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Interior design ideas and tips for home renovation

Thinking about renovating your home, have you ever thought about the appropriate ways to implement this, and that there are precautionary measures to preserve your home during the renovation period and work in it, and because we care about everything related to your home and its décor, and we help you to get the best results from all your attempts to renew To make your home more beautiful and brighter always, we offer you 23 very important tips for your home before and during the renovation of your home.

Check the size

Always make sure of the different sizes for each element that is added to the house in a new way, such as doors, windows, and furniture as well. It is possible to get a distinctive addition in your home, but it is not compatible with floors, for example, or walls, due to inappropriate courses, especially the height of new doors.

Metals and their polishing

If you have chandeliers or shiny accessories and need to be cleaned and stored during the renovation process, make sure that you choose the appropriate style for them so that they do not lose their shine

Door accessories and hinges.

You have to take good care of protecting door accessories and hinges from paint stains, sanding, and wood residue, as they may damage them during your home renovation.

Different furniture

Store your home furniture in an appropriate way, especially the rooms where the renovations will take place.

Paint cans

You have to keep the paint cans in a safe place so that it will not be damaged or spilled and your money lost.


Assemble your home carpets before starting anything, and make sure it is tied and stored well away from any stains or dust.

Worn things.

Sort out everything that belongs to your home and let go of all that is old and old, to enjoy a home free of clutter, tidy and organized.

Plumbing and mixers.

Make sure your home’s plumbing does not require maintenance, and protect it from stains and scratches during your home renovation by covering and tying it.

Advance plans.

Determine the expected decoration plans in advance, and prepare everything that we will need to implement the required tasks so that we do not fall into the trap of surprises.

Special tools.

Buy special tools that suit your business and plans, or use tools that have been completely dispensed with and turn them into a suitable tool to implement a renovation work.

Unleash your imagination.

Let your imagination run wild and let your children design their bedroom walls as they dream, and add your mark in every corner of your home.

Our old things.

Dispose of your old items properly and prevent the accumulation of clutter and chaos, and there are several ways and means for that, but always make this a major step in the renewal of your home..

Impact of nails..

Examine the walls of your home and find the places for nails, holes and cracks to be hidden, and deal with them in a professional manner.

Suitable materials.

Buy suitable paint materials for each surface. Wood is different from walls, for example, and needs suitable paint material and special treatment.

Create your own..

Feel free to make your own small cupboard that you need in a corner of your house.

Your old furniture.

Renew your old home furniture and use innovative ideas that make it elegant items and special and distinctive decorative pieces.

Fixed colors.

Choose materials and types of paints and fabrics with stable and soft colors that do not cause any harm to your household. It is important to choose on the basis of quality before anything.

Rearrange your cabinets.

Open closed cabinets and private drawers and find out what is in them. You will find forgotten, lost and accumulated things, some important and others that need to be disposed of.


Take care to ensure that all safety factors such as searchlights, first aid and fire extinguisher are available in your home during the renewal period of your home.

Entrance fabrics

Check the sofa fabrics and cover them tightly to keep them away from stains, cuts, and dust.

Sanitary furniture for your bathroom.

It is important to protect your bathroom during the renovation, especially if there are workers in your home, clean it periodically during the renovation process and check it and cover the bathtub well.

Everything is fine..

The transportation process may need a lot of organization, arrangement and assistance in order not to cause any harm to the walls or edges of the furniture.


The floors are the place most susceptible to all of the above from stains, dirt and scratches, and the best solution is to cover them with plastic installed to preserve them, and do not neglect such a step, as it may exempt you from completely renewing it or cleaning it in special and annoying ways ..


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