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Interior Designer in Sector 105 Noida | Best Interior Design Firm

What fabrics can you use in your home?

If the word choosing your home furniture is mentioned, the first thing that comes to our mind is the word comfort. Its beauty, elegance and elegance, and here the fabric materials vary, as the upholstery fabrics suitable for interior design as a whole are divided into two main types (natural and industrial), so today we will address the main types and how we can use them primarily in the design of your home furniture..

The satin..

Satin is a very soft material, which is difficult to use as a basic material for furniture, so we are satisfied with using it in pillows, curtains or changing furnishings.


It is the closest to valor or velvet, but it is more durable than valor, and chamois has become one of the most used and common fabrics in modern furniture, and chamois also gives a wonderful appearance to sofas, but it needs special care in cleaning, so it is necessary to use the brush designated for chamois or it can be wetted. A piece of cloth with a few drops of vinegar to remove stains.


Silks are closer to satin and organza, but they are built and at higher prices, including embossed and with a special texture, and what is also available from them that are suitable for use mainly for curtains, upholstery and covers.

Patterned linen.

It is the most suitable for reception rooms, as it is one of the strongest natural threads, so it is a good material for the manufacture of furniture because of its thickness and soft texture. It also helps to soften the atmosphere. It is one of the materials suitable for the summer season. But it is important to know how to clean it, as it is one of the fabrics that must be washed in cold water to avoid shrinkage. Despite that, there are types of linen that are resistant to shrinkage and can be washed with hot water with ease. So it must be tested.

Cottons and their lightness.

It is one of the most common choices, especially in the living room or the most used spaces, because its prices are affordable, and it is easy to clean and can be easily cleaned with the use of a vacuum cleaner or by soap and water, and it has many colors that suit all tastes..


Chiffon is one of the types of light fabrics, but it has only one use, which is for curtains, and sometimes temporary furnishings. It is easy to clean and is easily washed and reshaped as it was..


It is characterized by strength, longevity and gives warmth, so it is suitable for the winter season. Wool is mixed with synthetic fibers to make it easier to clean. The types of wool are divided into medium wool, which is most used for furniture pieces, while long-staple and coarse wool are used more in the manufacture of carpets. The wool is washed using warm water. And it should be avoided by high heat or fire, as it is easy to ignite.

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