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About Interior A to Z

We provide a variety of unique engineering, designing, and architectural services thanks to our talented staff of engineers and designers. Our offerings include architectural, structural, interior, and landscape design consultation. Also, we take on Turnkey Projects in the most effective and economical way possible. We provide our clients with distinctive Designing Consulting Services through open communication and collaboration.

Interior A to Z has made a name for itself thanks to its enthusiasm and dedication for beautiful architecture. Our innovative and creative thinkers give a full solution to meet the client’s design needs in addition to just designing. We try to fit the client’s wish list to their preferences and financial constraints.

Quality Control

At Interior A to Z, we promise to provide top-notch services that adhere to global standards of quality. To keep up with the most recent industry trends and provide our cherished consumers with them, we often conduct market surveys. Our main goal is to grow our customer base by continually providing top-notch services. All those with whom we have had the pleasure of working have shown their appreciation and trust in us because of our quality-conscious approach to serving the consumer.

How then do we operate?

You, our client, are our main priority, and we make every effort to complete your project on schedule, within budget, and to the high standard you want.

The Interior A to Z Team offers a welcoming, accommodating environment where customers can come and talk about their unique projects with our design team, who has solid experience in both conventional and contemporary designs. Whether you want ideas alone or a comprehensive architectural service from conception through production and finish on site.

In any way that fits you, we are pleased to collaborate.

Hence, we can help you through the process of extending or altering your home, converting your loft, or reconfiguring your internal space. Our business takes pleasure in providing open, adaptable customer service.

This is how it goes:

You will require an initial site visit to discuss your proposals before beginning your project.

We next go over your needs, decide on our scope of work, and provide you advice on how to move your project along so you may fulfill your goals.

We will then discuss our fees with you and begin working on the project with a member of our design team.

Structural planning

Offshore structural engineering services and structural analysis are provided by structural design services with the highest level of innovation, industry knowledge, and domain expertise. According to numerous international standards, we complete preliminary and detailed design projects for structural design and analysis services. Our structural engineering team has experience in many areas of engineering design, but they are particularly skilled in structural design and structural analysis.

Construction Design

Before developing a design that makes the most use of the available space, our team of professionals and architects collaborate closely with the clients to extensively examine site characteristics like area and elevation as well as the needs of the clients. We have access to the most up-to-date tools and technology, allowing us to design buildings efficiently and on schedule.

Designing rooms

We want to offer unique and fascinating interior design solutions through interior design. Every project is handled by a committed team of professionals, who combine local knowledge with global competence. We offer cutting-edge design concepts that complement the various aesthetic preferences of our clients, together with high-caliber workmanship and expert, amiable project management.

Landscape Planning and Design In civil construction projects, designing the space planning is a crucial stage for increasing efficiency and site aesthetics. With extensive industrial experience in this field, Interior A to Z has honed its skills in space planning and best use. We provide trustworthy landscape design solutions.

Architectural advisory service

We provide tailored architectural consulting services for projects with a variety of needs. Our architectural consulting services include anything from renovating and extending balconies to building garden rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and restaurants. We make a lot of effort to satisfy our customers’ design and architectural needs. We provide drawings, models, and detailed technical information as part of our services.

Complete Projects

We provide turnkey projects for architectural and interior design and we have all the necessary experience to carry them out in accordance with the precise demands of our clients. The turnkey projects involve building residences, banks, government buildings, and MNCs. We complete the entire project, including the civil, electrical, air-conditioning, and office automation works, according to the clients’ specifications.

Interior Designer in Rudrapur


For startups, learning the proper office isn’t as difficult as making it an appropriate place for working. Here, employees spend most of their day and thus, the owners must consider the planning and layout carefully to stay the workers relaxed, stress-free and fresh all the time.

Creating a working environment to spice up the productivity is that the essence of interior designing and if it’s not there, the inclusion of color, furniture, and decorating elements don’t work. Interior designers assist you create an enticing workplace and for that, they provide some easy tips. Let’s discuss a number of them!


The first tip is to use aesthetically transparent and open designs. The workers need easy communication to develop a coherent working environment and thus, dividing the space into sections and adding segregation doesn’t work here. Don’t use visible barriers and keep the sections inflow because these are the hurdles in communication. You’ll also use large windows for ventilation and natural light. Welcoming ambiance is another important aspect during this regard.


If you’ve got just one option because you’ve got little space, you would like to form it roomy. The foremost successful designs for little space are only those, which utilize it intelligently and don’t waste one inch of it. So, don’t use separate work tables; rather long tables with artificial separation work more convincingly. Add some “unofficial look” thereto and you’ll make it possible by adding funky and classy furniture in your premises.


Lounges are essential for general gatherings and informal meetings. Startups cannot afford heavy investments in it and thus, creating an aesthetic small lounge during a small corner is often an exquisite idea.

The inside designers attempt to separate it from the workplace through some decorated, but artificial walls and by adding comfortable chairs and installing soft lighting there.


To affect the workers, clients, and guests, even startups got to do some effort. Interior designers recommend a long way between the meeting room and workplace, and for that, they recommend that corner, where staff features a little or no access. You’ll convert little room into the meeting room also.


Whether you’ve got an out sized space or little office, you want to leave some area for a reception to avoid unnecessary people within the workplace.


Implement company board outside the office and at the foremost prominent place inside. You’ll also incorporate brand colors as a paint color to offer knowledgeable and classy look to your premises.


For startups, it’s difficult to feature a library, but even little cabinet with some wonderful books can fulfill your need. It also shows your love towards reading, which may create an exquisite image of you ahead of your guests.