Interior Designer in New Delhi Best Interior Design Firm 2023

Interior Designer in New Delhi | Best Interior Design Firm | 2023

Interior Designer in New Delhi | Best Interior Design Firm

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Our designers are available to assist in Delhi.

Interior A to Z is the top residential interior designer in Delhi and around Delhi NCR, offering both online and offline interior design services as well as installing modular kitchens. We create inviting, unique, and interesting settings for homes and businesses. Our distinct viewpoint, which has its roots in both art and architecture, exhibits an artist’s eye for color and materials as well as a keen sense of shape and space. We are designers and artists who are here to improve your area beyond your wildest dreams.


Our Delhi space planning services are customized to each client’s unique needs, wants, and preferences. Our interior designers in Delhi go above and above to represent and incorporate our clients’ preferences into a design that hits all the right notes.


We hold the opinion that no two projects are exactly alike and that the details and general design of one client’s space will greatly differ from another’s. Clients frequently have hazy visions and ideas for the designs they seek. For very reasonable interior design consulting in Delhi, get in touch with us.


In Delhi and around Delhi NCR, we supply modular kitchens that give you plenty storage space to create a lovely and well-organized kitchen. A kitchen is thoughtfully and meticulously designed to serve utility, stunning design, and, of course, the delectable food.


For inspiration, we create and IMPLEMENT a variety of elegant, joyful, daring, and artistic ceiling designs. We are here to assist you with cost estimation and false ceiling installation of your choice. Services for false ceilings in Delhi and throughout Delhi NCR.


Before settling on the color scheme that our clients frequently refer to as “Perfect,” we have discussions with them about other color schemes, including monochromatic, triadic, split complimentary, and more. Moreover, we offer house painting services in Delhi.


We include the owner’s distinctive style and personality into every aspect of the design, from the furniture to the soft furnishings, the material choice to the interior architectural layout. With our consultation that addresses the requirements of each area, brighten up your environment. Contact us right away to begin enjoying our first-rate services.

Interior A to Z can help you realize your concept. Our skilled and imaginative staff has been developing the areas that are most significant to you since 2009.

The objective is always the same, regardless of the scope of the project: to showcase your own sense of style. We give you fresh motivation and suggestions while incorporating your favorite aspects throughout each concept we offer. Contact us right away to set up a consultation and experience the Interior A to Z difference. For interior design and modular kitchen work in Delhi and around Delhi NCR, call us right away at 9891050117.

Kitchen with a focus on comfort

The dimensions of the human body, as well as how it moves through and interacts with the various kitchen components, are taken into consideration when designing great kitchens. We ensure that our kitchens are effective in every aspect for each layout.

For Your Home: Amazing Parallel Kitchen Design Ideas

One of your house’s most significant rooms is the kitchen, so you should give it the right form and decor to go with the rest of your home. If you need to maximize the use of your kitchen’s area, a parallel kitchen can be your best choice. In a city like Delhi, purchasing a New kitchen is straightforward, but most people find it challenging to plan the ideal kitchen layout. In order to assist you in setting up a parallel kitchen in your house, INTERIOR A TO Z has created a comprehensive inspiration guide. Here are 12 Interior A to Z parallel kitchen design ideas to get you started.

The elegant parallel white kitchen from De Modular

After rejecting the myth that parallel kitchens are difficult to maintain, homeowners choose for efficient and bright kitchens. A completely white kitchen is the way to go if you want a functional and peaceful space to cook in. White can make your preparation area appear more elegant and make your home appear bigger. If you have a small modular kitchen, Interior A to Z designed White parallel kitchen décor is the best option for you to select.

Use bright colors in your kitchen design

Brightly colored kitchenettes make a striking statement that is sure to catch your guests’ attention. Because bright colors pique people’s appetites, you can utilize them in your kitchen. A modern kitchen with a colorful parallel design will undoubtedly make the entire house livelier.

Traditional parallel kitchen with solid wood

Your kitchen will have a classic and old vibe thanks to the classic appearance of a wood finish parallel kitchen, which also helps to showcase your kitchen accessories. Wood is a great material for your parallel kitchen plan since it is quite sturdy and adaptable. So, if your kitchen has adequate room, you can like to think of a contemporary wooden parallel design that warms your house.

To the parallel kitchen design, include an island

Choose a parallel kitchen layout with an island that looks stunning and requires less room for a lighter atmosphere. The majority of parallel kitchen designs don’t have enough room for an island. For a more open feeling, use a parallel kitchen layout with an island that looks beautiful while taking up less room. If you frequently host guests, a chic parallel kitchen is a great choice.

Cabinetry with fewer handles for a parallel kitchen

The name of this design suggests that all cabinet and drawer doors lack knobs. The handle-less parallel kitchen has a contemporary style but is also straightforward and practical. You get a beautiful and efficient flow of kitchen equipment when you choose a handle-less parallel kitchen design. The finished product is a chic, uncluttered area.

A kitchen in parallel monochromatic style

Although monochromatic kitchen color choices are both traditional and current, creating the look is trickier than you may imagine. Given that black and white is a tried-and-true color combination with endless appeal, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular color schemes for kitchens. If you choose for a completely monochromatic design with black and white kitchen ideas, make one color the main one rather than emphasizing them equally.

Kitchen in parallel, all-black

You can arrange your kitchen using solely black if you want it to be contemporary and fashionable. Dark colors, such as black, are also particularly forgiving of small kitchen spills. Consider using a light tint on the upper cabinets and black on the lower cabinets if you feel that all-black is too daring or overbearing.

The parallel minimalist kitchen’s compact design

Because of its simplicity, your kitchen appears more opulent and beautiful. If you want to maintain your kitchen looking open and bright, take into account a straightforward parallel design. If the cabinets and colors are the main attraction in your modular kitchen, make sure you only keep essentials there. You require a parallel kitchen layout that makes use of the entire kitchen floor area.

A Parallel Kitchen Design That Saves Room

By planning a parallel kitchen, there are several methods to maximize space in a contemporary tiny flat. Selecting one that blends in perfectly with the rest of your house is the key. A dining table with a wooden surface integrated into your kitchenette is a great way to make the most of the space in a smaller house. Who said that only individuals with money may eat in front of a view?

Parallel kitchen with minimal upkeep

Couples with busy schedules who struggle with maintenance will love this kitchen. Simple movement is made possible by the organized storage, which also frees up more floor space. The smooth surfaces of the backsplash tile, quartz countertops, and glossy shutters make them all easy to clean.

Choose a kitchen with a steel parallel design

If you want your kitchen to look ultra-modern, choose contemporary furniture that complements its beauty. Installing stainless steel kitchen cabinets will definitely draw guests’ notice if your kitchen is larger. This layout can make you content and cheerful while also increasing the worth of your kitchen.

An all-natural stone kitchen design

If you’re looking for beautiful countertop options for your kitchen, natural stones are a great option. By adopting a natural stone appearance, your kitchen can become more aesthetically pleasing, opulent, and fashionable. It might be your greatest option if you want to offer your kitchen a distinctive look from other kitchens.

How to Design an Indian Home’s Pooja Room to Comply with Vastu

In a pooja room, a sacred area, we worship God. So, it ought to be a cheerful and tranquil setting. This sacred chamber is a part of your home and a wellspring of good energy. The following ideas can help you design a pooja room for your home.

Choose the Appropriate Direction and Place

Your prayer room should face the north-east, which is considered the divine direction in Vastu theory. These days, pooja rooms are built dependent on the quantity of space provided. Even yet, avoid building it towards the southern direction if at all possible as it is unlucky.

Moreover, the pooja room shouldn’t be situated near to the restrooms or below the stairs. The pooja room should be constructed on the bottom floor of a multi-story house, ideally in the middle. Avoid areas like kitchens, bedrooms, basements, higher floors, and storerooms.

The Optimal Structure of The Pooja Space

The ideal pooja room layout should feature a pyramidal ceiling structure akin to a gopura in a temple. It is believed that this structure will boost the amount of good energy present. A wooden or marble pooja shelf with a pyramid top is an option if you are unable to change the structure of your house. They can currently be found on the market in a wide range of patterns.

The idol’s placement in the pooja room

Your idols and pictures should be kept on the east or west wall of the room. To allow for proper air, water, and incense fragrance circulation, places them a few inches apart from the wall. The idol’s feet should be at chest height while you are seated in the space to pray. Moreover, the idol should be placed so that it faces east or north when someone is praying. As a result, the idol in a home with a west-facing window should be set up against the room’s north or east wall.

Puja Room Organizer

Storage issues arise, particularly when compact homes’ pooja rooms are designed. Religious texts, lamps, wicks, and other accoutrements must all be kept in their proper places so that the pooja room seems tidy and uncluttered, creating a serene atmosphere perfect for worship or meditation. Make sure the storage you build for a pooja room faces south or west so it won’t obstruct the room’s access to sunlight. Moreover, nothing is positioned directly above the idol.

Colors to utilize for the pooja room’s walls and flooring

Since the environment in pooja rooms must be quiet, white and light yellows or light blues work well to produce a serene atmosphere conducive to positive thinking. Light-reflecting coverings make the room appear brighter. Very dark or harsh colors should be avoided because they would disturb the necessary sense of tranquilly in a pooja room. The floors should be made of marble that has a white or cream color.

The illumination in the pooja room

Long durations of meditation and prayer are best performed in an open, well-ventilated pooja room. If it’s not possible to have a natural light source in your pooja room, make sure it is brilliantly lit with LEDs and diyas. At all times, point your diyas in the northeast.

Two-shutter doors constructed of high-quality wood are advised by pooja room door Vastu. The entranceway should also include a barrier. This is done because the pooja room is a sacred space that needs to be maintained free of insects, and the threshold aids in that effort.

Upkeep of the Pooja Room

Maintain a clean, clutter-free pooja area and take out any broken idols or torn pictures. Remember to remove any food served during prayers or bhajans after a while and clean the table with a damp cloth afterward.

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