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Charming windows for a beautiful home

As a social creature we spend a lot of time  outside the home , in connection with our job or business, we go out for a walk or to have fun but whenever we get tired or want to relax our Let’s go home dear. As noble creatures, it is very important for us to have four walls of the house so that we can maintain our privacy.

We all have a long-held desire to have a beautiful home, but along with the beauty of the house, we have to keep in mind some basic and essential things while designing the house so that our house can meet all our needs. The design of windows is also very important in the basic elements of the house. Today in this article of  we have brought for you some wonderful and interesting designs of windows so that you can choose the best and beautiful one according to your home. Be able to choose the design.

Then what are you waiting for! Let’s take a look at these designs.

1. A new way to use a door as a window

2. Charming style of installing windows in a triangular wall

3. Sliding doors and windows

4. Large glass windows, in line with modern requirements

5. Beautiful style of glass windows instead of wall, this trend has become common nowadays.

6. Modern design to use the door in the style of a window

7. Charming country style windows

8. Charming design of traditional windows enhances the beauty of the house

9. Unique window style that enhances the beauty of the yard

10 Beautiful combination of traditional and modern style, unique style of window and door

11. Beautiful beauty of wood, iron and glass, a charming style

12 Standard style of mirror windows covering the wall space, a modern style of living

13 Unique and charming style of flipping windows

14. A beautiful but modern style decorated with columnar glass

15 Charming and traditional style with a rustic style

16. A unique way of presenting the traditional style in a modern way

17. Ordinary but beautiful style of school and college windows

18. What if there is no window in the wall? Unique but modern style of roof window

19 How important is a window for the beauty of the house? You will get an idea by looking at this model.

20 Beautiful selection of large windows to fully enjoy the outdoors

21. Beautiful style of columnar windows with attractive design, which adds splendor to the room.


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  • Changing the interior atmosphere with a sofa cover

The sofa cover plays an important role in protecting the sofa made of fabric or relatively weak material, and plays a big role as an interior element that draws the image of the entire space. It is also a good idea to change the atmosphere of the sofa with various colors and materials depending on the season. So, today, we have collected several ideas to simply change the atmosphere of the room with just a sofa cover. I hope you can get some inspiration by browsing through the cover designs to match your sofa at home.

1. Make your own sofa cover ideas with your favorite fabric

If you like to sew, you can remodel the sofa yourself with fabrics that you don’t use, but of your favorite pattern or color. It is difficult if you think of changing the sofa itself, but it is easy if you think of making a sofa cover to cover the sofa. If you want to create your own design, your own, more than any other product on the market, wouldn’t it be worth a try? If you can make a cushion cover together while doing it, you will be able to show a more complete sofa interior.

2. Cover color to match the newly changed interior

After changing the living room interior, does it feel like the original furniture is playing separately? That’s likely enough. While changing the interior style, it is often the case that concerns arise about furniture purchased to match the existing style. So is the sofa. However, buying a new sofa is too costly, and it is not realistic to throw away a sofa that does not have any functional problems. In this case, we recommend the idea of ​​putting a cover on the sofa in a color and texture that goes well with the newly changed interior style. The same was true for the living room above. To match the calm and elegant image, a soft brown sofa cover was put on, and the cushion was also created with a brown cover.

3. Ideas with fabrics and rugs

A sofa basically contains the concept of a seat. However, in a country that has a floor culture, people naturally sit on the floor without a sofa or chair. In other words, there may be houses with sofas and there may be enough houses without sofas. In that case, you don’t need a sofa cover since you don’t have a sofa. However, you may need small items that cover part of the floor instead of a sofa cover with your favorite fabric, thick rugs, or cushions  . This is because it not only gives a comfortable seating feeling, but also adds a warm and friendly atmosphere to the entire space.

4. Ideas to hang cloth or fabric casually

At first, I introduced the idea of ​​making a new cover by sewing with my favorite fabric. However, not everyone is good at sewing, and some people find it difficult to sew. Is there no way for such people? Not like that. The point of this living room, presented, is indifferently directing it . I showed the idea of ​​a sofa cover by choosing the fabrics or fabrics I like at home and hanging them casually on the sofa. It is indifferent, but the refined feeling is impressive. 

5. If it is a cushion-type sofa, let’s make the cover a combination of two colors.

Not all parcels are designed as one piece. Looking around the Scandinavian-style sofa, it is not difficult to see a design in which the structure is made of light-colored wood, and the seat and back are filled with cushions, as in the living room in the photo. In this case, it’s a good idea to choose at least two colored covers when you first buy them and try to match the backrest and seat in different colors as shown in the photo. It can give a clean and new feeling of space for each season.

6. Let’s use the rug as an element to give points.

If you have a large sofa, it’s difficult to make your own at home unless you’ve actually bought a sofa cover that fits, and it’s hard to find a fabric large enough to drape a little. In this case, let’s change the way of thinking by giving points while changing the texture of the existing sofa. For example, instead of covering the entire sofa, a rug is placed over a portion of the sofa. If the color of the interior space is generally calm, it may be a good idea to hang red or blue rugs that can give a more colorful and strong point.

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