How to choose the right rug for each space? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

1. Increase the sizes..

The first step in choosing the right carpet is to raise the dimensions for the entire room, and determine the location of the carpet according to the method of furnishing. If these steps are done in advance before starting to implement the design at all, you will find your way to search for every element easier and your choice will be the most appropriate, and carpets like other elements need To determine everything in advance, its location, required dimensions, the number of expected pieces, and the type and shape of the appropriate material.

2. Make your choices..

The use of the vacuum directly affects your choice of the type of carpet or floor covering in any way, so select the use of the vacuum and your needs to find the choice easier.

3. Room type..

The living room, for example, is different from the salon. The salon needs elegant carpets with artistic value that grab the eye and attract attention, but the living needs practical carpets with cheerful patterns and wonderful ideas. As for the  bedrooms, they need warmth and intimacy, as well as  children , and youth rooms need practical light carpets in the first place.

4. Choices are sometimes open.

Sometimes you may find people who prefer rugs in the  bedrooms and others choose elegant carpets, in this case you may find the options open and you are available to choose with what suits your own taste.

5. The right material..

The material varies from one type to another, as well as the engravings, and all of this is up to you and your own taste. The world of decoration appears every day in it new to provide you with all the ideas that suit your choices, just search well for what you need..

6. Children’s rooms..

Children’s rooms are a special case and require special protection for the child in case of repeated falls to let him practice his hobbies in complete safety, and the carpet is the most common choice for children’s rooms thanks to the comfort and beautiful appearance. In fact, the quality of the carpet has improved thanks to the fibrous tissue that resists stains and abrasion, and it is preferable to cover the floor of a room The child should be covered with a carpet made of cotton or wool, away from synthetic fibers, to avoid the influence of electromagnetic waves.

7. Technical value..

There are carpets of artistic and heritage value as well, your choice of such a special piece requires special treatment, protection and use in an appropriate manner..

8. Handicrafts..

Do not forget to use handmade pieces if you are a fan of such arts, if you have a talent or buy them, they are a great addition to your home in the end..

9. Internal stairs..

At internal stairs, the functional task of carpets is more important than the aesthetic aspect, and your choice must take into account the protection from slipping and falling and a prerequisite for installing them properly..

10. The final touch..

The carpets and curtains are the finishing touches that put it in your design, but contrary to what was inclined to be risked their choice in the end, this is a common mistake soak it all, parallel choices make a coherent and more design beauty ..

11. Round or rectangular rugs.

The geometric shape of the carpet is between straight, square or round, and sometimes we find random designs among the options available if you follow the rustic style, for example, the step of raising the sizes will help you a lot in determining the appropriate carpet in terms of its geometric shape so that it fits in the same space..

12. Favorite type..

In the end, following your favorite style and chosen for the design as a whole is the safest way to choose the carpet. Your favorite type is a dam that you choose based on your own taste and touch, but make sure that it matches the design, whether it is modern, classic or other..

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