How do you renew your home? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

How do you renew your home? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

How to renew your home’s  furniture  and what is the ideal way to make your home sparkle and get rid of the worn-out furniture and furniture first-hand, the idea in short is not to throw and throw all the old furniture and use new ones, but the idea is to know the need of the places in your home for new furniture or No, so today, we will present you with  simple points on how to choose the new furniture in your home and how to realize that your home furnishing needs to be changed now..

The legs of the luggage tell you a lot

Do you notice the lower legs of the sofa and the table? Those are the first signs of change. If you find them, they do not give you a sense of the value of the furniture, whether by peeling or breaking at other times. The time has come for a change. And if you find any drop from the usual level or the stuffing inside it, the times of change are very close.

The new version is different from the old one

Choosing the new style of furniture that you intend to use in your home, it is preferable that it be completely different from the previous version so that you do not get bored of repetition even in the renovation, but you should renew the paint of the room if you want to get a complete renewal dose.

Proportion and proportion

If the furniture is too small for the area of ​​your large room, you should either renew that piece and replace it or add new pieces around it so that you can highlight the beauty of the room instead of the empty condition in which you live as in this model.

Piece model regardless of condition

Try to renew the furniture of your home if there are newer styles that you would like to have in the house. The modern style in the decor has features in the furniture that you can feel just by seeing it, and the older models as well, even if you are not specialized in decoration, which is the so-called artistic sense that you have without doubt.

Extinguishing is not good

The fading of luster and the loss of luster is one of the most motivating reasons for change, so do not hesitate to do so if you feel that in any of the furniture in your home in any room of it, starting from the outside door to the bed of the bedroom, always keep its brilliance.

Suffering from the practical side

If the current pieces do not meet your practical needs, such as the cupboard, which can no longer carry your things and is not divided from the inside to keep what you want and coordinate it in a way that makes it easier for you to deal with your things, then you should think about changing and renewing at the earliest opportunity.

Dressing room ideas

There are a lot of styles and ideas on which the shape of your design and the harmony and harmony of the surrounding spaces and rooms depend. Which of the models do you prefer? Do you want to create a colorful youth dressing room, or a luxurious dressing room? Or another one with a minimal vibe?

Users number

Will the dressing room serve one person or several? What do you need in this room, is it just some closets or space to put make-up and more?

  • How do you renew your home? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR
  • How do you renew your home? | Gurgaon | Noida |


When choosing a color palette for the dressing room, consideration must be given to the shape and size of the room, natural lighting and use as well. Men prefer dark colors for luxurious and simple dressing rooms, while women prefer light and neutral colors, which will make the room look elegant and welcoming.

Design Basics

The dressing room must be a practical room. In order to have a practical room, one must ask: Do you have a lot of clothes ? long clothes? Do you need cabinets with special specifications? What is the available space? etc..

Inner cabinets

First, choose the largest unit in the interior of the dressing room and place it according to the design of the room, think about where the different items will be distributed and if they fit the available space. You must provide enough space to wear your clothes in complete comfort, and finally, you must take into account the first thing that you see when entering, you must have a visual focus.

Interior division of cabinets and drawers

Cabinets must be divided in a way that accommodates all your things, so, as we mentioned, you must know what suits you before proceeding to choose the shape and division of cabinets and drawers and design them as needed. There must be shelves to put everything that is fold able, as well as boxes and other things such as shoes and bags, there must also be drawers to store small and lost clothes, and finally, hangers for hanging clothes.


It is taken into account the presence of a long mirror, which facilitates the process of dressing, as it shows the room in a wonderful and elegant way, and adds elegance to the room according to the design of the room and the atmosphere to be obtained.


One of the most important elements of the dressing room, as the lighting contributes to showing the clothes and colors clearly. It also helps while wearing clothes and applying makeup to pay attention to details and avoid mistakes.

The chair

It is important to have a chair in the dressing room, as it is useful when putting on shoes, applying make-up, putting different things or relaxing. It doesn’t have to be a big chair or a fancy design, but it can be replaced with a small chair without a back or a bench so that it can be placed without creating a mess.