can be a great help when your child can’t fall asleep easily. Between 9 and 12 months, babies can sit or crawl, but they also fall easily because they can’t hold their center of gravity, so security devices are needed to prevent accidents. You need to protect the ends of tables and pointed furniture, and you can also put a mat on the floor.

Basic baby room furniture you need: sleep

Sleep is the most important activity for babies. When you sleep properly, your brain can grow enough and you can also get psychological stability. Babies are unable to express their feelings or uncomfortable feelings on their own, so if the sleep process is not working properly, they can constantly whimper or cry, which can embarrass the parents. So, you need to pay attention to the interior of the baby’s room so that you can sleep properly. It is also important to have a mattress that allows the baby to feel comfortable when lying down, and it is also good to have a crib with a suitable height to make eye contact with the parents.

Basic baby room furniture you need: rocking chair, storage cabinet

However, newborns that are just born have a light sleep and wake up very often. You can stay awake at night until you receive sleep training. If it is difficult to get them to fall asleep again, it may be a good idea to have a rocking chair that can stimulate comfortable movement while being held by the parent. Constantly bending over or bending your knees while holding them can quickly tire you, and in the long run it can be bad for your joints. Also, basically, baby items should be stored separately from the parent’s items so that they can be stored separately.

Crib? cradle?

A baby cot is no different from a regular bed that can be used in a fixed state in a specific place. Only the size is small. In the case of a baby cradle, it can be moved easily, and it can be gently shaken with one hand while the baby is lying down, so it is easy to carry and has the advantage of being able to use it comfortably in a small house. However, keep in mind that from a long-term perspective, a crib can only be used for the first few months, and a crib can last much longer. The problem is that cribs can cost more than cradles.

Creating a safe environment for babies who are unable to control themselves properly

A room for newborns is not the only thing that matters. It should not be forgotten that it is a space where parents are also shared. When changing the baby’s diaper, inducing the baby to sleep, feeding, and playing with the baby, they stay together in this room. This means that you should also consider creating a place where parents can relax together. In addition, as in the case of the baby, the mother’s body is in a weakened state after childbirth, so it is necessary to periodically ventilate the air and manage the humidity so that it can be properly controlled.

Choosing the right lighting

Lighting should also be considered when decorating a baby’s room. Orient it so that it gets enough sunlight, and make sure it receives enough light. Instead of focusing on illuminating the space too brightly, try to find a light that can give a slightly soft and comfortable feeling.

You might also consider a decorative light in the form of a pendant hanging from the ceiling to provide an interesting stimulus for your baby. It’s also a good idea to use it to create an element that catches your baby’s attention with specific lighting or props around the diaper changing area. If you would like a consultation on baby room interior design, contact an interior decoration & interior design expert through Interior A to Z. Baby room interior for newborns | Best Interior Designer near me

Basic interior needed for our children’s room

It is not an easy task to select furniture that combines function and style and an interior that matches the function and style for the proper growth of children and improvement of creativity. Children who were simply interested in everything when they were young grow up, their likes and dislikes become clear, and their own tendencies become stronger. Because the desired props are different and the color they like is clear, it should be completed with an interior that respects the child’s tendency.

If you want to develop your child’s creativity, you have to be careful when choosing one small accessory for your child’s room. In particular, the sensuous design and colorful items stimulate children’s imagination and make the interior special. In addition, in the case of children’s rooms, storage space is insufficient, so it is important to secure an appropriate storage space so that the room can be organized. A messy room is not conducive to a child’s concentration and is not good for the interior. In the case of cabinets, the selection of products varies depending on the size of the space, but basically, it is necessary to select an efficient storage method without occupying a lot of space, such as using a basket or shelf, or using a reclaimed cabinet.

Basic color for a child’s room

The most important color selection and material selection before decorating a child’s room determines the atmosphere of the child’s room. You should decorate the child’s room by examining which colors can maximize the child’s strengths and correct the weaknesses. In the case of color, although it has a great visual effect on us, it has a great effect on the growth and development of children, so the color that naturally blends into the interior helps the child’s brain and emotional development and the formation of a harmonious personality. So, what color should you choose for your child’s room?
For a child, it is good to choose a color that helps to stabilize the mind and body without getting tired of using it for a long time. Among them, green lowers the child’s aggression and relaxes the mind by releasing tension in nerves and muscles. Green is soft and dark green better than high brightness and saturation. Also, for children, blue lowers heart rate and blood pressure to calm the mind, so it can improve concentration. If it is for your child’s health and concentration, let’s engrave these two colors for the color of the child’s room.

Kids room point wallpaper & eco-friendly wallpaper

The wallpaper interior that can give a point to a child’s room uses the child’s favorite color or character. However, if you paint the entire wall with wallpaper that helps children learn, you can give children interest in studying and decorate the space as an interior. Also, if you are concerned about the environment and your child’s health, there is a way to use natural wallpaper or eco-friendly wallpaper.
Natural wallpaper is a wallpaper made of natural materials that are beneficial to the human body, such as pine, mugwort, and lavender. Eco-friendly wallpaper is a wallpaper that many people with sensitive skin are looking for in homes with children with skin diseases. Eco-friendly wallpaper has the function of adsorbing and removing harmful substances and deodorizing, and is effective in improving environmental diseases such as atopy. In addition, it has the advantage of forest bathing effect and humidity control, and can be recycled after incineration.

Well organized storage space

In the case of a child’s room, the storage type of course varies according to the age, but in the case of preschool children, the storage of toys is mainly useful, so a basket or box type is mainly useful. It is a good idea to purchase a low cabinet so that children can organize themselves and put a box in the cabinet so that they can put in and take out toys on their own. If you have older children, you need storage space for supplies and various books rather than toys.
Organize them neatly in drawers under the bed or on the desk. Middle and high school students have more books than lower grades, so it is better to purchase a spare bookshelf in advance. In the case of clothes, they have a smaller amount of clothes than adults, so there is no inconvenience in storage space, but children grow up quickly, so it is better to organize or dispose of clothes that do not fit and are not worn.

cozy interior

In order to create a cozy interior, the interior using fabric is as important as the choice of color. There is a way to make a space rich and cozy by using fabric. In the case of fabric, it has the advantage of being able to easily decorate and change the inside of the house, and at the same time, it is an item that adds warmth to the house in winter. Add warmth to the child’s room using cushions, carpets, or rugs, and choose a color that the child likes or a color that gives a sense of stability to create an interior. As a color that can give warmth to a space, you can use cream, green, or brown-based tone-down colors. If you want to choose a cool color, there is a way to mix and match two colors that give you cold and warmth.

study room for homework

Mother’s interest The interior of the child’s study room. There are many ways to get good grades, but if you pay close attention to the study room, which is the basic space in which your child lives, you can create an atmosphere where your child can study on their own at home. It is good to choose a desk and chair, which are basically necessary for the study room, that fit the child’s body and do not cause discomfort even after sitting for a long time, and select a chair with a certain amount of cushioning.

This is because the wrong posture hinders physical development because it is the age of full growth. In addition, it is good to secure a lot of storage space for children by installing under the desk or shelf. This is because a lot of space is needed with books and documents, etc., which increase as students get older. Also, it is recommended to always use a stand to protect eyesight. The harmony of weak stand lighting and overall lighting is the most important. At this time, it is also an important option to choose a cute design that will stimulate the eyes of the child.

Space composition & furniture arrangement

When choosing a room for a child who needs parental care, it is basically better to place it closer than far away from the parent’s gaze. Also, in general, when arranging furniture, the desk is placed to face the window, but there is also a way to place it so that it faces the door if the parent is relatively anxious if the child’s back is visible when the door is opened. Also, place the desk in a position where the light from the window enters obliquely from the back right side, facing the door, and place the bed in front of the desk to make the space in front of the desk appear wider. It is recommended to put several cushions.


In the case of a children’s bedroom, you can change the overall atmosphere with a bed style. It is good to make a bedroom that gives a sense of stability to the child by choosing a product that contains a pattern, color, or character that the child loves. In addition, the lighting necessary for the children’s bedroom helps to change the atmosphere of the children’s room. In addition to the overall lighting in the children’s room, if you install a cute-shaped auxiliary lighting device or stand, it will improve the child’s energy and also have a good effect on children who are afraid of the night. In this case, the lighting should be selected in a line that does not interfere with the child’s sleep to create a good sleep environment.

Hide dangerous objects

There are so many toys and trinkets in the children’s room that they are spread out without knowing which dangerous objects are. It is not recommended to have sharp or breakable glass items that may threaten the child in the child’s room, but for interior purposes or if the material of the child’s toy is a little risky, it is better to put high shelves out of the child’s eye level. good night. In addition, it is advisable to put a rubber mat on the floor to prevent the impact from being less if a child falls or an object is dropped from a high place. Also, if your child frequently bumps into something and gets bruised, there is a way to prevent safety in advance by attaching rubber devices to the corners.

Basic rules decorating home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Simplicity is the title of beauty in everything, even in simple architectural designs.
It has a major role in creating beauty inside your home, and it is also one of the basics of interior design for homes that pulsate with beauty, so be careful to follow the element of simplicity in design from choosing patterns. Mixing them with your choices of furniture and decor pieces makes them simple and suitable for the space of the rooms  in your home, and always remember the more you reduce and coordinate the selection of furniture and decorations on the shelves and tables, the more beautiful and elegant your home will look.

The fashion of colors in coordinating and designing homes always changes every year, sometimes we find calm pastel colors on the throne of designs and sometimes we find neutral colors and sometimes we find dark colors a big role, instead of falling into the trap of choosing the latest color trends in decoration and implementing them in your home and a new season comes and you find That trend has changed, it is better to use basic and neutral colors such as white, beige and gray, and change the touches of decor, accessories or pillows according to the most prevalent color trends, and always remember that the basic colors are always the winning horse in home designs.

Comfort is irreplaceable in your home, so do not barter the feeling of comfort in the house in exchange for acquiring a piece of furniture or decoration that you liked or the latest decoration trends, the basis of our homes is comfort and a sense of calm, so I am keen to choose comfortable pieces of furniture in the rooms of the house, for example, choose sofas and chairs in The living room is spacious and made of strong foam to make you feel comfortable sitting and make your back straight, as well as in the bedrooms choose comfortable and spacious beds and wardrobes. The bedroom and privacy are two sides of the same coin.

When you choose the details of the furniture, decorations, and even the curtains to diffuse the lighting, I make sure that two important elements are achieved in them: complete comfort and absolute privacy, so choose a comfortable design for the bed and a closet that accommodates your entire needs, and use moderate lighting in the corners of the room and make sure that it is not annoying, and do not forget The most important thing is privacy, so do not choose light curtains that prevent privacy in your home and reveal the room clearly from the windows.

The spread of natural lighting in the house is one of the basics that must be taken into account when designing your home, so be careful that the rooms of the house are located under the base of natural lighting in your home and contain windows that help in entering sunlight and natural air, to renew the atmosphere of the house and make it healthy. Furniture pieces are the basis for dividing your home, and sometimes they have a big role in separating the rooms of the house in the open spaces. By dividing and stacking furniture in an L or U shape , it is the most suitable choice for small spaces in the house.

Finally, I am keen to create a balance in the general composition of the design of your home so that you feel comfortable, and that the void in your home has a role in its design and creating aesthetic details and stay away from exaggerating the selection of furniture and decorations in large sizes to fill the spaces and not leaving an appropriate void space in the house that makes its design comfortable.

Bathrooms Furniture Design tips | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Bathrooms Furniture Design tips

A bathroom is a room that cannot be missing in any house or tiny apartment. It fulfills several functions, ranging from the most obvious one, i.e. a place for daily hygiene; it is also a place of relaxation, rest and respite. It should be cozy, but also ergonomic, pretty, well-designed and furnished.

And since we are at the furniture, some of you, in principle, do not need to introduce them, because you have already seen their furniture with us many times. For those who do not know this store and all others who like interesting ideas and cool furniture, we have an overview of modern bathroom sets.


First, a handful of practical tips. The most important issue that you need to pay attention to when buying a set of bathroom furniture is the material from which it was made. There are special conditions in the bathroom: high air humidity, high temperatures, and contact with water. A properly selected raw material will meet these conditions. The furniture we are talking about today meets these conditions. Most often they are made of MDF board, made of recycled wood, very resistant to water absorption. Another option is thermoplastic ABS. It perfectly protects the edges because it sticks to them tightly, which is due to the appropriate technical treatment.


Once you choose the material from which the furniture will be made, it is worth paying attention to ergonomics. Think what exactly do we need to keep in them? How much space can we allocate for them? Furniture sets are a perfect solution.

They are composed of simple modules that look great both individually and as a complete set. If necessary, individual elements can be purchased and created a more complete set.

Consistent aesthetics

The advantage of the sets is also the aesthetic consistency. We don’t have to wonder if this cabinet fits the mirror and vice versa. The set of furniture consists of a cabinet for the washbasin, a mirror with a practical shelf and two posts. The larger one has an open shelf, which makes it possible to display towels, cosmetics, perfumes, etc. The furniture can be configured in any way, all hung on one wall, next to each other or opposite. They will always look good and consistent.

Universal white

Take a look at how many possibilities are the bathroom sets. The possibility of various variants of the fronts makes them suitable for any style, and above all, they will fit perfectly in modern bathrooms. They are also ideal for small bathrooms because they are suspended. Thanks to this, the floor space is not obstructed, and the room seems much larger than it really is. Especially if you choose universal white!

With the addition of wood

Already see how easy it is? All you need to do is choose the style, color and type of furniture to suit your needs, and the interior will take on character. Classic, modern, traditional, avant-garde – everyone will find something for themselves. The set in the photo has the addition of wood. It is a solution that fits almost every bathroom, even the small one in a block, because wood for the bathroom is available in every edition: dark, light, raw or processed. You can see another variant of this set below.

Light wood plus white

Finally, take a look at a charming set in white and light wood colors. Such combinations are very fashionable lately. This is a universal color scheme that fits into any arrangement, regardless of the style. Its great advantage is timelessness because such furniture is fashionable for many years, and as you know, we have always urged you to invest in good quality and universal furniture that will last longer than the first painting.


Crafting Architectural Brilliance: A Guide to Architecture Style Tips and Phases

Architecture is a dynamic blend of creativity, functionality, and cultural influences. It encompasses a wide range of styles, each with its unique characteristics and historical significance. In this blog, we’ll dive into the world of architecture styles, exploring essential tips and phases that define architectural brilliance and guide the creation of captivating structures.

Understanding Architecture Styles

Architecture styles are distinct design philosophies that reflect the cultural, social, and artistic influences of a particular era. From the classical grandeur of Ancient Greek architecture to the sleek minimalism of Modernism, each style leaves its mark on the built environment.

Tips for Navigating Architecture Styles

  1. Research and Study: Immerse yourself in the history and characteristics of various architecture styles. Understand the cultural and social contexts that gave rise to each style, and how they shaped the built environment.
  2. Contextual Awareness: Consider the surroundings when selecting an architecture style for a project. A design should complement the existing environment while still standing out as a unique entity.
  3. Functionality First: While aesthetics are important, functionality is paramount. Ensure that your design meets the needs of the occupants, whether it’s a residential space, a commercial building, or a public structure.
  4. Blend Tradition and Innovation: Many contemporary designs fuse elements from different architecture styles to create something new and exciting. Balancing tradition with innovation can lead to groundbreaking and aesthetically pleasing designs.
  5. Cultural Sensitivity: Architecture often reflects the cultural identity of a region. Respect and sensitivity toward local traditions and aesthetics can result in structures that resonate with the community.

Architectural Phases: From Concept to Reality

  1. Pre-Design Phase: This phase involves understanding the client’s needs, site analysis, and preliminary research. Architects gather information and define project goals.
  2. Schematic Design Phase: Here, architects develop initial design concepts, exploring different layouts and styles. Preliminary sketches and diagrams help visualize the project’s potential.
  3. Design Development Phase: Detailed plans, elevations, and 3D models are created. Material choices, structural considerations, and interior layouts are refined.
  4. Construction Documents Phase: Architects produce detailed drawings and documents that guide construction. These include architectural plans, sections, and specifications.
  5. Bidding and Negotiation Phase: Architects assist clients in selecting contractors through the bidding process. They review bids, negotiate contracts, and choose the right team.
  6. Construction Phase: The design comes to life as contractors execute the plans. Architects oversee the construction to ensure that the design intent is maintained.
  7. Occupancy Phase: Once construction is complete, the project is turned over to the client. Architects may continue to provide support during the occupancy phase, addressing any issues that arise.
  8. Post-Occupancy Evaluation: Architects evaluate how the design functions in reality, taking client feedback into account. This assessment informs future projects and improves the architect’s skills.


Architecture is a multi-faceted art that weaves history, culture, and innovation into the fabric of our surroundings. By understanding architecture styles, adhering to crucial tips, and navigating the various phases of design and construction, architects can create structures that stand as testaments to human creativity and progress. From the initial spark of an idea to the final touch of a building’s completion, architecture shapes the world we inhabit and leaves an enduring legacy.

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