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Staircase | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Design Firm

Staircase | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Design Firm

Things to know to have a beautiful, modern and impressive staircase.

Land is increasingly shrinking, so housing projects, especially in urban areas, are often built with high-rise buildings, so an indispensable element in houses is the stairway. However, not many families pay attention to the decoration and design of the stairs and do not know how to design the stairs beautifully. Here is some knowledge to help homeowners change the look of their house with just the staircase area.

First, let’s learn about the taboos when designing stairs:

– According to the principle of design of stairs on all floors must be uniform as the first floor does not change.

– According to the concept, the stairs belong to the wood, which is the air path to the upper floors. Therefore, the stairs must not be vented and must ensure the ability to cure and conduct air.

– Stairs must have stairs, if there are no stairs, it will release air, affecting the vitality of the house, which is not good.

– Stairs must always be solid and seamless. However, avoid making the stairs too long without a landing.

– Each end of the stairs should have a small setback as an orientation and meeting place for pedestrians.

– The stairs on the ground floor should not go directly to the door, causing inconvenience to use. Fix by placing lightweight partitions, or cabinets. Mirrors can neutralize the stairs overlooking the street.

– For under the stairs, belonging to yin and dark are not convenient to arrange daily activities that are inherently positive and need to be airy.

Stair design materials and ideas

– Wood : It can be considered that wood is the most popular material today because of its advantages such as creating luxury, modernity and solidity for the house, wood if cleaned regularly will always maintain. Glossy and bright. However, like other types of furniture, wooden stairs also need to be checked and cleaned regularly to avoid termites.

– Stone: The stone is taken from nature, polished and polished, so it still retains the unique and natural stone veins without overlapping with any other works. Stone carries positive air, so it makes the house cool. However, note that it is necessary to arrange the interior with reasonable materials to balance yin and yang.

– Iron: Not really popular in the design of stairs, but with a rich variety of designs and affordable prices, artistic iron is very popular with architects in designing stairs. . Tempered glass: Glass stairs bring a modern and youthful look to the house, especially creating the feeling that the house becomes more spacious.

Stair decoration ideas:

– Use potted plants: Putting a pot of bonsai at the foot of the stairs, or at the landings both fills the void and regulates the air in the house and helps the space become more environmentally friendly.

– Hanging pictures: Choose paintings with gentle and deep content rather than vivid and bright pictures. You can hang many types of small pictures, but the same theme creates a new look for the house or family photos. With large paintings will make the house more attractive.

– Wall lights: not only improve the visibility of the picture (if any) and also make walking on the stairs safer as well as creating splendor for the space.

– Create a cozy little reading nook at the foot of the stairs or even make use of the entire space of the stairs to make a bookshelf with a staircase to create something unique and different.

– Stick the wall or draw a picture on the continuation of the stairs.

– Decorating stairs by writing is when you write or stick word decals on the steps of the stairs. Homeowners should stick it on the body of the stairs instead of on the surface of the stairs. This is one of the classic ways to decorate the living room but it is very effective. There are tons of ideas for lettering stairs, you can put blackboards on the stairs and then use chalk to write or draw anything according to the inspiration up the stairs. These types of stairs are extremely effective, especially for families with young children.

Width and cost of stairs design.

– Width: For villas, a wide staircase helps to increase the elegance of the entire building. However, not every home has enough space to do that. A narrow and steep staircase causes danger and difficulty in walking; a staircase that is too wide takes up space. Therefore, for a common house, the stair width from 0.8m – 1.2m is harmonious.

Staircase | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Design Firm

Staircase in our house | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Stairs connect spaces of different heights. The difference is that while corridors horizontally connect spaces with different personalities, stairs weave them vertically. Stairs are an essential design element from the interior space composed of steps to high-rise buildings. Of course, it also coincided with the history of residential space in terms of time.

So, what kind of space is the staircase in our house? Many people use the stairs only as a passing space, and view the stairs as a space to pass by while going up and down the two floors. So, there are many people who do not pay attention to the design of the stairs. As a result, the proportion of stairs in the overall project tends to decrease, and it is apt to become a stuffy and uncomfortable staircase.

Let’s go back down the stairs in our house again. In the meantime, think about whether you’ve been too indifferent to the stairs. Stairs are easy to make into a beautiful space if you pay a little attention. How about a staircase full of light and wind, for example? Make large windows on the stairs to let in light and wind. Alternatively, it is good to create a gallery atmosphere by hanging small paintings.

Here at Interior A to Z, you can complete your stairs with the help of a variety of experts. Even better if it is a staircase that reveals the individuality and taste of me and my family. Let’s gather witty design ideas, look at various construction examples, and take steps to create the world’s most perfect staircase.

What should I pay attention to when designing stairs?

There are a few things to keep in mind when designing a staircase. First of all, there is a certain formula for making stairs. In most cases, a staircase with twice the height plus the width of about 63 cm is said to be a comfortable staircase. If you have been uncomfortable with your stairs for a while, take a ruler and calculate it right now.

Also, unlike ladders, stairs occupy a certain area. A ladder is the only way to go up and down vertically. However, the stairs must follow a certain width as in the formula above. Furthermore, the lamp requires a larger area. Before designing the stairs, check the total area of ​​the house and the type of stairs. Spiral stairs can be an alternative because they take up less space.

The space under the stairs is also easy to miss. Most people use the space under the stairs as a place to hide useless items. However, you can add design ideas to turn it into an open storage space, or decorate a bookshelf and reading space. Take a look at some design ideas that fit your home and let’s be active under the stairs.

And just like other interiors, the staircase should be considered in harmony with the overall space. For example, make sure that the interior finishes and stair materials go well together. The staircase that emphasizes the sophisticated sensibility of modern design is different from the one where you can feel the warm atmosphere of the countryside. Listen to the expert advice and explore the different designs. Here you can ask questions directly to the experts.

What are the legal factors to consider when installing stairs?

In addition to the above precautions, there are many legal factors to consider when installing stairs. In particular, if it is a high-rise building or a space with a large area, it is necessary to carefully check the law applied to the stairs. This is because stairs are the most important escape route in an emergency. Occasionally, as the law changes, there is a situation where separate stairs are installed inside and outside the house.

In addition, for the safety of the occupants, a landing is made in the middle of the stairs with a large difference in height. The stair landing is a place to take a break while going up and down the two floors and a space to prevent accidents. Of course, the standards for installing stair landings vary depending on the nature and purpose of the building. Therefore, the role of experts in reviewing these matters is important.

Stairs are one of the most inconvenient spaces for the handicapped. Therefore, there are buildings that are legally required to install ramps and elevators for their pedestrian rights and convenience, such as public facilities. This is because everyone needs to know in detail that the actual users are during the planning stage of the building. Of course, in places such as evacuation stairs, handrails and handrails must be installed for them.

If the purpose of the existing building is changing or the structure is being changed, be sure to complete the stairs with the help of a professional. He is a person who can analyze space in various contexts and create stairs without problems by reflecting the conditions stipulated by the law. You can find a variety of stair expert’s right here on Interior A to Z.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of spiral stairs?

As mentioned earlier, spiral stairs can be a great alternative to save space. In the spiral staircase, which rotates the stair board around the center column, you can look around the interior space of the house while going up and down. For this reason, spiral staircases are often placed in the center rather than at the corners of the room. In this case, the spiral staircase acts like a work of art.

However, spiral staircases are not the only advantages. For example, a spiral staircase is more inconvenient than a normal staircase for moving large objects. Wisdom is needed to overcome the shortcomings of spiral stairs through various factors such as the scale and width of the stairs. Sometimes it costs more to install, but as a result, a lift may be a better strategy than stairs.

Think about what a staircase will look like for your home. Even if it is not a spiral staircase, you can complete a beautiful and comfortable staircase. You should also consider who is actually using the stairs. If the user has difficulty in moving, the stairs should be removed and a ramp installed.

What material makes the perfect staircase for our home?

No special materials are required to make the stairs. Any solid and stable material can complete the stairs. For example, wood has long been used as a material for stairs. Wood stair boards are great for creating a warm and soft atmosphere. Of course, the stairs finished with an iron frame create an atmosphere of an industrial facility.

Let’s see how our house is structured. It can be of great help in determining the structure and material of the stairs. Let’s use different finishing materials for stairs made of the same material in a house made of reinforced concrete structure. How about creating a warm interior with wooden staircase boards using a natural feel?

Materials play an important role in creating the perfect staircase. Stairs are good for adding points to the overall interior and complementing the shortcomings. How about energizing it with a pop of color and opening large and small openings around the stairs to bring in the scenery of your village? Materials and structures meet together to complete the perfect staircase.

Completing the most beautiful staircase in the world

Everyone wants their home to be the most beautiful and comfortable space in the world. The same goes for the stairs that make up these houses. Let’s challenge the stair design that harmonizes with all interior spaces and harmonizes with each other. It is even better if it is a staircase that reveals your unique personality and reflects the taste of your family.

How about making the most comfortable stairs for you and your lifestyle? If you have small children, consider installing a small slide next to the stairs. Alternatively, the landing can be made wider and decorated as usual. Use the landing as a gathering place for family and neighbors. Wisdom to use stairs effectively.

If you find a stair design you like nearby, it’s a good idea to take a picture right away. Then show it to the experts and apply the idea to your own stairs. The simplest way is to use Interior A to Z right here. Save beautiful stair designs in your own ideas book. Furthermore, let’s communicate directly with experts and challenge the design of stairs in various styles.

Staircase in our house | Best Interior Designer near me

Stairs – architecture and art | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

When we first think about the subject, we tend to think of stairs as simple tools that connect various levels, however, in contemporary architecture, they progressively assume a strong role in the interactivity between space and its elements, connecting us to the outside world.

The stairs, technically called vertical circulation cores, are essential architectural elements in architecture, playing a fundamental role in accessibility to the upper floors of buildings, and are increasingly used as key points in the style designed for spaces, indoors or outdoors.

Well-designed and original stairs are as much technique as art and actually give a lot of style to the house itself, acting almost as a basis for future decoration. Its multitude of eye-catching designs and curious shapes attract the interest of anyone, making them the protagonists of any space!

With regard to shape, we already understand the immense potential that stairs offer… In levels, in spirals, straight lines and much more! There are a large number of stairs designs to choose from.

Also in materials, stairs can vary: – from innovative to more classic materials, stairs also differ in terms of their components.

And let’s not forget the huge variety of handrails, which in themselves are very important additions to the style of stairs.

But stairs are much more than mere structures. Like other spaces, stairs can and should be points to decorate and personalize in your own way.

What types of stairs are there?

As we said before, stairs vary a lot in shape and materials, however we can distinguish some types of stairs, more used and that you can easily see in many homes in our country:

– Straight stairs – are the most common and easiest to find. They have only one flight and allow direct ascent, without changing direction, even if there is a plateau;

– “L” stairs – they are also straight but split on the slope, making an angle of 90º to one side. Usually the division is done with a landing, but it can also be done through fan steps, for a more artistic effect;

– U -shaped stairs – similar to the previous ones, these stairs have, however, an inflection in the opposite direction to the initial one. This change of direction may not be exactly in the middle of the stairs, it may be positioned higher or lower;

– Spiral or spiral staircase – this shape is well known and never goes unnoticed in a house due to its insinuating shapes. It usually has a central axis around which the steps are placed, as if they were spokes. It fits in cramped spaces but can be difficult to use especially for people with limited mobility. They are widely used in accessing attics;

– Curved stairs – similarly to spiral staircases, these also have a undulation, but differ from them by the lack of a central axis. They are complex works, based on combined geometry and forces, and very beautiful, designed specifically for the space where they are inserted.

Can I design my own stairs?

In theory simple and straight stairs, with or without landing are easy to design, and you can find the formulas to do this on many websites and even here on Interior A to Z. Planning is based on simple mathematical calculations, which establish heights and size of steps, but it is not exempt from its own laws and regulations that establish the proportions of the different elements.

In the case of more complex stairs, especially for curved stairs, it is almost impossible to obtain a reliable and safe design without knowledge of architecture.

Our advice is that, regardless of the type or complexity of stairs you want to design for your home, always consult an architectural professional or an interior designer. You don’t want to waste time and money on a building without the absolute certainty of safety and suitability!

How can I make my stairs an impact element in my home?

Due to the architecture itself, the stairs can be the starting point for all the aesthetics that follow, even without any other type of accessories. What does this mean? It’s simple: – beautiful, well-finished and well-lit stairs can make any other accessory seem excessive!

There are stairs that are authentic works of art, and at Interior A to Z you’ll find thousands of images that prove it! From glass stairs that seem to float, modern and futuristic, to authentic carpentry marvels, which bring old knowledge back to life, here you will surely find inspiration to, together with your architect, design the perfect stairs for your home.

But if the budget doesn’t allow for big changes and still want to give a new visibility to the stairs, this is possible without altering the original structure. A new coating for the steps, such as wooden planks, stone slabs, traditional tiles or even combinations of several, will create more visual interest and profoundly alter the appearance of the space. Who says a new coating means a new handrail or simply the application of some accent elements in different colors. With creativity, inspiration, and some work you can achieve spectacular results.

If you want something even simpler you can choose to make a good lighting project for your stairs. In addition to being immediately valued, they will also be safer! And here too, Interior A to Z is the site to explore: – here you’ll find both inspiring stairway lighting projects and the right lighting designers to deliver them.

Stairs – architecture and art | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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