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How to brighten your small bathroom if it has no windows | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Often you have a wonderful house with a good area and an amazing balcony, but it must have one or two flaws, for example the bathroom without windows, so it is dark and boring, or the garden has some flaws such as the small space, but the good news in this matter is that you do not need a window To add sparkle to your bathroom, we’ve gathered tips and ideas from experts if your bathroom is small and windowless.

Add an elegant surprise

Don’t worry if you get rid of the ugliness, you can add an unexpected piece of furniture in the bathroom like a stone, a small chair, or an unusual accessory that shows your personality.

Clean & Luminous Colors

Nice palette, bright-colored floor and walls, things that can influence the look of a room’s size  , and for something even more dramatic, you can count on polished tiles to make the space seem wider.

Enhance color and pattern

If you have the opportunity to implement this idea, you should rely on wallpaper in a glowing color on the walls of your small bathroom for a strong reinforcement of pattern and color. Attractive walls will make you forget the absence of a window, just be sure not to rely on dark colors in the space.

transparent dividers

Small bathrooms don’t need more solid walls because of their special setting, let’s explore with you glass bricks, glass screens, or metal grilles as an alternative to interior partitions, these options will allow you the opportunity to pass and reflect light and ensure a clean and bright appearance.

luminous accessories

Adding some shiny things like sconces with stainless steel tops, industrial style and steampunk are in vogue, which means that metals make waves in bathroom design, such as stainless steel, brushed aluminum, or copper will make your bathroom look shiny.

Draw attention

Take the focus away from the lack of natural light in your small bathroom by focusing artificial lighting on artwork, accessories, and pictures on the walls, it can draw attention away from your small bathroom.

Keep it clean

Ensure that your small bathroom is always clean by removing dust and drying the shower cabin after use, and eliminating unpleasant odors with a pleasantly scented spray.

How to protect our home from mold fungus

The fungus that spreads like a flower blooming on the white tile paper and disturbs the inside of the house will become out of control if not properly prevented from the beginning. In the case of a fungus, it has a structure similar to that of a plant. It is in the form of a hyphae that absorbs nutrients like the root of a plant, and consists of a fungal cap that acts as a seed like a dandelion spore. Once grown, the fungus spreads hundreds to billions of spores into the air. That is why, once mold has formed, it cannot be controlled. Mold problem is not simply a problem that interferes with the interior appearance, but it causes various diseases, which enter the respiratory tract or come into contact with the skin, causing various diseases such as respiratory diseases, skin diseases, and allergies. In particular, during the rainy season, the inside of the house gets damp and full of musty smells, and even mold that settles in between them blooms, disturbing not only health but also the interior.

Causes of fungus

A dark, damp place is a good environment for mold to grow. There are several conditions that cause mold to develop as a type of microorganism that grows in the form of fine threads. The biggest reason for this is moisture . In particular  , the bathroom is the most humid space in the house, and if it is not properly ventilated and dehumidified, it is naturally exposed to mold and bacteria. In addition, the presence or absence of organic matter is important for mold to grow , and the toilet is a space full of organic matter such as various scales and detergent residues. This is why mold grows particularly quickly in the bathroom. The second is temperature . The temperature at which mold is easy to occur occurs when the temperature rises to 20-30 degrees and ventilation is not good. That is why indoor space is always ventilated. In particular, in the case of the bathroom, foreign substances generated from the human body, etc., are accumulated in the bathroom after bathing, and mold occurs together with these substances. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the temperature and humidity, which are the best conditions for mold to grow, in the room to prevent mold from forming. Especially in winter, when ventilation is difficult, or in summer, which is the rainy season, it is a good season for mold to grow.

Damage caused by mold

The damage caused by mold is not just an interior problem. Mold can be fatal to your health, so let’s find out how terrifying black shadow mold can be. Once mold begins to bloom, even white interiors or interiors decorated with colorful wallpapers grow out of control. In particular, mold cannot be easily removed after it has grown to a visible extent. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to prevent mold before it grows to a visible extent. The best way to identify mold is by smelling it first. If there is a musty or musty smell in the room, you should suspect a putrefactive odor caused by mold. Mold causes damage not only to furniture, wallpaper, etc., but also to health. In addition to this, when mold falls on food, the food spoils and the food spoils easily because the mold grows further.

First signs of mold growth

If you can’t see mold, but still smell musty, it’s a sign that mold is growing. As mentioned earlier, it is best to check for mold with the nose, not the eyes. A dressing room with a lot of moisture-sensitive fabric products can become a paradise for mold and bacteria, as well as a musty smell from clothes if you are not careful. It should be completely removed by frequently ventilating or checking the dehumidifier frequently. You can prevent moisture build-up by placing newspapers that are effective in removing moisture like a shoe cabinet in the closet. At this time, it is difficult to get rid of the smell of clothes that have mold even after washing them. In addition, the most common thing that occurs in bathrooms is mold, which is the cause of bad odors, and is also not good for appearance such as bacterial growth. The bathroom is the most humid space in the house, and if it is not properly ventilated and dehumidified, it is naturally exposed to mold and bacteria. As I said before, if you smell musty or black dots start to appear on the white wall, mold has started to grow.

Bathroom dehumidifier

Because the bathroom is a humid and closed space, it is a place where harmful energy tends to gather, so cleanliness and tidying are basic. Humidity control and ventilation are important, but the bathroom is humid and hot and humid. Alternatively, pine cones, readily available at flower markets or forests, have a humidity control function. First of all, fortune trees are usually poured with water in a bowl, but if you want to create an interior, you can also hang them from the ceiling. However, excessive moisture can cause rot, so when immersing in water, the water must be changed frequently. In addition, fresh and clean water is important, so if you use tap water, it is better to keep it indoors for a day or so and use it when it becomes close to room temperature after removing chlorine, which is effective in removing bathroom odors, does not require much sunlight, grows slowly but is easy to manage, and is resistant to pests and diseases, making it one of the easiest plants to grow even for beginners.

Mold threatens the kitchen

In the season of high humidity, especially in winter, when the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors is sharp, it is the best season for mold to grow. Especially dangerous than the bathroom is because it is a place for all the food we put into our mouths. Even if you have made a fresh and clean kitchen, if mold is growing, you are already exposed to sanitary risks and no matter how healthy you cook, it will harm your body. In the case of the kitchen, as in the bathroom, there is a lot of moisture, and also it grows large due to the start of microscopic mold between the tiles. To get rid of kitchen mold, you can put Lax undiluted solution into the sprayer at the silicone joint of the kitchen sink, that is, where the mold has grown, and spray it on the moldy part. After that, do not wipe it off immediately, but cover it for a day and then remove the mold by peeling it off.

Cleaning between tiles

Even where the interior is decorated with various tile patterns, if the moisture is not removed properly, dark mold is easy to grow between the tile gaps. In this case, it should be cleaned frequently by scrubbing with a brush and dried out. All you need to clean bathroom or kitchen tiles is baking soda, citric acid, and water. First, dissolve baking soda in water. After dissolving the citric acid in a separate bowl with water, rub the tiles with a rag or sponge, then rub again with the citric acid solution previously released. And at the end, you can clean the bathroom neatly by spraying it with clean water. At this time, if you use an air purifier together with a dehumidifier as well as removing bacteria and mold, you can see a more certain effect.

A good way to dehumidify

Learn how to dehumidify to get rid of damp spaces that mold likes. If I can tell you two good ways to remove moisture, the first is a charcoal pot with a porous structure (a kind of rock structure and a rock structure with a lot of air holes. The holes are spherical, ellipsoidal, rod-shaped, irregular). Buy two or three and put them in the bathroom, living room, or kitchen in the most humid place. Charcoal is a good item for removing moisture because it has the effect of absorbing moisture when it is high and releasing it when it is low. In addition, it can be reused by washing it well once after using it for 3-6 months and drying it. The second method is to use dried coffee grounds or dried green tea leaves. Prepare an empty bottle, put it in it, and place it in a corner of the room. Also, it is effective in removing odors, so if your clothes smell, you can put them in the closet. It is a good item as it not only removes moisture but also has a deodorizing effect. At this time, it is better to purchase completely dried residues. If you don’t, be careful as mold may form on the contrary.

How to deal with a small bathroom | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

However, a spacious room is always everyone’s dream. Having a spacious bathroom, complete with a wide sink, sophisticated toilet, shower, to a large bathtub, is indeed tempting. But if the problem is dimensional limitations, then you need a solution. Namely by maximizing the appearance of a small bathroom to make it feel more relieved. This strategy can be done in various ways. And its success will be measured by how comfortable a person is when in it, without feeling confined and cramped. Then how? Find inspiration by listening to some of the following small bathroom designs. It’s light, the dimensions of a tiny bathroom don’t require complicated settings. It is enough to select only the most important furniture items and place them appropriately. To fit, determine the size of the furniture that fits the area of ​​your bathroom. Choosing a small toilet and sink size provides the advantage of free indoor mobility. Especially if you can position it parallel to one side only. The main function of the bathroom is as a place to clean yourself. So it’s better if the mandatory furniture in this room is only the most appropriate to perform this function. Showers and toilets, even without a sink, are still able to meet the hygienic needs of all residents of the house. The shower is rated as more efficient than the bath. But if it is still possible to install a bath tub, why not? You just need to choose the most suitable size, then put it in an affordable position that does not interfere with mobility. One of them seemed to be in the farthest corner of the door, tangent to the wall. Thus the remaining area is still roomy enough for other furniture and your space. You can apply this classic tactic anywhere. A room with maximum lighting, especially if it comes from sunlight, will feel more spacious. If your small bathroom is directly adjacent to the outside of the house, provide enough windows to absorb natural light. It would be even better if you could install a wide window, so that the light intake will be maximized. There are no fixed rules regarding its placement. But most small bathroom windows are mounted on the wall closest to the shower or tub position. This application is one way to reduce humidity from the bathroom space. Also at the same time as a ventilation hole, so that unpleasant odors that arise can be immediately replaced by fresh air. The main purpose of this method is to relieve your boredom in a narrow room. A room that uses an attractive blend of colors and interior motifs will evoke a pleasant feeling for someone in it. The bathroom is no exception though. After all, one of the most enjoyable things when building or renovating a house is choosing colors and motifs for decorative items. To give an airy impression, you can apply a matching color or motif between the bathroom furniture and the base color of the walls . This will remove the boundaries of each of your bathroom furniture. Gives the illusion of the eye so that it gives the impression that the room looks wider. At first glance it looks monotonous, but if you uniform the floors and walls in one matching theme, the result is that the room also feels more spacious. This trick disguises the boundaries and corners of your tiny room. Especially if your small bathroom has a bath tub. The game with the same tile motif makes the bathtub look tiny even though its size is quite disturbing for mobility. As in the previous point, this application serves to disguise the boundaries of each item of furniture in your bathroom. Although the dimensions of the room are small, you can still divide the bathroom into two separate areas. Namely, a dry bathroom for just washing your face and defecating, as well as a special wet area for bathing needs. Instead of using a shower curtain or providing a permanent partition, why not replace it with clear glass? Clear glass with a thickness of up to 2 cm is strong enough to be a room divider, without creating the impression of being limited. Because you can still look at every corner of the bathroom without a hitch. If necessary, install a wide, frame less mirror on one of the bathroom walls. This method is still quite effective to give a broad impression in your small bathroom. How to deal with a small bathroom to make it look wider

Unique Bathroom Wall Designs | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

How to make your bathroom unique Guess with us, no matter that bathrooms are small, there must be creative touches in design, add colors, prints, and pictures, to get a wonderful bathroom wall.

In this topic, we offer you expert inspirational ideas for a unique bathroom wall. Are you ready to start our journey with us to add creativity to one of the most important rooms in the house?

Neutral texture

Although the bathroom is neutral it is not boring, the wall is in shades of white, brown, and cream, the tiles are unique, differing in their sizes and dimensions, the small tiles in white are very luminous, the smoothness of the tiles makes them harmonize nicely with each other.

Blood red

The color of the bathroom walls can make it go from traditional to innovative, the red wall takes us to the heart of innovation, the red color is known to be a deep and strong hot fiery color, adding boxes on the wall is a way to break up the red color on the wall, making it look more elegant.


One of the creative ways to decorate the bathroom walls is to use wallpaper on them. It has many advantages and is the most striking thing in the decor.


Gray is a very mature color and is one of the best color to create a minimalist look in the bathroom, the walls here started with white as it keeps the bathroom light and airy and in the middle of the wall lay gray tiles to the floor.

In the shower room, gray tiles lined the wall from the floor to the ceiling, in front of the sink, a large mirror was placed, making the room appear larger. The use of white paint with gray tiles made the bathroom look clean with clear lines.

Classic pastel

The sophistication of the classic bathroom is that it is based on two lovely pastel colors, the majority of the bathroom walls start from the center to the ceiling, and the cream color in the middle is the best way to transition to pastel.

Composite bathroom wall

A very unique idea to add creativity to the bathroom wall is to insert an element with texture, this wall used shades of natural colors, the textured wall starts from the center and extends to the ceiling, ceiling lighting illuminates the wall and makes it more prominent, a pair of framed mirrors are fixed to the wall, which It forms a fulcrum in the room as well.

Minimal design in bright colors

The wall of this bathroom is smooth, modern, and monochrome, a flash of bright color made the room look unique, the wall is made of two types of ceramic with a different texture, the wall above the wooden bench starts with a dark gray ceramic that added maturity to the room, enhanced it a little by the red ribbon The thin, top shelf built into the wall is very interesting, it’s a perfect area to put some vases to decorate the bathroom.

Civilized wall

Brick wall is usually a focal point in  living rooms and kitchen but it can be a really unique way to add personality to the bathroom, this red brick wall extends throughout the room however the wall inside the shower room is extraordinarily unique by using this face painting of this man , which made it a great piece of art in the bathroom, in the end the bathroom has a very modern and grand look.


This wall is a great work of art, the stones are of different sizes and are placed in a way opposite to each other to create a sense of movement.

Tips for an easy-care bathroom | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Always clean despite little cleaning work? This wish seems difficult to fulfill in the bathroom. Especially when many people use the bathroom every day. In order to avoid discussions about who should clean what and when, there are practical solutions for keeping the bathroom clean longer.

The walls. 

Fewer joints, fewer opportunities for dirt to build up. It can be that simple. Large format tiles are better than mosaic in this regard. If you still prefer lively mosaics, you should pay attention to the quality of the grout and, if necessary, have the joints sealed.

The floor. 

Tiles are the most common on the bathroom floor. What applies to the joints on the wall also applies to the floor, of course. A floor drain makes it easier to remove puddles. Special tiles with coving that bend up on one side form an easy-care finish to the wall. By the way, it is better not to use a bath mat, as it is a collection point for dirt. This disturbs the pleasant feeling of the feet at the top and can scratch the floor at the bottom. With under floor heating, walking barefoot in the bathroom without floor mats is more pleasant anyway.

The shower. 

Smooth shower walls are easier to remove water and protect against lime scale deposits. So here too, make sure the surfaces are as smooth as possible. Thought a frame, glass shower walls are easier to care for, as there are fewer grooves and edges on which dirt can collect. A puller ready to hand is also helpful, with which the walls can be freed of water droplets immediately after showering.

The bathtub. 

The bathtub is a difficult subject. After a relaxing bath, it is much more difficult to reach for the cleaning sponge. Therefore, the smooth surface is all the more important here, on which little dirt sticks. In any case, spray the tub with hot water immediately after bathing. Or grab a bathtub with a nano-coating right away. This coating can be applied to almost any surface. Due to their water-repellent effect, liquids such as water or oils, acids or other dirt roll off the surface. Drained water takes away any dirt deposits and makes cleaning easier.

The toilet. 

A critical point when it comes to bathroom cleanliness is the toilet. When hanging on the wall, the floor underneath can be wiped without any problems. The toilet itself should be rimless so that no hidden dirt corners can form. The smoother the surface, the less residue will stick. A good rinse also helps, as does the dish brush ready to hand. Suspended in a holder that matches the bathroom, it is a subtle invitation to be used.

The wash basin.

It’s also easier to wipe under the sink when it’s hanging on the wall. Counter top washbasins that stand on a vanity unit require more maintenance, as puddles can easily form next to the basin. Or dirt accumulates between the washbasin and the base unit, which is difficult to remove. At the top, the sink should be made of one piece. Smooth, hard surfaces are easier to clean. Also think of the odor trap when looking at the bottom. It should be cleaned at least once a year so that the water always drains off well. Better if it’s easily accessible. The process should also be easily accessible. Hair often collects here, which can be removed without any chemicals by simply installing the drain. Both of course also apply to the shower and bathtub!

The mirror. 

Shiny surfaces convey cleanliness. This is especially true for the mirror. Usually it hangs over the sink. There, however, he is exposed to more splashes of water from washing his hands. So why not hang the mirror next door? That may be unusual, but it’ll keep it clean longer. However, this variant is not so well suited for wet razors.

The fittings. 

Wall-hanging and glossy beats and standing on the vanity. If the faucet is on the wall, there is no water streak and a shiny, smooth surface can be wiped off more easily with a soft cloth. Tips for an easy-care bathroom | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR