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Interior design ideas for wardrobe

Just as a bed plays an important role in completing a bedroom, a functional closet is also considered an important part of the bedroom, whether it is a  modern bedroom , minimalist, or country style. Cabinets are a magic wand that hides our clothes as well as our important and secret things. If we put a little attention and effort in the construction of these cabinets or with the help and advice of a professional  furniture maker to make this box. By the time you reach this conclusion, we will introduce you to 7 interesting and wonderful wardrobe ideas, so let’s get started!

White and simple

White is a symbol of coolness, serenity, and peace, and the color helps to enhance the interior of the room. If you want to keep a sense of comfort and coolness in your  room, make two or more white door closets.

Art on the wardrobe

If you want something new and unique in your bedroom, you can do some design on the outside of your closet. Also a photo or artist would be a good choice. A purposeful design or picture on the closet door will impress you every time you enter the room and your guests and friends will also appreciate your intelligence.

Wood and innovation

Wooden furniture is preferred in Asian countries because of the durability of wood. Wooden cupboards are even more useful in this case. If you want to bring innovation to your bedroom with the durability of wood, you can also paint the wooden wardrobe which will keep its durability as well as modernity.

Full wall use

Another great idea that most people adopt in the homes of many people is to build a closet on the entire wall of the bedroom. The biggest advantage of this is that most of the wall is useless after making a cupboard, so the whole wall is made into a cupboard and used. And the one who chooses this idea will never regret it.

Raw wood

Raw wood looks as beautiful as any other material. The beauty of this wooden wardrobe room, the construction of the furniture and the choice of choice will all seem a reasonable matter. Why not decorate the bedroom with a piece of raw wood?

No wall closet

Just as one wall of a room can be made into a complete closet in which a door closet can be created, another option could be to make a sliding door closet that will make the room less open to open the door. Space will be required.

Kitchen decorating ideas

A medium budget is not an obstacle in getting a beautifully decorated  kitchen. If you have a clear outline of your favorite kitchen in mind and the budget is well distributed, you can make the kitchen one of the most impressive parts of the house.

  1. Simple kitchen

This kitchen is a project of one of our  interior designers . The presence of two large windows helps in easy flow of air in the kitchen. In addition, our designers have chosen easy-to-clean tiles for kitchen floors. It’s easier to cook and easier to clean the kitchen after eating.

  1. Kitchen with yellow

The design is simple but looks beautiful due to the combination of yellow, black and white. So don’t be afraid to use colors to get a beautiful kitchen at home.

  1. Little kitchen

The smaller the kitchen, the smaller the decoration budget. So a small kitchen is a good choice. If the room is capable of having a stove, oven, refrigerator and sink, why not? what do you think?

  1. Anciently decorated kitchen

This white  kitchen looks even more beautiful due to its ancient decoration. As you can see in the picture, our interior designer has used sugar to decorate the kitchen wall. He repainted the old dining table and hung a light bulb to establish the antique style in this simple place.

  1. Kitchen with extra storage space

You can make drawers with a small budget, but in small numbers. If they are lacking, use the kitchen wall as a storage space, as you can see in the picture.

The furniture is clean and the kitchen is beautiful, isn’t it?

  1. Kitchen with wall-mounted hanging table

Having a table in a small kitchen is also a new problem. But you can control it by taking a hanging table and attaching it to the wall.

In addition to saving space, this proposal will also save you money.

  1. Kitchen for small family

Newlyweds can follow these tips. You don’t need a big kitchen for just two people. Choose a simple kitchen design for a small family, as shown in the picture.

Choose the right chairs and table for two and your kitchen is ready.

  1. Kitchens with multiple working desks

You need a table in the kitchen to pack. The problem is that in a tight space it is impossible.

But don’t be so sad! You can solve this problem by combining kitchen and dining. Use your dining table as a cooking table. You need to clean the table after each meal so that it is as clean as a normal dining table.

  1. Kitchen with lots of hangers

The more work you do, the more it will cost. So instead of kitchens with lots of drawers, you can choose kitchens with lots of hangers. As well as saving space, the idea is also cheaper because you don’t have to spend on drawers.

10 Gas stove kitchen

As you know, gas stoves are cheaper than cooker and halogen stoves. Therefore, by choosing this type of stove, the best kitchens can be obtained on a low budget.

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