What is the role of windows? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

What is the role of windows? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

What is the role of windows? | Best Interior Designer near me


Windows are one of the indispensable elements to make your home comfortable. The three main roles are “lighting”, “ventilation”, and “view”. Each type of window plays such a role, but each has its own characteristics, so it is important to choose the type that suits the installation location and purpose. This time, let’s take a closer look at the types of windows, their characteristics, as well as glass and sashes.

Sliding windows and casement windows

Sliding windows and casement windows are the most typical types of windows. Since these two types have contrasting ways of opening windows, their characteristics and merits are also different.

The sliding window is the best type for large windows that can take advantage of the wide opening, and the ease of opening and closing and the ease of use that does not get in the way even if furniture or decorations are placed around the window are attractive. On the other hand, casement windows have excellent air tightness, as is often seen in cold regions, and have the appeal of being easy to clean if they open inward and allowing the wind to be taken into the room more if they open outward.

Waist window and sweep-out window

The waist window and the sweep-out window are also contrasting types. As the name suggests, a waist window is a window that starts from the height around the waist, and a sweep-out window is a window that starts from the height of the floor that can be swept out from the window with a broom. The window sill at the height of the waist acts as a handrail so that it will naturally become a waist window when there is no veranda etc. outside the window that opens and closes on the second floor and above, and it is a window that is less likely to fall from the window.

At the same time, even if you put furniture in front of the window, it will not interfere with the opening. On the other hand, the sweep-out window not only allows you to go in and out of the outdoors such as the balcony, but also creates a bright room with a large opening, and you can enjoy the outside scenery even from a low perspective when sitting on mats. It also serves as a window.

FIX window

Generally, windows can be opened and closed, but there are also windows that cannot be opened and closed just by fitting glass, and these are called FIX windows or dead-end windows. Naturally, it will be a window that cannot be ventilated, but instead it will make the room bright with a large glass surface, and even with such a large window there is no risk of children accidentally falling, which is also advantageous for crime prevention. In addition, since it does not open and close, it can be used as a window with a simple and fashionable design with a thin window frame.

Other window types

There are many other types of windows. There are inward and outward windows that improve the ventilation of the house, sash windows that are perfect for fashionable Western-style houses, and sliding windows that are being adopted more and more in recent years. In addition, there are windows that enable efficient natural ventilation in the room, such as ground windows at a low position on the wall near the floor and high windows at a high position, so the features and merits of each window type are good. Let’s grasp and select the window.

Types of window glass

In addition to how to open windows, there are various types of glass itself, and the functionality and design of windows differ greatly depending on the glass. In general, windowpanes made of a single piece of transparent glass called single-plate glass were common, but in recent years when high heat insulation performance has been required for homes, double glazing with excellent heat insulation is used for homes. is increasing.

In addition, opaque glass with irregularities that allows light to pass through and blocks the line of sight, laminated glass with enhanced glass strength and sound insulation, decorative glass with excellent design, colored glass, and retro glass. There are also types such as.

Types of window sashes

The window sash also greatly affects the functionality and design of the opening. The most common was aluminum sashes, but in recent years, resin sashes with excellent heat insulation, wooden sashes that can incorporate the warmth of wood into the interior, or the high strength of aluminum and the high heat insulation of resin and wood.

Combined aluminum and resin, and aluminum and wood composite sashes are also available. In addition, there are steel sashes that give you a feeling of the profound feeling of iron, so please choose the type of sash while considering the performance required for windows and the balance with the interior.

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| What is the role of windows? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR |

What is the role of windows Best Interior Designer near me