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Interior Designer Sector 1 Noida | Best Interior Design Firm

Interior Designer Sector 1 Noida | Best Interior Design Firm

Interior Designer Sector 1 Noida | Best Interior Design Firm

Interior decorating mistakes and solutions

Would we tend to show decorating mistakes while not telling you the way to resolve them? Completely not! And if you’re worrying that the solutions are planning to be expensive, assume again.

We’ve known key decorating errors that interior designers attempt to avoid (from mistreatment the incorrect tub and rest room mats within the lavatory to over-formalizing your living room), also because the fast and straightforward fixes that accompany them, and nowadays we bring you the primary 13. Don’t feel derelict if you’re creating any of those errors at the moment, as several people are. Merely take a glance at our suggestions for fixing them and you’ve got yourself an honest excuse to hit the retailers or to dig out your tools.

Mistake: Pedestal mats for your rest room

Solution: tiny sq. mats.

We all know that might need some fancy toilet pedestal mats; however just in case you haven’t been properly informed: pedestal mats are thought of old-fashioned. Though we tend to perceive that a lot of fancy a touch softness underfoot. They’ll look neat and fashionable!

Mistake: Too many photos

Solution: A gallery wall.

Instead of cluttering up a sideboard with ample pictures and frames, grab those trendy matching frames and obtain all of them au courant the wall. a plan out gallery installation appearance way more modern and chic.

Mistake: Ignoring the doorway hall

Solution: build an enormous statement.

Your hall is your home’ version of a primary impression, so you wish it to be an honest one! Opt for a mode that you simply love and very plan to it.

If you’re up for a much bigger project, why not rely on open-planning the area?

Mistake: Exposed cables

Solution: Electrical organization systems

Having cables and charging leads hanging out all over appearance awful, thus invest in some clever piece of furniture that showing neatness hides away all of your cords.

This table is ideal for a tidy workplace and loses none of the practicality!

Mistake: Out of place themes

Solution: concentrate on key accent pieces.

Rather than attempting to capture a tropical look in your United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland terrace house, continue impactful individual items that nod towards your favorite style.

A feature wall with bright wallpaper would be great, however step far away from the palm trees!

Mistake: obsolete piece of furniture

Solution: New handles.

If your room cupboards have seen higher days or look a touch tired, you may not get to replace them all. Merely opt for new, fashionable handles to administer them a facelift.

You may even swap out a few of doors for glass decorated versions.

Mistake: Unbalanced piece of furniture

Solution: mild symmetry and harmony.

You actually got to rely on the larger furniture things that you simply place in your home, joined chair too several and also the balance of a space are completely lost.

Try and obtain chairs in pairs (we are poets and that we grasp it!) and bigger statement sofas.

Mistake: Keeping one thing you hate

Solution: Get free or replace!

We predict things like step carpet become a bugbear over time. If you didn’t opt for it and it annoys you, get rid! It won’t be the maximum amount of a problem as you think that and you’ll create space for one thing you actually loves.

Mistake: property your lounge feels too formal

Solution: continue elegant, not unapproachable furniture.

Too several hardback chairs or material that appears as if it’ll be broken if you sit there on the incorrect means create a very uncomfortable space.

Strive selecting comfy however elegant seating solutions that welcome you, instead of creating you perch on ceremony.

Mistake: Uncomfortable eating chairs

Solution: opt for classic, engineering science designs.

Why are these eating chairs so uncomfortable? They could look sensible however they positive as hell will hurt the rear once a while!

Instead of selecting a modern design, opt for one thing tried, tested and ergonomic and go wild with the color instead.

Mistake: Visible muddle

Solution: Hidden storage.

We tend to love sneaky storage solutions as they assist to create us appear additional tidy than we are!

This ottoman could be a nice plan for any of you that end up with a messy bedroom at the top of the day as you just elevate the lid Associate in nursing plunk everything inside.

Mistake: Being too matchy-matchy

Solution: Be eclectic.

Having all matching furniture and an excessively plain combination can result in a flat space, thus combine things ups a little. We tend to perpetually assume that a mixture of previous (did somebody say old school rugs?) and new items (such as modern lighting fixtures) work well and add an eclectic edge to your décor.

Mistake: Following trends religiously

Solution: frame your own style.

It’ all alright staying on trend, however you’ll find yourself redecorating your house each year if you are doing it too much. Choose stuff you like and work from there, like selecting tub and rest room mats with complementary colors. You’ll realize that your home evolves a great deal additional organically that way.

Interior style Bonus Fact: the foremost common carpet style is twisted pile

Out there in a much made form of shapes and styles, twisted pile carpets are idolized for his or her aesthetic versatility. Plus, they’re one in all the cheaper ways in which to add soft magnificence to any space.

Accidents happen! However once this menacing statistic, it’s additional crucial than ever to pick out the proper sofa that’s not solely comfy, but conjointly sturdy and straightforward to clean. Opt for a settee that may take a small amount of damage and tear with the years (leather is amazing), particularly if you’ve got an enormous family.


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A very comfortable home with a lot of inspiring details | Gurgaon

A very elegant house that combines classic and modern touches in its decor and interior design, not only that, it also combines all the amenities and has many inspiring details that you might not have paid attention to before.

Large and comfortable lounge

We start our tour of this project with an elegant lounge that combines all amenities, first enjoying a large space carefully divided for more than one sitting and cleverly coordinated through elegant and practical pieces of furniture and decorations.

The hall, as we can see, combines a mixture of classics and modernity. The first is reflected in the carpet that is covered with inscriptions and occupies the largest part of the square, as well as the chandeliers and the round mirror with a gilded frame. The second is embodied in the design of the furniture and the amazing TV unit.. Let’s see it closely in the next picture!

Versatile TV Unit

In the same  room, we meet some very special corners and places that deserve to be mentioned.. One of the most prominent of these corners is an amazing space in the middle of the courtyard, which is a TV unit, a library, and a partition to separate the spaces at the same time, divided between different rooms and used for reading and reading and watching TV at other times! How wonderful and versatile.. You must wish to have one in your home!

Living alone up close

The same conflict is renewed between the classic and the modern. The corner and the coffee table, as well as the curtains, tend to have modern designs, while the classic dominates the scene with the gilded circular panel, the patterned carpet and the old-fashioned wooden wardrobe!

Important details

It’s time to consider another detail of this impressive house.. In this picture we can see a very warm and cozy corner, thanks to the fireplace that occupies another area of ​​the yard we saw earlier.

The fireplace is encased on the outside by a thick and wide frame made of gypsum board that greatly embellishes her look and makes it majestic. Just above the fireplace we glimpse another aesthetic element of a genius black framed and detailed painting mounted to a gray wall that has nothing to do with the classic style we thought was about to conquer the whole house!

More classic furniture

From this angle, you can have a wonderful glimpse into the living space of the whole house or the bio me – if you will – which combines the living room, the dining room, and a third session with antique chairs located at the far right of the hall near the balcony in particular. 

From here, we see more classic furniture taking over the square. In addition to the wooden buffet near the corner, the dining room is joined by its classic table and chairs, as well as the glass and wood cabinet that rests on the modern TV unit.

Linear design kitchen

As we can see in the picture, the kitchen has a linear design as it is located on a straight line and appears to be integrated with the lively area of ​​the house and open to it. The storage space of the kitchen may be limited in the eyes of some, but in fact it is sufficient for the purpose, especially if it is for two newlyweds.

The storage units to the left are adorned with very elegant gray wood shelves adorned with a range of stunning antiques and accessories, some classic, some modern. 

Red in the bedroom

Red is the color that often symbolizes fear and aggression, and this is what makes it uncommon in the field of interior decoration in homes except in simple and limited touches, such as the color of the main lighting unit in the room or cabinet frames, as is the case here, or in paintings installed on the walls. . And so on.

The strange thing is that the dark red color here did not refer to the previous feelings as much as it indicates strength and elegance. This may be due to the use of its dark tone, as well as the use of both white and wood with it as main partners in the room’s decorations and furniture.

Advantages and disadvantages of bathtubs and showers and how to choose them

Recently , when decorating a bathroom, a Western-style dry bathroom with a shower booth installed to prevent water splashing and keeping the floor dry is in the spotlight. The reason is that it is easier to use space than using a bathtub, and it is easier to clean the floor and maintain a warmer temperature. However, pay attention if you are having trouble choosing because you cannot give up the comfortable relaxation that can only be enjoyed in the bathtub. Today’s article provides a guide for anyone struggling between a shower and a bathtub.

Advantages of bathtub

A bathtub is an indispensable piece of bathroom furniture for those who enjoy bathing for a long time. If you soak your body in warm water and listen to music, your muscles will relax to relieve fatigue, and a half-bath in which only the lower body is immersed in the bathtub has great effects on skin care and diet.

Comfortable space

If you are a person who enjoys relaxing in the bathtub for a long time, installing a hinoki bath made of eco-friendly wood or installing a half-bath bathtub as shown in the picture is also a good idea. A comfortable bathtub makes for a more complete relaxation.

Dry bathroom

Interior experts say that recently, inquiries about dry bathrooms with bathtubs are on the rise. The dry bathroom, which keeps the floor dry and creates a warm room, is a style that goes well with the luxurious interior of a European hotel.

Shower booth installation

The purpose of installing a shower booth is to partition the space of the bathroom once more. A wall erected between the shower and the outside facilitates floor cleaning as it prevents water and shampoo from splashing. If the bathroom floor is always wet, it is vulnerable to scale and mold, and the shower booth serves to prevent this shortcoming.

Shower booth precautions

When installing a shower booth, you should pay attention to safety first, but if you use tempered glass or reinforced plastic and attach a film coated paper, you can prepare for the risk of damage. When making a shower booth, a transparent material is usually used, which has the advantage of not blocking the view in a narrow bathroom and creating a much wider sense of space.

Bright space

The bathroom has a fresh and clean feeling. A glass wall was installed halfway to create an independent wet shower space. Since the outside can be managed in a dry type, it is more hygienic and easier to clean.

Bathtub ideas to blow away daily fatigue at once

On a particularly hard day, I long for time to enjoy in a comfortable bathtub. Recently, shower booths are more popular than bathtubs, but if you enjoy a bath that relieves a weary body, you will not be able to give up your precious bathtub. If you are looking for a special bathtub for complete relaxation, take a look at today’s article. Today, we introduce bathtubs and bathroom interiors selected by domestic and foreign bathroom designers.

Ideas that will refresh your room in blue | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Blue is one of the rare colors on which many differ. Blue is considered one of the tones of nature and tones that add a calm character. The blue color has many gradations that can create from each color gradation a palette of separate colors. There are shades of dark indigo blue that create a wonderful fusion with vibrant tones such as yellow and orange And azure and its fusion with neutral and pastel tones.

1- Don’t be afraid to use dark blue on the main wall of the bedroom

In the beginning, we can see how the designer used a touch of blue through this wall with distinctive color details such as the neutral cafe in the design of wood with notes of cashmere and pastel green in some touches of the accessory, the presence of some plants also in green in the details of the room, adding an aesthetic view that also broke the dark color of blue Just be sure to repeat the accent wall color (such as in the curtains or in the rug) to make the design flow.

2- Spaces and their use

Another idea is to take advantage of the cheerful turquoise blue tones in the main room wall and use neutral beige tones with it, such as wood and white also in the rest of the room’s walls, but the really great touch here that created a clear difference was the designer’s use of yellow in some decorative touches in the room.

Take advantage of every available millimetre of space, even if it means repositioning your bed to accommodate an entire corner.

3- Use the color details

Some cheerful color details can create a lively and aesthetic touch with dark blue, such as orange, yellow and green. All these tones can add a touch of joy with dark blue.

The designer used yellow pillows to support this idea in the design, and it was a simple touch, but it really added a lot.

4- Carpet can add a lot

A rug is always an easy way to add flair to a design, and depending on the size of the rug, the scale of the patterns can add visual interest to the entire room, possibly eliminating the need to add embellishments on other surfaces.

Wall-to-wall rugs are ideal for muting sounds and ensuring added comfort. In fact, you can take a look at some luxury hotel rooms, many of their suites are designed with the successful male traveler in mind

5- Use the raw materials

Darker colors call for more luxurious fabrics to enhance the edgy look we’re after. Think classics like wool, linen, heavy silk and high-thread count cotton – all imitating the look of a high-end hotel perfect for today’s modern and successful man.

6- color combinations

While a white room adds light and spaciousness, a colorful room will impress with an energetic and lively atmosphere. Try combinations that work well with lighter tones if you like an aura of calm, but darker tones if you want something a bit bolder – but steer clear of strong contrast.

7- Blue and white

There are many reasons why a nautical theme has been able to stay trendy for so long, and one of them is the great pairing of blues and whites. Whether it’s a winged chair in the corner, bed linens, a floor rug, or an entire color palette, blue is a strong color that gives bedrooms Clean and new finishes.

8- Simple and papery

Keep in mind that the darker blue you choose, the more rich and soulful the look of your bedroom will be, the greater the contrast between blue and white. For a softer, more beach-side look, cross into the calm world of blues and turquoises. Be sure to add your blue and white board with white ceramic, birch wood, and natural materials like rope, rattan, or wicker.

9- Best for bedrooms

A blue bedroom will, according to studies, get you a little closer to the recommended eight hours of uninterrupted sleep and leave you feeling calm too! These are not just rumors, because the receptors in our eyes are more sensitive and harmonious with the color blue. You may also suffer from low blood pressure!

10- Nice Ideas

So, how about turning your bedroom into a sophisticated and large space by crossing over to the darker side of the color spectrum? Navy, charcoal, olive, taupe and even all-black are all popular choices when it comes to flaunting an elegant look, no matter the space.

Ideas that will refresh your room in blue | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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