Wall insulation ideas for home in Gurgaon

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Wall insulation ideas for home in Gurgaon

Having good insulation: this is one of the most important characteristics in a home. During winter, insulation will prevent the hot air generated by your heating system from escaping and, in summer, the house from overheating. This, in addition to making the home more comfortable, also avoids waste, which has a considerable impact on energy costs. It does no good to have a state-of-the-art heating system in a poorly insulated house in Gurgaon, so consider this step and investment first.

The insulation will also serve to improve the acoustic comfort of the house, which is especially advantageous when it comes to properties located in noisy areas in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.

The money spent on insulation will depend on the type of insulation, the size of the house and its age. However, as insulation has a positive effect when it comes to reducing energy costs, investment are quickly recovered.

You can insulate the windows, doors, roof and floor, but the walls are the most important since it is through it that 30% to 40% of the heat is lost. After the walls, the roof follows (25%) and the doors and windows (20%), with the floor at the bottom.

We will then focus on wall insulation. Take note.

1. Thermal insulation of walls

Depending on the type of wall in your home, you can use:

Insulation of double walls: these walls have a gap between the outer and inner sheet, so the insulator is inserted into the wall through holes that are refilled with cement.

Solid wall insulation: they do not have a gap, which is why you will have to choose between internal or external insulation. External insulation covers the facade and the interior is, as the name implies, applied to the interior walls of the house in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.

2. Does the thermal insulation of walls control humidity?

Yes. The insulation means that the temperature of the house does not fluctuate, which prevents the appearance of moisture. On the contrary, in a poorly insulated house, it is difficult – or even impossible – to maintain the temperature level.

Cellulose insulation is a good option since the material has breathing capacities that absorb up to 15% of moisture without changing it, which is not the case with glass wool or rock wool that are permeable to moisture and see its capacity insulating to decrease.

However, in addition to insulation, the house must be well ventilated and have steam extractors, heat treatment of linear thermal bridges and heating.

3. Glass wool wall insulation

We now give you to know some of the most popular materials to insulate the walls.

We started with glass wool – also known as fiberglass – which is possibly the most widely used type of insulation today. This material, as the name suggests, is made of fiberglass and exhibits a texture identical to wool. It is an insulating material manufactured in rolls / blankets, tubes, felts or plates. It is often used in construction and other sectors due to its excellent thermal and acoustic performance and mechanical properties.

Furthermore, it does not harm the surface it is in contact with, does not lose its insulating capacity over time and does not promote the appearance of fungi and bacteria.

Glass fiber or wool, however, must be handled with great care because dust and billions of small pieces of glass can affect the eyes, skin and lungs. Its installation must be done by a professional properly protected with a suit with pants and long sleeves, gloves, glasses and mask.

4. Rock wool wall insulation

Its composition includes basaltic rock and other organic materials that are not harmful to health. Rock wool is non-combustible and guarantees excellent thermal and acoustic performance, maintaining mechanical stability up to 800ºC. It is very resistant and long lasting, it is light and, therefore, easy to handle, cut and install and does not retain water.

5. Cellulose wall insulation

Cellulose insulation is the most environmentally friendly. Cellulose is made from recycled cardboard, newsprint and other scraps of paper that are mixed with a chemical that slows down the flames and makes it resistant to insects. As it is a compact material, it has almost no oxygen and, as such, it is an excellent product to minimize fire damage. The material is purchased in blocks and provides a very satisfactory insulation with a good quality-price ratio.

However, it can cause allergies because of newspaper dust. In addition, it tends to lose volume over the years and there are fewer companies dedicated to the installation of this type of insulating material (if compared to the number of companies that install glass wool, for example).

6. Wall insulation with polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam is also an excellent form of insulation. This foam, today, uses non-chlorofluorocarbon gas (CFC) as an expansion agent, which helps to mitigate damage to the ozone layer. The foam weighs about 1 kilo per cubic meter, that is, it is quite light. There are low density foams that can be applied to areas that are not insulated. It is also worth noting that the foam is fire resistant. In the form of a spray , it is a very practical solution for filling gaps and cracks that cause air leakage – such as those that appear around doors and windows.

7. XPS and EPS polystyrene wall insulation

Have you heard of XPS and EPS polystyrene ? It is the same material, but XPS is extruded polystyrene and EPS is expanded polystyrene. This synthetic thermal insulator resembles plastic and appears as a very light rigid foam that can take on different colors, among which blue stands out. Polystyrene has excellent thermal performance, is easy to install, highly resistant to water absorption and does not favor the appearance of mold. In addition, it is lightweight, which reduces the weight of constructions and stresses on support structures.

The polystyrene plates must be placed between the double walls and fixed to the interior cloth with special supports. It is essential that the plates are installed perfectly to prevent thermal bridges.

8. Insulation of walls with cork

Cork is very familiar to us. It comes from the cork oaks – has a natural origin – and is recyclable. Cork is crafted to be presented in slabs or granules. Although impermeable to water, it is permeable to steam. However, it resists aging and exhibits excellent properties in maintaining the temperature in the face of thermal variations and with regard to soundproofing.

9. Wall insulation with insulating mesh

The insulating screen is in the form of reflective sheets that cover flexible thermal insulation films. It is resistant to water and moisture and stands out for its light weight and easy application. It can be placed vertically – in air boxes – or horizontally under floating floors. It also works as a condensation barrier.

10. Which professionals can be useful to you?

As you will have noticed, thermal insulation is an essential part of any project. The application of insulation techniques in buildings built from scratch has already entered the specifications. However, there is still some resistance when it comes to rehabilitation works. An architect can help you with this and recommend the best type of insulation for your home. If you are thinking of building or renovating, then be sure to contact more than one architectural firm to exchange ideas and ask for quotes.

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Wall insulation ideas for home in Gurgaon

Wall insulation ideas for home in Gurgaon

Delhi | Wall insulation ideas for home in Gurgaon

Wall insulation ideas for home in Gurgaon

Wall insulation ideas for home in Gurgaon

Manesar | Wall insulation ideas for home in Gurgaon

Tips to Help You Hire an Interior Decorator

Interior designers are interior decorators who help people beautify their homes. Interior designer jobs can be found in a variety of fields Gurgaon, including residential design, commercial interior design, retail store interior design, and hotel interior design. Hiring an interior designer near Gurgaon will help you create your dream home or office space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

They can also help you plan an event like a wedding orparty by designing decorations for those events and helping you choose colors and other decorations for the venue. There are many reasons to hire interior designers rather than try to create your own. Interior designers have many years of experience and knowledge in designing beautiful and functional spaces in Delhi NCR.

You also have access to resources that you don’t have access to, such as furniture stores, fabric stores, etc. In addition, interior designers in Gurgaon can help you stay on budget as they have a better understanding of what materials and furniture are worth investing in. Hiring an interior designer for your space is a great 2023 resolution and we want to help you prepare!

Look for Interior Decorators Near You

There are many interior designers out there in Delhi NCR, so it is important to find one in your area so they can easily come to your home to assess your space and give you advice. Interior designers come in all shapes and sizes, and you should spend some time finding the right one for you. Ask friends and family for recommendations or quickly search online for places near you in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.

Once you have a few names, take the time to read the reviews and see what others have to say. Make sure you hire someone who is in good standing and can help you achieve the look you want. We know we’re a good option for you, but we want you to know! We believe in customer satisfaction, and we are not afraid to challenge ourselves.

Do Your Research

When it comes to interior decorating in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR, you can’t just hire the first interior designer who comes along to help you. Therefore, you should do your research before you hire an interior designer in Delhi NCR. Read reviews and compare prices. This will helpyou select a qualified professional that is within your budget.

What to Expect

When you hire an interior designer in Gurgaon, there are a few things to expect. Interior designers can help you with everything from choosing paint and furniture colours to arranging accessories and artwork. However, they usually don’t take on the entire project themselves.

Most interior designers outsource jobs like painting or installing floors in Noida and Gurgaon. So what are they doing? They typically provide consulting services that include design concepts, room planning, colour selection, furniture selection, window treatment, interior finishes, flooring selection and installation, wallpaper removal and installation, floor color matching, andcolour painting to existing samples.


Believe it or not, hiring an interior designer isn’t as expensive as some people think! Before starting a project with an interior designer, make sure they have all the relevant information about what needs to be done and how many man-hours each step of the process will take. Remember that hiring a professional interior designer in Gurgaon can save you money in the long run as it will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Wall insulation | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer


Did you know? 20 to 25% of heat loss in a house is through the walls. The walls are thus the second source of heat loss after the roof. Good insulation is therefore essential.Wall insulation | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer


Wall insulation:

The northern facades of your home should be insulated as a priority since they are the least exposed to the sun, while the western facades, which are more exposed to the most, deserve additional protection because these facades are fact more subject to humidity. Do you want to assess wall insulation and reduce heat loss? Have a thermal assessment done by one of our professionals.

Insulate the walls of a new construction:

Favor the use of insulating materials (so you will not need to add additional insulation) such as:

– Cellular concrete consisting of a mixture of sand, cement, lime and aluminum powder.

– The monomer brick (a terracotta brick with air cells.)

– A timber frame, new wooden houses are naturally well insulated and designed upstream to ensure optimal thermal comfort.

Remember that if you are using cinder block or classic brick, you will need to add insulation. For a house with one or two levels (ground floor and one floor), insulation from the inside is the most economical solution, while for a house with more than two levels, insulation from the outside will be more efficient and profitable.

Insulate the walls of an existing house:

You can choose to insulate your walls from the inside or from the outside. These two techniques have their share of advantages and disadvantages. Here are their main characteristics.

Interior insulation:

Interior insulation is the preferred solution:

– if your exterior cladding or renovation is recent.

– because it leaves the exterior aspect of your house intact (it reduces the living area of ​​your building, however), therefore to be preferred in large spaces.

– because it guarantees good thermal insulation if one remains attentive to the problems of condensation and humidity.

Interior insulation is also much easier to do yourself than exterior insulation. Be careful, however, the situation is complicated if you want to have windows, baseboards or pipes.

External insulation:

This is the preferred solution if:

– your face lift or facade is old . You will be able to do “two in one” by carrying out the cleaning and the insulation at the same time.

– you do not want to reduce the living area of your house, since exterior insulation will not reduce the interior of the house.

– you want unparalleled insulation . It turns out to be excellent and eliminates a large majority of thermal points.

Remember, however, that exterior insulation cannot be carried out without the intervention of a specialized professional and that this also requires administrative authorizations. External insulation should therefore be considered when renovating the facade or when major modifications are required.

The technical solutions available to you:

In the case of interior insulation, two technical solutions are available to you:

– An insulation attached to the walls, then covered with a finish in plasterboard, wood, etc., according to your preference.

– Or composite panels fixed to the wall directly. The advantage? No finishing adding!

In the case of exterior insulation, different options are to be considered:

– A thin coating placed on insulation glued or fixed to the exterior wall.

– A hydraulic coating (mortar) sprayed on a glued or fixed insulation.

– Siding, cladding, insulating plaster, etc.

And how much does that cost?

Interior wall insulation requires less work than exterior insulation, which is why it is cheaper and will cost you around 300 to 600 rupees per square meter, while for exterior insulation you will pay around 300 to 600 rupees per square meter.

Small administrative clarification:

From January 1, 2017, thermal insulation work becomes compulsory in the context of “major” refurbishment work, roof repair or fitting out of premises to make them habitable (decree n ° 2016-711 of May 30 2016). This measure applies to housing, offices , educational establishments, hotels and commercial buildings, on facades made up of “more than 50%” of “terracotta, concrete, cement or metal” (decree n ° 2017 -919 of May 9, 2017, applicable from July 1, 2017).

However, the text provides for exceptions. Do not hesitate to contact one or more insulation specialists listed on our site. They will thus offer you a free, non-binding estimate that will help you find your way around the budget to plan for an interior or exterior, partial or complete insulation of your house. You can also consult the website, the portfolio and various photographs of the projects on which the professional has previously worked before entering with him.

Do not hesitate to consult the professional’s clients in order to have some references. Also discover all our advice and ideas in terms of architecture and interior design in the “Magazine” section. Let’s Interior A to Z together!

Wall insulation | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer

Choosing the best interior wall insulation depends on various factors, including your specific needs, budget, and the climate of your region. Here are some commonly used and effective interior wall insulation options:

  1. Fiberglass Insulation:
    • Description: Fiberglass insulation is made from tiny fibers of glass and is commonly used for interior wall insulation.
    • Advantages: It’s cost-effective, has good thermal performance, and is relatively easy to install. It’s also fire-resistant.
    • Considerations: Proper installation is crucial to avoid gaps that can reduce its effectiveness.
  2. Mineral Wool Insulation:
    • Description: Mineral wool insulation is made from minerals like rock or slag, and it comes in batts or loose-fill form.
    • Advantages: It is fire-resistant, provides good thermal and sound insulation, and is resistant to mold and pests.
    • Considerations: It can be a bit more expensive than fiberglass.
  3. Spray Foam Insulation:
    • Description: Spray foam insulation is applied as a liquid that expands and hardens, creating an effective thermal barrier.
    • Advantages: It offers excellent insulation properties, fills gaps and cracks effectively, and provides an airtight seal.
    • Considerations: Professional installation is recommended, and it can be more expensive than traditional insulation.
  4. Cellulose Insulation:
    • Description: Cellulose insulation is made from recycled paper or cardboard treated with fire-retardant chemicals.
    • Advantages: It’s an eco-friendly option, has good thermal properties, and is effective at reducing air infiltration.
    • Considerations: It may settle over time, requiring additional insulation.
  5. Rigid Foam Board Insulation:
    • Description: Rigid foam boards are made from materials like expanded or extruded polystyrene, polyisocyanurate, or polyurethane.
    • Advantages: It provides high insulation values, is resistant to moisture, and can be used in various applications.
    • Considerations: It may require additional framing to secure the boards.
  6. Reflective Foil Insulation:
    • Description: Reflective foil insulation consists of layers of aluminum foil and a backing material.
    • Advantages: It reflects radiant heat, making it effective in certain climates. It’s also easy to install.
    • Considerations: It’s less effective in colder climates and is often used in conjunction with other insulation types.
  7. Cotton Batt Insulation:
    • Description: Cotton batt insulation is made from recycled denim or cotton fibers.
    • Advantages: It’s an eco-friendly option, has good thermal properties, and is easy to handle.
    • Considerations: It can be more expensive than traditional insulation.

When selecting the best interior wall insulation, consider factors such as your budget, the climate of your location, and any specific requirements you may have, such as soundproofing or resistance to mold. Additionally, it’s crucial to follow recommended installation practices to maximize the effectiveness of the chosen insulation material. Consult with a professional to determine the most suitable option for your specific needs.

Designing with gypsum for a living room involves creating visually appealing and functional elements using gypsum board or plaster. Gypsum is a versatile material that allows for various design possibilities. Here are some popular gypsum design ideas for a living room:

  1. False Ceiling with Cove Lighting:
    • Create a false ceiling with cove lighting for an elegant and modern look. Cove lighting hidden within the ceiling perimeter provides indirect lighting, adding a soft and sophisticated ambiance to the living room.
  2. Geometric Patterns:
    • Design the ceiling with geometric patterns using gypsum board. This can include squares, rectangles, or other shapes that add visual interest and a contemporary touch to the living space.
  3. 3D Wall Panels:
    • Install 3D gypsum wall panels to add texture and depth to one or more walls. These panels come in various designs and can be painted in different colors to complement the overall decor.
  4. Rounded Ceilings:
    • Create rounded or curved sections in the ceiling to break away from traditional square designs. This adds a sense of fluidity and uniqueness to the living room.
  5. Gypsum Cornices and Mouldings:
    • Install decorative cornices and mouldings along the edges of the ceiling. These add a classic and refined touch, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the living room.
  6. Built-In Shelves and Niches:
    • Design built-in shelves or niches using gypsum to display decor items, books, or artwork. This not only adds functionality but also contributes to the overall design.
  7. Gypsum Partition Walls:
    • Create partial walls or partitions using gypsum to define different areas within the living room. This can be especially useful in open-concept spaces.
  8. Backlit Gypsum Wall Panels:
    • Incorporate backlighting behind gypsum wall panels to create a visually stunning effect. This is particularly effective in creating a focal point or accent wall.
  9. Gypsum Columns:
    • Integrate gypsum columns into the living room design to add a touch of grandeur. These columns can be purely decorative or functional, providing structural support.
  10. Ceiling Medallions:
    • Install decorative ceiling medallions around light fixtures or ceiling fans. This classical touch can enhance the overall elegance of the living room.
  11. Layered Ceilings:
    • Design a multi-layered gypsum ceiling with varying heights. This creates depth and can be used to delineate different areas within the living room.
  12. Gypsum Archways:
    • Frame doorways or transition areas with gypsum archways. This adds a touch of architectural interest and can create a seamless flow between spaces.
  13. Customized Wall Designs:
    • Create custom gypsum wall designs, such as intricate patterns, abstract shapes, or even personalized murals. This allows for a unique and artistic expression in the living room.
  14. Gypsum Fireplace Surround:
    • Design a gypsum fireplace surround to complement the overall decor. This can include a mantel shelf, decorative mouldings, or even a minimalist and sleek design.
  15. Floating Gypsum Shelves:
    • Install floating gypsum shelves on walls to showcase decorative items or provide storage. This minimalist approach adds functionality without overwhelming the space.

When incorporating gypsum designs into your living room, consider the overall style, color scheme, and the amount of natural light in the room. Additionally, consult with a professional designer or contractor to ensure proper installation and structural integrity.

To find wall insulation services near you, you can use various methods and resources. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Online Search:
    • Use search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo to search for “wall insulation services near me” or “wall insulation contractors near me.” This will provide a list of local service providers.
  2. Online Directories:
    • Check online directories such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, or HomeAdvisor. These platforms often list local businesses, including insulation contractors, along with customer reviews and ratings.
  3. Local Business Listings:
    • Explore local business listings in your area. These may be available through community websites, city directories, or chamber of commerce websites.
  4. Home Improvement Stores:
    • Visit or contact local home improvement stores, as they may have information about recommended insulation contractors in your area.
  5. Ask for Recommendations:
    • Ask friends, family, neighbors, or colleagues if they have recently used wall insulation services. Personal recommendations can be valuable in finding reliable contractors.
  6. Real Estate Professionals:
    • Consult with real estate agents, property managers, or construction professionals in your area. They may have contacts with insulation contractors and can provide recommendations.
  7. Building Departments:
    • Contact your local building department or municipality office. They may have a list of licensed contractors or provide guidance on finding reputable insulation services.
  8. Trade Associations:
    • Check with local trade associations or organizations related to construction and insulation. They may have directories of professionals in the industry.
  9. Social Media Groups:
    • Join local community or home improvement groups on social media platforms. Ask for recommendations from community members who have recently undertaken insulation projects.
  10. Local Newspapers and Magazines:
    • Check local newspapers, community magazines, or bulletin boards for advertisements or articles featuring insulation contractors.
  11. Home Shows and Expos:
    • Attend home improvement shows, expos, or construction events in your area. These events often feature booths or displays from insulation contractors.
  12. Check Manufacturer Websites:
    • Visit the websites of insulation material manufacturers. They often provide directories or tools to help you find authorized contractors in your area.

When contacting insulation contractors, be sure to inquire about their experience, licensing, insurance, and ask for references. Additionally, obtain multiple quotes to compare prices and services. Choosing a reputable and experienced contractor is essential to ensuring the proper installation of wall insulation in your home.

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