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Hospitality of family and friends is an indispensable ritual during Ramadan, but some traditions surround these obligations that may have disappeared among the new generations. In order for your home to be full of welcome for guests, it does not necessarily mean that you will need a huge budget, but rather you have to follow important steps and invest in some simple ideas and decorations that will be used for many years and seasons, and we have come up with some easy steps and decorations that combine ancient and authentic traditions with modern thought that Our concepts fit the design of our modern homes, which, if followed, will guarantee a delightful hospitality and a perfect gathering in Ramadan this year and every year, let’s get to know them together…

Tablecloths with oriental patterns

For hospitality worthy of the Ramadan atmosphere, the table should appear  with a special decoration, and we are used to seeing bold colors in Islamic or tentacles patterns, but if you want the same festive atmosphere with a more elegant and sophistication touch that suits the design of the table, you should go towards buying such a tablecloth here, which is presented Islamic discussions with an ancient design, but within a group of attractive modern colors and shapes, and they can be used in any celebrations during the year.

Invest in a contemporary plate collection with traditional patterns

The shape and utensils for serving food in Ramadan Iftar has a direct impact on the general atmosphere, and we may neglect this effect or ignore it, so we choose what does not fit in the shape of serving dishes and utensils, and we realize that buying a large group may be expensive, which is not what we aspire to, but rather It can be enough to coordinate side dishes, to serve appetizers and salads in a way that matches the beauty of luxury restaurants. Invest in a group of distinctive dishes with vibrant patterns and colors so that the table appears with a cheerful and different character.

Oriental sitting in the quiet corner of the house

Such a majlis would make the house lively festive with a warm feel, and all you need is some pillows of different patterns and cheerful colors to be able to achieve this wonderful look that the creative designer has achieved  here for the post breakfast session.

Renovated living room

The living room is one of the rooms that may make the house rejuvenate if you make some simple changes in it, and Ramadan decorations have wide choices, but in order to ensure an elegant and modern atmosphere characterized by harmony and festive spirit, you only have to change the pillows, you should not buy new pillows to change the The decoration of the living room in Ramadan, it is enough to change the cover, and this simple idea will not cost much and is practical in use as well.

Ramadan lantern in a new look

The homes of Egypt in Ramadan are not without the lights of lanterns, especially during the times of family gatherings, as they add warmth to the house like no other, but this year, buy the most modern forms of lanterns so that the house will enjoy a warm and elegant climate at the same time, and this choice will last with you for a long time. To become the distinctive mark of the house in the minds of everyone.

Hanging warm festive lighting

Such lighting on the walls or the entrance will turn the house into a place of the pinnacle of splendor, but bearing in mind that the lighting is yellow and warm, free from loud colors so as not to give up the beauty and elegance of the design of the house, and in order to achieve a more distinguished decor, there is nothing wrong with the presence of some elegant candles for a void harmonic.

Furniture in Arabic style and modern color

One piece of Arabic style furniture is able to revive a rich heritage and make the ambiance of the house amazing, but for a more creative look, choose a cheerful color to paint it.

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