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Decorating mirrors in rooms: tips and tricks for designing with the right wall mirror

Mirrors are placed in all rooms of a house or apartment, whether in the hallway, living room, bedroom or bathroom. The wall mirror is known to be a wonderful decorative object itself. It is therefore all the more important to skillfully stage it.

So it can shine in its full splendor and is also practical at the same time. So the question arises: which mirror fits which room? And how can it be decorated on the spot? The following are tips and tricks for choosing and placing the mirror, large or small, in the hallway, living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Mirror decoration in the hallway

The hallway is often treated as a stepchild to the room layout. There is wonderful potential here to introduce the overall concept of the apartment. The choice of mirror and its placement say something about the other rooms.

A mirror in the hallway should have a practical use, but it can also be viewed as an art object. This allows a design statement to be clearly positioned right from the start.

The mirror wall

The mirror wall makes small hallways appear larger. In addition, storage space can often be hidden behind it.

Floor vases, console tables and other decorations are staged, with less being more . Decorative objects that are placed in front of the mirror surface are finally visible in duplicate.

Restored and embellished with candles

Old and previously somewhat battered mirrors bring a very special charm to the apartment.

This charm is unique, which is why a careful restoration works wonders. The elegance of the original is emphasized and the wall mirror as a work of art gains in importance.

Mirror and statement wallpaper

Sometimes more is actually more. Statement wallpapers and original framed mirrors are for the brave. This self-confidence pays off.

There are combinations that work wonderfully in hallways and warmly welcome your guests. For larger rooms or those in which you want to relax, wonderfully bizarre combinations of colors and shapes may not be suitable.

Mirror and bench

Even if the space available in a small hallway sometimes only allows it to a limited extent, a bench in the hallway is worthwhile. This can be positioned on the same wall as the mirror.

In this way you complete the entrance area in a practical but also in a design-oriented and self-confident way. Coordinate the look of the bench with the look of the mirror and a breath of fresh air blows when you open the front door.

Mirror decoration in the living room

As a rule, wall mirrors in the living room have a purely decorative function. It does not matter whether it is a small or a large model.

Basically, mirrors visually expand the room. The view is opened and a cleverly positioned mirror is perceived as a first-class decorative object .

Mirrors and framed art

Combining a wall mirror with a nest of framed art releases it from its rigid function. If you look into it, you stand opposite yourself, a work of art, next to the drawings and photographs that surround the mirror.

As a rule, a medium-sized mirror should be mounted on the wall at eye level. The exception to this can be the model associated with framed art, which is found playfully at unconventional heights.

Mirror over the fireplace

A classic place for the wall mirror in the living room is above the fireplace. This creates a chimney extension that opens up a view of the room.

Individual decorative objects look wonderfully relaxed when they are draped in front of or next to it. The frame needs your attention, because it subtly picks up on the decorative elements of the antique fireplace surround.

Mirror decoration in the bedroom

In the bedroom, mirrors can be found in both practical and decorative functions. They can be installed in many places and are an asset to the bedroom.

In some cases, mirrors that are too large can be a bit annoying. They should be reserved for the bathroom or dressing room. Medium and small mirrors, on the other hand, complement the bedroom decoration elegantly and comfortably at the same time.

Round mirror over the bed

Round mirrors are trendy. Their organic form depicts renewal and recurrence, and it is also about taking some of the severity out of a room.

Cool and dignified wall colors are loosened up with round mirrors. The room is visually enlarged. Decorating and placing a mirror is about making the bedroom inviting and yet a protective retreat.

Mirror in the dressing room

In the dressing room, a mirror usually has a practical function. The aesthetically pleasing use should not be underestimated. Often you get by with a small amount of space in this area.

Accordingly, it is worthwhile to have a mirror made to measure so that it can be used above the dressing table. Often only a little decoration is required here, as there are utensils on the table.

Mirror decoration in the bathroom

The bathroom cannot do without a mirror. Here it fulfills an important purpose and, moreover, it gives the small space a welcome expanse.

If there is little space, you can change the look of the mirror by taking care of the wall behind it. An extravagant wall design, whether through paint, wallpaper or tiles, can give the mirror and vanity a completely new look.

Mirror above the vanity

Large mirrors are particularly suitable for the space above the vanity. Elegantly lit, they fulfill their function and take a backseat in the process.

The entire ensemble of the bathroom is not dominated by the mirror, but it still offers enough space to be decorated with plants, boxes and other decorations.

Mirrors and ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles in retro style or even reused from an old stock exude a special charm.

They can be combined with simple, frame less mirrors and are particularly effective. This gives the bathroom an individual style that can be continued with the same tiles in the kitchen , for example .

Mirror tiles

Mirror tiles show a portion of extravagance and class. They give the bathroom a special atmosphere, whereby their shape prevents them from looking cool or even sterile.

Basically, it should be noted that mirrors in many forms offer wonderful opportunities to change decorative elements in your home and to redesign them as you wish.

Mirrors aren’t merely useful tools for examining our looks. They are an effective interior design tool. Each room can be visually transformed by the use of mirrors. When appropriately arranged, it expands, brightens, and improves the aesthetics of a room.


You must understand the unique power that mirrors possess. Mirrors are well renowned for giving the appearance of more space. Mirrors placed carefully can provide the impression that the space is larger and more open. Mirrors are useful in small spaces and hallways. You can bounce natural light around the room and give your home’s interior in Gurgaon a sense of depth by hanging a big mirror on the wall next to a window.


Because mirrors reflect light, they can help a room look more spacious if there isn’t enough natural light entering it.

Not only do mirrors reflect natural light, but they may also help enhance artificial light by being placed close to windows or opposite other sources of light. This will brighten the room and give it a cozy, inviting feel. Mirrors can increase natural light, particularly in spaces with few windows.


You’ve probably seen films where the king and queen have a big mirror in their bedroom. Mirrors have long been a symbol of attractiveness and royalty. Mirrors can be used as decorative accents and room focal points. Mirrors with elaborate frames or large mirrors with unusual shapes can act as eye-catching centre pieces.

They create a harmonious and well-balanced composition by reflecting other design components in the room while also adding a visual element of intrigue. One of Gurgaon’s most cutting-edge interior designers is Interior A to Z. Our designers come up with novel and distinctive methods to use mirrors as focus points and aesthetic declarations.


You may give a space depth and dimension by placing mirrors in appropriate locations. A mirror at the end of a corridor can give the impression that it is a longer walk. Mirrors can also be utilized to reflect intriguing architectural details, pieces of art, or pieces of furniture, creating the illusion of a room that is bigger and more complex.


By reflecting and spreading artificial illumination across the space, mirrors can improve it. Putting a mirror behind a lamp or other light source can help disperse the light, resulting in softer, more diffused shadows and a reduction in harsh lighting. This method works especially well in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.


In interior design, mirrors are fantastic instruments for attaining symmetry and aesthetic equilibrium.

You may establish balance and harmony in a room by putting matching mirrors on either side of it. For a touch of elegance and sophistication, symmetrical mirror arrangements look great in bathrooms, over mantels, and in entryways.


Mirrors can serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. A compelling and reflecting show can be made using a number of small mirrors arranged in a gallery wall. Furthermore, mirrors with built-in storage or hooks can perform a double duty by offering a functional way to arrange small items and a pleasing look.

Mirrors have the amazing power to change the way a room looks by bringing depth, light, and visual appeal. You may give a room a sense of space, improve lighting, and add a touch of elegance by strategically using mirrors in your interior design. Thus, don’t undervalue the influence of mirrors in your design process. Accept their adaptability and let them to perform their magic in your house or place of business, reflecting beauty and embellishing places in a way that have never been done before.

In the list of luxury interior designers in Gurgaon, Interior A to Z comes in first place. We are aware of the value of mirrors in decorating. We create areas that enhance your lifestyle and exude luxury. We think that having a well-designed home makes you happier. If you’re seeking for kitchen and living room designers in Gurgaon, you can get in touch with us.

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