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Great ideas for arranging furniture in living rooms

Arranging the furniture in the living room requires a special skill, so as not to obstruct movement and crowd the place. Therefore, most of us think a lot and hesitate before deciding to rearrange the place, in order to avoid the dangers that can occur as a result of the new distribution of furniture.

And in order to be free and renovate whenever we want, we present today’s article that talks about the best 7 ways to arrange the pieces of furniture in the living room in an ideal way that does not cause waste of space.

1. L . method

The L-shaped way is one of the easiest ways to arrange and distribute living furniture, hence the idea of ​​the famous L-shaped sofa to save the effort of distributing furniture and exploiting corners.

This method is based on arranging sofas and chairs in an L-shape, or using one sofa in this shape. And after finishing, we put the small tables on one side and in the middle of the room with appropriate rugs.

It is preferable when using an L-shaped sofa that it be provided with colored cushions that break the uniform color of the sofa.

2. Closed circuit

The second idea of ​​arranging the furniture is to place the pieces in a circle, and of course leave suitable spaces for passage and ease of movement for you and your guests, but while maintaining the general shape of the circle. , The idea behind this arrangement is to provide greater opportunities for chatting and exchanging dialogue between those sitting in the room without anyone having to adjust their session to communicate with others.

We can apply this method by placing the pieces at equal distances from the center of the room, in which we will place the coffee table, then leave sufficient distances between the pieces and each other and thus reach the shape of the circle, and we note that this idea is suitable for living rooms open to other rooms, which do not exist in them Dividing walls we put furniture next to it.

3. The letter U . method

And now we are inspired by another idea from the letter U, which was able to solve the problem of distributing furniture in more than one room, such as the kitchen. In this idea, we put the furniture as a square that lacks one side, so that this void is the entrance to the room and the means of access to the furniture.

4. Parallel lines

In this idea, we imagine that the room is two parallel lines or three lines. We put in the first line the sofa with one of the lighting elements, and in the opposite line we put a pair of chairs, and in the line between them we put the coffee table.

This idea is characterized by the comfort that it provides in the place, which facilitates movement in the place, and it is also perfectly suitable for living rooms that have a balcony that can be opened at any time during the day, and we cannot put furniture in front of it.

5. Semicircle

We talked before about the closed circle method, and now we come to the idea of ​​a semicircle, which also needs to determine the middle of the room to achieve equal space between the pieces of furniture and the middle of the room.

However, it is important to note that this idea is suitable for small furniture only, while large furniture is not compatible with this idea at all.

6. Compass shaped

We are inspired by the sixth idea from the shape of the compass known for its four directions, so that we also distribute the furniture to four main points, which is suitable for the traditional living rooms known as the four walls and not the living rooms that follow the open space style.

This method brings balance and perfect order to the room, which helps us relax and unwind.

7. In the form of a right angle 90º

This idea is very similar to the first idea that talks about the letter L, but the difference here is that the two sides of the angle made are about the same size.

This idea is suitable for small rooms whose furniture consists of a straight sofa on the first side with a chair and a coffee table on the second side, then we put the appropriate carpets and floor lamps to complete the design.

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