Ideas to add a modern touch to living | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Ideas to add a modern touch to living | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

When doing the design of the house, we must think of everything from the entrance to the garden, not forgetting any of the nooks and crannies in all the space. Although all spaces are important, the entrance hall and the living room are the most visited places in the house. Where welcome our friends and family. In this way, it is inevitable that more attention should be paid to its design. You can do this in a variety of ways and methods.

If you want a modern style living room and are looking for new ideas to add an elegant touch to  your living room, then you should check out this article, it is full of inspiring designs with the latest trends. And you definitely won’t want to miss watching it. Share with us and discover 11 bright ideas!

2. Unusual shapes

It requires modern space design, adding funky things, different from all other similar things in homes. Nowadays, the market offers a range of decorative pieces, with distinct shapes that are able to give your room a very modern feel. Thus, without major changes, by changing one piece or the other, you can get a wonderful modern design for the living room.

3. Walls with two tones

In general, white usually wins when it comes to painting the walls of a room, because it has many advantages, however, there are other light colors, which are quite bright, and can create a modern space, as in this inspiring example, where two tones are combined. A very cool idea, and you deserve to apply it in your living room.

4. Balance

When we want a modern space, there’s a word we shouldn’t forget: balance. And that applies to colors, furniture, decor, and above all layout. You have to be rigorous in designing your home, and make your choices calmly, to come up with a way to make the best use of your room space while creating a harmonious and elegant environment.

If you need help, you can hire an interior designer, who will have the ability to balance your room in the best way.

5. fireplace

Brings refinement and elegance Although stoves are not a new touch in European decor, it represents an enrichment for the Egyptian living room, especially if it is designed in proportion to the nature of our homes and our climate, you can design it in a modern style, as in this example, and you can use its design to add something It’s romantic and modern on your living room.

6. Colors and lighting

The minimalist style implies a bit of modernity to design a modern living room, as you do not need many items, just a few basic items are enough to give you a functional, elegant and comfortable room. As in this example, where the attention is focused on the light, it is highlighted on the light blue wall of the room, to bet on simplicity.

7. Colors and textures

You have to be careful about the colors and textures in your modern living room items. You can bet on stronger colors, but don’t forget the neutral color palette in the background! You can also enjoy combining textures, and you have a variety of options, whether wool, silk, velvet, or even synthetic materials, so you get a dynamic design and personality, with rugs, pillows or curtains, and most importantly, choose what fits your budget.

8. A wall out of the ordinary

What if we brought something extravagant and unexpected into our modern living room decor? And what if this thing is  a different wall ? An idea, undoubtedly, unexpected, that will attract the eyes of every visitor who comes to your home!

9. Good Lighting Excellence

Lighting costs, both natural and artificial, must be taken into account. Your room should have light that gives it a bright and inviting atmosphere. You can bet on different types of artificial lighting and take advantage of your windows, leaving them bare or choosing light and sheer curtains to let the light in.

10. Furniture Renovation

The modern living room is not only the one that has the latest trendy furniture, on the contrary, there is a growing trend to restore the old furniture and incorporate it into the modern decor. As in the design before us, the furniture was repainted with a beautiful and unexpected yellow.

11. Geometric shapes

Because modern rhyme follows geometry, you can play with shapes, patterns, and completely different parts of their natural state. Like lamps and shelves in the living room. This example is an inspiration worth contemplating and imitating.

Nowadays you’ll hear everywhere the minimalist style which we call simplicity in Urdu and where it involves home decoration the word is usually used as a satire. This is often because most of the people don’t know it properly. We expect this is often the simplest thanks to live. There are many benefits to adopting an easy style, it’s said that a minimalist style strengthens your brain and helps you reach your goals because your brain once you do not have tons of things ahead of you. Rather than trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. And secondly, by adopting simplicity, you avoid tons of unnecessary extra expenses, because simplicity means removing all unnecessary things from you. So this is often not a useful method.

Let us then show you ways to make a divan during which you’ll sit and feel very fresh and calm.

What are the simplest colors for an easy living room?

As we’ve told you before, the only way is to stay your mind from being distracted, that’s to mention, due to the minimal belongings you don’t start thinking of unnecessary things, but to the simplest of your ability. Surf to succeed in your goals. Then we propose using white or light blue. You’ll also use gray or beige.

It is better to avoid using any bright colors as using bright colors will defeat the important purpose of simplicity.

What quite furniture should be used for an easy living room?

The most important thing for a Diwan Khana is that the seating, hence the Diwan Khana is additionally called a living room. So first consider what proportion space you’ve got and the way many of us are in your home who sit together at a time. Then choose the sofas or chairs accordingly. There should even be a table of appropriate size within the front room on which you’ll place small items of food and other necessities. And if you’ve got tons of furniture in your house, even a little shelf is going to be fine for the front room.

How can an easy front room be decorated?

Simplicity doesn’t suggest you create your space uninteresting and boring. So you’ll make it very interesting by placing a couple of decorative items in your front room, like hanging an image or placing a vase. You’ll also create a stimulating style by placing colored cushions on the sofa but attempt to keep the ornamental items to a minimum in order that the straightforward style is maintained.

Can I keep a TV and books during a simple living room?

TV has become a necessity for all folks lately because not only are you connected to the entire world but it also gives you tons of data and ease doesn’t suggest you’ve got to go away the planet alone. Just live life and ease teaches you to measure well during this world. Then you want to keep the TV in your front room, make an honest shelf for it or attach it to the wall.

As far as books are concerned, they’re indicative of your high taste. Books will enhance the design of your front room. So our suggestion is to form a special place to stay your books where you’ll decorate them beautifully.

Also, here are some economical ideas for decorating your front room.

Can wallpapers be utilized in an easy living room?

Why not! Most wallpaper are designed in such how that they provide an easy look to your entire room. If you are doing not want to use wallpaper on all the walls, you’ll use it on one wall. This manner you’ll not lose the impression of simplicity and it’ll not look uninteresting but the most important advantage is that you simply won’t need the other quite decoration after using wallpaper.

Interior design ideas for carpets in living rooms | Gurgaon | Gurugram

The use of carpets in homes, palaces, royal palaces and residential buildings is as old as human history itself. The subsequent article is predicated on modern carpet concepts and therefore the selection of carpets suitable for your home.

The floor that became beautiful

Due to the limited space during this room, the sweetness has been introduced from a replacement angle with the proper combination of carpet and lightweight where appropriate space has been saved in an orderly and orderly manner.


The room is triangular in shape, with a square carpet within the middle, and an out sized enclosure ahead of the windows. The darker color of the carpet seems to be proportional to the color of the ground.

Well mixed

The prominent carpet during this picture is of a mystical color, but the mixture of sunshine and ambiance has given it a replacement dimension.


The carpets during this picture are expensive but soft, elegant and delightful. Carpets of this level are the important highlight of the halls under observation. During this picture, an effort is formed to bring the colors closer to the natural environment, the most point of which is that the carpet.

It’s an honor

All the sweetness of the hall into account is thanks to this carpet. The mixture of color with proportionate lighting and furniture has transformed this setting into a masterpiece.


In this picture, the carpet has been made the focus of an enviable and enchanting artist. If you check out the sun within the background with the table on the carpet, you’ve got to offer a masterpiece.

Living room furniture, tips to choose wisely!

The living room is the most central space in the house and needs a lot of furniture and accessories. It is also a space for families to gather and watch TV together and talk. Therefore, the living room is a place where special attention is paid to the interior and there is a lot of furniture that is specially necessary. The living room, which is a space that can represent the interior style of the whole house and is a free space, has various styles depending on the concept and how the furniture is arranged. Depending on the selection and arrangement of furniture, you can create a living room with a different unique feel, and you can match it with a trendy style. You can choose from a variety of furniture, from basic furnishings to furniture that helps decorate your home. Today, let’s learn tips on choosing living room furniture and create a trendy and comfortable living room that harmonizes with the whole.

Overall harmony

There are some important things to check first before choosing furniture for your living room. It’s about matching the entire living room. It is important to select furniture and match the harmony of the furniture, but it is also very important to establish the overall base before the furniture comes in. For example, trimming the wallpaper or the floor. No matter how nice furniture comes in, if the base is not unified and messy, the interior effect cannot be achieved at all. Therefore, before choosing furniture, it is important to unify the color and style of the wallpaper and finish the installation of the desired flooring. If basic furniture exists, you can choose wallpaper and floors that match the furniture. It’s basically neat and you can make the walls white to match with any furniture. After completing these basic preparations, you can start choosing the furniture you want.

Decide on the furniture concept

An easy way to decorate furniture is to decide on a concept. Of course, you can arrange multiple styles of furniture harmoniously without a concept, but if you have no sense or confidence in styling, it is better to choose one concept. For example, you can use wood furniture as the main furniture style, or take white furniture or black and white as a concept for a modern and chic feeling. If you decide on a concept like this, you can easily find furniture that suits your taste from among many pieces of furniture. In the case of wooden furniture style or white styling, it has the advantage of being able to style the living room without difficulty. Having decided on the basic concept like this, let’s take a look at individual furniture selection.


Let’s take a look at the sofa, which can be said to be the main piece of furniture in the living room. The sofa is located in the center of the living room and is a piece of furniture that provides a little relaxation. Therefore, the choice of sofa is very important. This is because, depending on the style of the sofa, the atmosphere of the living room changes a lot. First, you should consider the size and length when choosing a sofa. You can think of styling first, but if you make a mistake, you can choose a size that doesn’t fit your living room, so you need to think about the space first. If you don’t have a lot of furniture, you don’t need to choose a large sofa, but if you have a large living room, you can choose a large sofa. After considering the size, let’s choose the material. A leather sofa can be used to express luxury, or a fabric sofa can be used to create coziness. You can try a point interior by using a color that matches your home or a sofa with a point color. In choosing such a variety of sofas, it is better to focus on the size and material. It is good to consider durability and whether it can be used for a long time, and also to take care of the sofa. However, recently, there are many cases where the sofa is not the only option. In some cases, you can use a stylish single-seater armchair to fill the space and make your living room more stylish. Also, by installing a table instead of a chair, it creates a living room like a cafe or study. You can fill the living room by installing a sofa, chair, or table according to your lifestyle.


When you spend a lot of time in the living room, there are pieces of furniture that are just as important as the sofa. That’s the table. In the living room, you can eat, drink tea or read a book. In that case, the table is one of the essential pieces of furniture. The best way to choose a table for your interior is to choose one that matches your sofa. It is better to avoid a table that does not match the sofa and that pops out. It is also important to choose the table according to the size of the entire living room. If the living room is too big and the table is too small, or if the living room is small and the table is large, not only does it not look good, but it also makes using the living room inconvenient. Therefore, it is better to choose one that goes well with the overall style and is full of practicality. However, it is not necessary to purchase a standardized table. A small vintage box or suitcase can be used as a table sensibly.


In addition to the table, it would be nice to have furniture that sits on one side of the living room to help you store things. It’s taller than the main table in the living room, so it’s good to put other things or small items on it. You can also use a console table or a small mini cabinet. You can also give points by choosing a style that matches the overall atmosphere of the living room or that pops out. This cabinet can help decorate your living room. This is because it can be a frame for placing flowers, photos, drawings, etc. Not only does it help with storage, but it is also good to have space for decoration. However, the cabinet does not have to be a drawer type. You can also create a storage cabinet by using a shelf with a moderately open feel. You can create a stylish and modern feel by using the shelf in the photo.

TV shelf

Another main piece of furniture in the living room is furniture that can change the style of the living room at once. It’s the TV shelf. The television is another main appliance in the living room. In particular, it catches the eye because it is located in the center of the living room. Therefore, the living room TV shelf can change the atmosphere of the living room. Recently, a simple, modern style using a wall-mounted TV and a single wall-mounted shelf is gaining popularity. However, there are many cases where a sensible TV interior is attempted by arranging several shelves one by one. There are also many cases of making neat shelves with a built-in feel for storage. The TV shelf can also be freely selected from a wooden style or a modern style. As it becomes the main piece of furniture in the center of the living room, it is better to be as careful as choosing a sofa. If you are curious about the various TV shelf styles.

Accessories that harmonize with furniture

Just because the living room is filled with furniture doesn’t mean the living room interior is actually finished. If you have created the overall style you want through furniture, it is important to complete the details through small props. Basically what you can use is a rug that glows when paired with a sofa and table. Rugs can also be created in a variety of styles depending on the material, style, and color. Therefore, if the living room feels a little empty and ordinary, it is good to choose a rug in a unique color. You can also use photos, paintings, and scented candles to revitalize the empty space in your living room. First, if you properly arrange photos, books, and flowers on the table, you can complete the living room interior with a sense of belonging. You can also fill the empty wall by hanging pictures or mirrors on the wall. In this way, you can decorate your living room more beautifully by properly using various accessories that go well with your furniture. it is an ordinary sofa and chair, but it can shine when small items such as a table and lighting are used together. Therefore, proper use of props is very important.

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