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Sofa Set Manufacturers in Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida

Sofa Set Manufacturers in Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida

NCR | Sofa Set Manufacturers in Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida

Sofa Set Manufacturers in Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida

Sofa Set Manufacturers in Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida

Living Room Sofa Set

Every living room’s focal point and the best place to host visitors and spend time with family is the sofa set. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking for the greatest living room sofa set in Delhi to add style and appeal to your living space.

We Strive for Excellence

The leading living room sofa set manufacturer and wholesaler in Delhi is Interior A to Z, and we are dedicated to provide top-notch sofa sets with the best materials, unrivalled designs, colours, and different sizes to suit the needs of our customers. We also work to create living room sofa sets that are tailored to the needs of the customers.

Living Room Sofa Set at the Best Prices

You can rely on us if you’re looking for the greatest living room sofa set maker in Delhi. We provide couch sets of the highest calibre at the most competitive costs in Delhi. Be prompt! Call us to learn how our incredible selection of sofa sets can transform your living area.

Luxury Sofa Set

Are you looking for a classy, sophisticated, and exquisite sofa set in Delhi? By offering the unrivalled best-in-class luxury sofa set, Interior A to Z will satisfy all of your needs. Our selection of luxury sofa sets in Delhi features cutting-edge technology, plush comfort, and distinctive design at the most competitive pricing available.

Wide & Attractive Range of Luxury Sofas

Every client receives a warm and friendly sofa thanks to our skilled craftsmen. You can select one of our luxurious sofa sets based on a wide range of colours, forms, sizes, and other characteristics. Get in touch with us to purchase a custom, luxurious sofa set from us at the best pricing available. We are regarded as one of Delhi’s top manufacturers of luxury sofa sets.

Comfy Yet Stylish

We make sure to supply such opulent couch sets that are pleasant and attractive because we are the leading Wholesale Luxury Sofa Set Suppliers in India. Our well made sofas combine comfort and style. You can rely on us to provide high-end, opulent sofas that are trendy, attractive, appealing, and comfy at reasonable pricing.

Wooden Sofa Set

With our fantastic and distinctive assortment of Wooden Sofa Set in Delhi, you can improve the interior decor of your house and place of business. These wooden sofa sets are made by our specialists with our valued customers’ tastes and preferences in mind. As a result, you can select a wooden sofa set from our wide selection based on your needs.

Beautiful & Attractive Range

In Delhi, India, Interior A to Z is a well-known producer and wholesaler of wooden couch sets. Call us today to see how our chic and expertly built wooden couch sets may give your roomy living space an attractive and striking appeal. Our wooden sofa sets come in a variety of hues and sizes.

High Quality Wood

A variety of wooden couch sets with guaranteed quality are crafted by our knowledgeable and devoted team of professionals. To fulfil the diverse needs of our customers, we employ a variety of materials including rubberwood, teak wood, pine wood, beech wood, and many others. Prepare to beautify your rooms with our unrivalled selection of wood sofa sets in Delhi.

U Shaped Sofa Set

Our sofa set will maximise the space in your room thanks to its magnificent design and U-shaped layout. With our finely crafted U-Shaped Sofa Set in Delhi, you can elegantly arrange your other pieces of furniture alongside the sofa in the space. All of our U-shaped sofa designs have exceptional comfort. We are the top manufacturers of U-shaped sofa sets in Delhi.

High Grade Material for Maximum Performance

Our skilled and dedicated team of professionals use the best materials when creating U-shaped couch sets. All of our couches are constructed from premium materials to give you years of trouble-free use. If you purchase our unique U-shaped sofa set, your large sitting needs won’t ever be an issue.


The well-known wholesaler of U-shaped couch sets in Delhi is Interior A to Z, which also offers these sofa sets in a variety of different configurations to suit the needs of its clients. Our fabric sofas can be made to order in any pattern, size, and colour to best fit your home or business.

Leather Sofa Set

With a high-quality Leather Sofa Set from Interior A to Z Design, you can add elegance to your decor. With a lavish, overstuffed 2 seater leather sofa set in Delhi, add cosy warmth to the room. Choose a stylish and practical sectional sofa to spice up your design scheme. We are among Delhi’s top producers of leather sofa sets. Faux leather, leatherette, and chesterfield-style couches with wooden legs are all part of our luxurious selection of leather sofa sets.

Amazing Designs of Leather Sofa Set

A gorgeous and practical leather sofa set is a terrific addition if you want to maximise the use of your space. Being the most dependable wholesaler of Leather Sofa Sets in Delhi, we provide amazing designs that meet the needs of our clients. You’ll adore our selection of leather sofa set designs.

Crafted from Pure & Fine Leather

We never make compromises when it comes to material. We are aware that purchasing a sofa set requires a long-term investment. To ensure that you receive a leather sofa set of the greatest calibre and durability that will last for many years, we only use pure and exquisite leather.

Combination of Comfort & Style

The Leading Wooden Carved Sofa Set Manufacturers in Delhi, Interior A to Z, makes care to build a couch that is not just for sitting but also cosy, soothing, and has a fashionable appearance. You can trust us if you’re looking for comfort and style when you buy a sofa.

Wooden Carved Sofa Set

To provide each of our customers with the best seating comfort and attractive look, we manufacture and provide a wide variety of wooden carved sofa sets. In terms of wood, colour, size, and finishing options, we also provide customised sofa set solutions. For the greatest wooden carved sofa sets, you can count on us. Because we are reputable Indian suppliers and exporters of wooden carved sofa sets.

High Quality & Durability

When creating these sofa sets, we use wood of the highest quality and take care to give them a more natural appearance through the use of pure natural polishing and finishing. Due to its stunning appearance, superior quality, and exceptional longevity, our carved wooden sofa set is highly sought after by our esteemed consumers.

Sectional Sofas

Visit Interior A to Z to purchase the exquisitely crafted sectional sofas. As a well-known Sectional Sofas, we provide a wide selection of sectional sofa sets in Delhi that come in a stunning range of colours, patterns, and materials. Pick stylish modern sectional couches that go with your interior design to give your house the distinctive and opulent appearance of your dreams.

Ample Seating with Our Sectional Sofas

Create a fashionable and useful seating area for your area. The sectional sofas are an excellent choice for you because they offer enough seating and are perfect for relaxing and kicking your feet up. We are a well-known wholesaler that provides sectional sofas in a range of sizes.

Sectional Sofas in Delhi

For their striking patterns and innovative designs, our produced sectional sofas are recognised. In addition to maximising seating possibilities in bigger areas, our sectional sofas may also be used in smaller spaces, especially when positioned in a corner.

Sofa Couch

We are aware that every person has unique tastes and preferences. Some people love leather, while others favour wooden and fabric. That is why we present a wide selection of full sofa couch sets so that many people may sit in them. All of our sofas have the newest and most creative designs. We are well-known in Delhi as Sofa Couch Manufacturers.

Best Quality at Best Price

We provide high-quality Sofa Couch in Delhi at the most competitive price to ensure that customers are completely satisfied. You may find the best selections for inexpensive sofa couches. Our superior quality and competitive pricing make us the client’s first option.

We are a well-known wholesaler of sofas and couches in Delhi, and we also provide customisation services. Colors, sizes, patterns, and materials are all customizable for sofas and couches. We will offer the exact identical sofa with the precise finishing and quality that you requested.

Antique Sofa Set

Offering a wide selection of Antique Sofa Set in Delhi is what Interior A to Z Decor does. Our furniture is well regarded by our customers and in high demand on the market since these comfy and stylish Antique Sofa Set pieces are beautifully designed and produced in gorgeous designs. Since we are the most reputable manufacturers of antique sofa sets in Delhi, India.

Durability & Perfect Finishing

To achieve a beautiful finish, excellent durability, and resistance to termites while making antique sofas, we only use the best wood available. Our antique sofa sets come in a variety of sizes, designs, and hues. With our wide selection of stunning and enticing antique sofa sets, you can pick the one that best suits you.

We are one of the top wholesale providers of antique couch sets in Delhi, and we make it a point to provide all of our valued customers with the antique sofa set selections. Nowhere else will you discover better antique sofa sets than here. We will give you both, whether you need a single item or a large amount.

Modern Sofa Set

Want to make your space even more stunning? Get our Modern Sofa Set at Interior A to Z Decor, where fashion and style collide. We are the top manufacturers of modern couch sets in Delhi, and our skilled team of designers can create a set that matches your taste.

Furnishing Your Dreams

Our contemporary and modern sofa looks even more striking because to the flexibility of our modern sofa set designs. With years of experience in the sofa set business, we are able to successfully meet the diverse needs of our clients by offering the best selection of modern sofa sets in Delhi that properly complement their interior design and other furniture in the space.

Buy Modern Sofa Set at Budget-Friendly Price

Being one of the leading wholesalers of modern sofa sets in Delhi, we offer a distinctive selection of contemporary and cutting-edge sofa design sets to satisfy a range of consumer needs. The contemporary sofas we offer are reasonably priced. Choose a modern sofa set from our extensive collection to add timeless style to your room.

Royal Sofa Set

Searching for Delhi-based Royal Sofa Set Manufacturers? Elegant royal sofa sets are available from Interior A to Z Decor and are intended for use in modular homes and apartments. We are the top producer and supplier of royal sofa sets, offering the best selection of sets with efficient and prompt delivery.

Polished & Textured Sofa Sets

We provide a wide selection of beautifully crafted and highly finished wooden royal sofa sets at the most competitive prices. Our Royal Sofa Sets are a unique fusion of contemporary and traditional styles. To ensure excellent longevity, our cartsmen use fine quality wood.

We are one of the best wholesalers of Royal sofa sets in India because we never skimp on quality. Our professionals provide high-quality royal sofa sets at affordable prices. If you need royal sofa sets, get in touch with us right now for the greatest prices.

Fabric Sofa

We are Delhi’s top fabric sofa manufacturer and wholesale supplier, providing you with cosy sitting in a variety of colours and styles. If you have kids in your home, you may buy our designed fabric sofa without a second thought because it comes in a variety of covers that can be easily dry cleaned or machine washed.

Fabric-upholstered sofa set designs provide your area appeal. You may live in elegance and comfort thanks to the incredible selection of fabric sofas available from Interior A to Z Decor, Delhi. These fabric sofa sets are built by our skilled professionals with the best frames and upholstery possible to ensure long life.

Want your dream home to have the appearance you want? Make your dream home a reality by selecting a fabric sofa from our wide selection. At Interior A to Z Decor, we put a high focus on customer satisfaction. Give our unrivalled fabric sofa pieces, which are offered at reasonable costs, a try.

Designer Sofa Set

We are able to provide great Designer Sofa Set in Delhi because of our highly qualified and experienced team of professionals. We guarantee to produce sturdy built, correctly designed, and optimal strength sofa sets together with excellent looking and imaginative designs using cutting edge technology, facilities, and advanced machines. Because we are the most dependable manufacturers of designer sofa sets in Delhi.

Searching for Delhi’s top wholesaler of designer sofa sets? You can rely on Interior A to Z Decor to give you the ideal sofa sets to brighten your room. Our artisans employ top-notch materials to create a wide selection of elegant and fashionable designer sofa sets for you. Our artists combine creativity and ingenuity to produce the master components of your sofa set for you.

Get a unique sofa design from our incredible selection of designer sofa sets at a reasonable cost in Delhi. All of the sofa sets we provide are contemporary in style and design. At Interior A to Z Decor, you may choose from a wide range of hues, patterns, and styles that aren’t offered by other designers of sofa sets.

L Shape Sofa Set

Are you trying to find a sofa that won’t take up too much room? If so, an L-shaped sofa set is your best option. The thriving L Shape Sofa Set Manufacturers in Delhi, Interior A to Z Decor, provide a wide selection of L shaped couches that are both comfortable and functional in terms of saving space.

As the premier wholesaler of L-shaped couches in India, we make sure to create the ones that are the perfect solutions for small spaces or decluttered, moderate rooms because they open up space for much more to take place. We at Interior A to Z Decor assist our clients in making a statement and a sense of style.

With our help, you may make your room look more lovely and appealing. L-shape couch sets are also the finest option for you if you require an advanced look and have a large amount of space in your room. To obtain the many L-shaped sofa set designs in various fabrics and colours, get in touch with us.

1/3/5 Seater Sofas

We are heavily concerned in producing and selling a distinctive selection of stylish 1 seater, 3 seater, and 5 seater sofas in Delhi in order to meet the wide range of expectations of our customers. The sofas we have to offer are the perfect if you want extra area in the room to spread out and watch your favourite movies, for example.

Our 1/3/5 seater couches may easily fit in areas with little space and add a posh touch that makes guests take notice of your place.

As a well-known manufacturer and wholesaler of 1/3/5 seater sofas in Delhi, Interior A to Z Decor is aware that every customer has different needs for sofas that fit their area, spending limit, and seating capacity. We provide a distinctive range in order to satisfy each customer’s sofa-sitting needs.

With our high-quality, highly functional one-, three-, and five-seater sofas, we can satisfy all of your couch needs if you’re looking for the ideal sofa for your space. We have couches that are 1/3/5 seaters that not only fit but also look good in your room.

Corner Sofa

The best corner sofa manufacturers and wholesale suppliers in Delhi are Interior A to Z Decor. These sofas maximise available space in any room. You can enjoy in a luxurious seating option from our assortment of corner sofas to unwind and rest. We provide a variety of materials, such as high-quality leather, fabric, velvet, and cord, with our customers’ comfort in mind.

Without sacrificing fashion or variety, we make sure that every one of our clients is as comfortable as possible. You can rely on us to deliver the most comfortable and stylish corner couch in Delhi. So, get moving! With our right- or left-facing corner sofa set, your living room will appear larger.

Everyone congregates on our luxurious corner sofa. In Delhi, we have an amazing selection of leather and fabric furniture with plush extras like plush cushions and thick padding. Select the sizes and styles based on your preferences and needs. Our corner couch is available in distinctive patterns and hues.

Sofa Bed Design

A sofa bed is a need in any living room. You may rely on us if you want a couch bed that converts quickly into a bed. We are the top manufacturer of sofa beds in Delhi, providing the highest-quality sofa beds at the most competitive costs.

Because it transforms quickly into a bed and then back into a sofa to accommodate guests, you may use it as both a sofa and a bed. Any home dcor must unavoidably include a well-made couch bed. Hence, if you have small rooms, take advantage of our sofa bed, which has an added advantage over a regular sofa set.

Our couch beds come in opulent hues and patterns. This sofa bed stands out from other options due to its high quality and longevity. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind sofa bed, Interior A to Z Decor is a reputable sofa bed provider in India where you can purchase your preferred sofa bed set.

Sofa Set Manufacturers in Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida

NCR | Sofa Set Manufacturers in Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida

Sofa Set Manufacturers in Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida

Sofa Set Manufacturers in Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida

Sofa Design ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Interior design firm

Furniture that completes the value of the living room by showing the design responsible for the aesthetics of the living room and convenient functions. Perhaps the most influential piece of furniture in the living room is the sofa. However, it is by no means easy for the general public to dig out both the exterior and the interior at a glance to understand the properties. However, if you choose a product based on its appearance with a light heart, you may regret it forever. From a long-term perspective, physical condition, firmness, shape and scale, material and durability are much more important than aesthetic factors. Learn how to choose a sofa that fits your home, body, and lifestyle, and choose products that are optimized for all conditions. Sofa options that are more difficult than you think, in today’s article, we have compiled 8 tips for choosing a good sofa from experts.

The basic use of a sofa is ‘to sit’. Finding a comfortable sofa to sit on should be your priority. Each person’s physical condition is different, so let’s sit down and move left and right before making a choice. Make sure that when your knees are straight, it comes to a height that is slightly higher than a right angle, so that it is comfortable when sitting for a long time and there is no twisting when moving left and right or back and forth.

If you want a soft and cozy feel, choose a fabric sofa, and if you want to feel cool in summer and warm in winter, choose a leather sofa. Leather sofas are divided into artificial leather (synthetic leather) and natural leather. Although artificial leather is inexpensive, it has the disadvantage of being easily torn or the coated part peels off.

Among natural leathers, buffalo leather is suitable if you want a low price, and cow leather is recommended if you prefer expensive products. Buffalo leather is different in that it is relatively not dense and cow leather has excellent resilience.

Leather quality can be viewed in detail by dividing it into top grain and split. Skin leather refers to the uppermost part of the leather. It has a very natural surface and excellent breathability, making it one of the finest leathers used for sofas.

The inner skin is the underside of the leather. Since it is manufactured by overlaying the designed patterned vinyl on the leather surface, it has the advantage that the surface is sophisticated, even and smooth.

An essential part of a sofa is wood. It is used as the interior material and frame of the sofa, and is largely divided into hardwoods and softwoods.

The hardwood used to make the sofa is a material called hardwood solid wood. It is characterized by high strength and clear ring rings due to its slow growth rate as it grows in the local area. The price is relatively expensive.

Conversely, there are conifers called softwood logs. Because it is a tree that grows in cold regions, it grows quickly and is soft. Because the rings are blurred, they can be easily identified by appearance. It is weaker than hard wood, but it is cheaper, so you can choose it according to which part you focus on.

It is the built-in sponge that is responsible for the comfort of the sofa. The most commonly used sponges for sofas are divided into high-density sponges and chemical sponges. Among them, the high-density sponge has the most rebound elasticity and excellent resilience, so it is evaluated as a high-quality interior material with both seating comfort and durability, and has the highest price.

Chemical sponges, which boast the softest and softest touch, are cheaper than high-density sponges, but are more expensive than other materials. It is the most recommended material for those who prefer a soft sofa because of its good cushioning. However, since it has a low density, the lifespan is shorter than that of a high-density sponge, and once it is turned off, it is difficult to recover.

The marble sponge, which has the lowest price, is an interior material that is compressed after collecting the sponge residues and attaching them with adhesive. When you first sit on it, you may think it is sturdy because it has a firm feel, but if you use it for a long time, the adhesive may fall off and pull to one side. Many people are repulsed by the smell of glue.

If the size of the living room is small, the straight-type sofa is stable, and if the space for the sofa is large, the L-shaped or U-shaped sofa is stable. If there are still empty parts, we recommend a design with a single sofa or chair added. When adding a single sofa or chair alone, it is important to choose a design that harmonizes with the color, design, and height of the central sofa.

When choosing a sofa, you should check the width and width of the wall where the backrest comes from, as well as the overall movement. Choose a sofa that is too large for a small space, or don’t let the armrests protrude too much to get in the way of people passing by.

Fabric sofas should be selected after checking whether the material is waterproof, partially washable, and how to remove contamination from the surface. Since it is not a material that can be easily wiped off like leather, it is no exaggeration to say that its lifespan is determined by its care and washing method. It is recommended that the cover is washable as long as the surface is easily contaminated, or the product has a waterproof function on the inside so that various contaminants do not completely penetrate.

If the back of the sofa is too low or too soft, you may feel uncomfortable as the center of gravity is placed on your knees or legs when you stand up after sitting down. For the elderly or tall people with uncomfortable lower body, the sofa itself has a moderate height to fit the height, and a design with a firm and high back is suitable.

If you like to lie on your back with long legs without feeling uncomfortable using your knees or legs, we recommend a couch with a low sofa itself. Because the view is lowered, the advantage of increasing the open feeling of the space where the sofa is placed can also be utilized.

If you are a single or two-person household, or if you live in a studio, you can choose a sofa bed design that has both a sofa and a bed function to increase space utilization. If necessary, it can be used as a sofa and then lightly unfolded to be used as a bed, making the narrow space much wider and economically efficient. When choosing a sofa to be used as a double bed, it is recommended to visit the store and check the condition of the mattress. For mattress hygiene, don’t forget to choose one that is easy to wash and care for. Lastly, check the location of the sofa you want, and carefully check whether there is not enough space when the sofa is unfolded in the form of a bed, and whether there is any inconvenience in the movement when unfolded.

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