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Designing a family gym | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer

Things to know when designing a family gym

In modern life, in addition to the need for clothes, the need for health and beauty is also put on top. However, many people do not have time to go to the gym or are afraid to exercise in crowded places. Therefore, the design of a mini indoor gym is becoming more and more popular. Through this article, professional architects will give you suggestions for you to have modern, beautiful and affordable gyms.

Area of ​​the gym: Depending on the needs and capabilities of each family, the gym will have different sizes, but unlike the Gyms that are opened for business purposes, the area Home gym only needs 20 – 40m2 is enough.

When designing, you should choose airy and quiet rooms such as upstairs or the room on the attic floor of the house. However, make sure the air circulation, ventilation and coolness when designing your home gym. The gym should not be too narrow, too low or cause a feeling of suffocation.

Location of the gym :

Another note is that the gym should be close to the toilet. If there is a swimming pool in the house  , you should arrange a gym next to the pool so that after exercising you can rest and relax. Besides, you should also arrange the gym in an isolated location from other living spaces such as  dining room, reading room… In particular, there should be windows for ventilation, avoiding drafts. and the direction the rain can hit.

Gym floor :

The gym floor is one of the very important factors that make the success of the training session. Wooden or carpeted gym floors will definitely increase the effectiveness of your workout as well as increase the beauty of the room.

Colors in the gym:

For gyms, you should choose warm wall colors that stimulate nerve activity, making you more enthusiastic when exercising. Avoid using too many colors in the room to make the brain tired and uncomfortable. Besides, you should also decorate with potted plants or pictures, encouraging words … both create a feeling of closeness and help you feel comfortable when practicing.

Choosing home gym equipment:

Depending on the training needs and age of family members, different exercise equipment will be installed. However, a home gym is not like a club, you just need to choose a number of compact exercise machines such as treadmills, abs, double barbells, weights, etc. You also need to pay close attention to the selection. The gym floor is firm, avoiding the precarious situation that will cause the exercise machines to shift, making them less effective when exercising.

How to arrange gym equipment:

You can arrange equipment and exercise equipment near the window so that you can breathe fresh air outside right during exercise. Moreover, you should arrange large tools around the window, close to the wall, smaller tools inside will make the room larger and more airy. The middle of the gym should be for the practice of basic limb exercises, everyone’s rest and movement, avoiding affecting others who are practicing. Finally, a large mirror to help you check your body and a weight monitoring scale are items that should not be overlooked.

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