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Stairs are a means of vertical transition between floors of different levels, through a group of smooth and safe steps, transporting users from top to bottom and vice versa. There are many designs and ideas, different tastes and uses, and varied manufactured materials and decorative patterns used, which prompts us to provide you with a quick summary of everything you need to know about the stairs..

What are the types of engineering designs for stairs?

Straight design

This design of staircase designs is one of the most common types in many residential and commercial properties, and this is due to several advantages that we summarize as follows:

Easy to use, i.e. in the process of rising and falling compared to other designs. Easy to build but this also depends on the nature of the design.

The straight staircase only needs to be connected to the upper and lower parts of the house and the design does not require an intermediate structure.

It goes well with homes designed in a minimalist style thanks to its inherent simplicity.

The stair railing of this type is relatively easy to build, and the process of measuring the balustrade is also simpler.

L. Design

This staircase consists of two structures of straight design connected to each other at an angle that is often 90 degrees and forming an L-shape. From this spot, stair users can move to the rest of the upper and lower steps smoothly. The advantages of this type of stair design are as follows:

The design of this staircase is more visually interesting compared to the first type. They provide a visual barrier between floors so you can add some privacy.

Some believe that they are safer than the straight type, based on the fact that emergency falls reduce the damage to the injured person, as he will stop falling as soon as he reaches the transition angle compared to the poor situation when falling on a straight ladder. It has a place to stop and take a break in the ups and downs.

U. Design

Some call this type of stairs the zigzag ladder, and another group calls it the U design, and this is due to the fact that it is based on two parallel structures connected by a third structure that forms an angle of 180 degrees to make the desired shape. This type of staircase is characterized by:

It has an attractive architectural design. It has a place to rest when going up and down.

Spiral design

Many people confuse spiral staircases with curved staircases because both have an arc-shaped design, but the spiral type is more curved than the second type. Spiral staircases are distinguished by their elegant appearance on the one hand and ease of installation on the other.

Curved design

They are not very different from spiral staircases, but they tend to be semi-circular and thus have less curvature than the previous type.

Finishing materials used in the design of stairs


Concrete is one of the most common materials in stair construction, especially the exterior type, and the reason behind this is that it can be molded into the shape you want for your staircase. Curved design as well as spiral type is the usual examples of concrete stairs. The only drawback of concrete is that it does not look visually appealing compared to other materials.

The wood

Wood is one of the most elegant materials to use in building your stairs. It looks visually appealing on the one hand, and there are many shapes and designs to suit all tastes on the other hand, between modern, rustic and traditional.

The glass

To give your home an upscale, ultra-modern look, the material glass staircase will be the most suitable choice for your taste and for your modern home. The material of the glass is no longer delicate and easy to break, as some imagine; Because many materials have been reached that can make glass more strong and durable to be a suitable material for use in stairs and other decorative touches in any home or commercial project. Finally, glass has two drawbacks to consider before choosing to build a staircase for your home, first it requires high maintenance, and secondly it is not safe enough for children.


Despite its elegant appearance and the possibility of forming a metal ladder in a way that suits modern and classic tastes, it has a significant drawback, which is its exposure to corrosion and rust over time, especially in places that suffer from high humidity, which does not make it the best choice for building a private ladder. However, it cannot be denied that metal is a strong material to be used both inside and outside the home. In the end, you can use an expert to design the stairs for your homes.


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