The nursery - a place to dream Best Interior Designer near me

The nursery – a place to dream Best Interior Designer near me


The nursery – a place to dream

Transform any room into beautiful children’s room, a place where people not only sleep and play, but also provide a warm sense of security. Design, create and let your imagination run wild with all the possibilities that Interior A to Z offers: photos, examples and ideas are an extremely powerful tool in designing a beautiful nursery that children could only dream of until now.


Ideas and tips for the nursery

Let Interior A to Z be a source of inspiration for the design and creation of the children’s room. Whichever style is chosen; classic, modern or perhaps a Scandinavian nursery, using all the photos, examples and ideas available through Interior A to Z, nothing stands in the way of making the design and creation of a nursery a great success. Everything is possible, from decorating a cute baby room to decorating a cool hangout where every teenager will feel at home. The many possibilities can make it seem like a difficult task to come up with a design for a children’s room. Therefore, keep a selection of photos and ideas in the desired style of the children’s room and start building a functional design from that point,


How do I set up a children’s room?

To begin with, it is advisable to first determine which furniture will be in the children’s room. Add furniture sparingly to leave plenty of room to play. It is also advisable to invest in quality children’s furniture, as this will be used intensively and must be able to take a beating. A neutral layout with light colors is the most future-proof option, a children’s room with a neutral appearance can easily be adapted to personal wishes later on by replacing different accessories. It is important to involve children in the design of the nursery; especially teenagers will appreciate this in order to realize their own individual style in the look of the room.


What color wallpaper fits well in a children’s room?

The fact that a girl’s room is always painted pink and a boy’s room is standard equipped with a blue color is no longer so self-evident these days. Inspiration about the choice of wallpaper can be obtained via Interior A to Z, the possibilities are endless.

In addition to wallpaper in the traditional colors, there is also wallpaper available in all kinds of trendy prints and textures. A complete text on the wall or a wall in the form of a world map is original options that can give a child’s room a unique look. For children who like to entrust their artistic excesses to the wall, there is also wallpaper available with the properties of a chalkboard, so that drawing and writing on the walls can be done without any problems. Colors can be applied richly,


What type of floor is useful when furnishing a children’s room?

The ideal floor for a children’s room should be durable and easy to clean. A wooden floor is a good option, it can withstand intensive use and wood also gives a warm and natural look to the children’s room. Vinyl is also an attractive floor covering option, with the added benefit of not being as expensive and time consuming to replace.

Carpet can also be used as a floor covering in the nursery, especially when there is a lot of play. Carpet is the most pleasant surface to play on and at the same time gives the children’s room a soft and homely look. However, the major disadvantage of carpet is that it is more difficult to clean and is less suitable for children with allergies. Combining different types of floor covering is also an option, for example, a wooden floor in combination with a number of loose rugs. Over time, these rugs can be replaced by new ones to give the nursery a new look.


What kind of decor is right for my child?

The most important thing about the design and decoration of the nursery is that it matches the personality and character of the child. The children’s room is not just a space to play and sleep, but also a place that evokes a sense of security and where a child can feel at home. Therefore observe how people react to other places and attributes in the house, and incorporate these elements in the nursery to evoke a feeling of recognition. The combination of recognition and having their own place will make the children’s room a pleasant space, where you can play to your heart’s content.


How do I turn the nursery into a teenage room?

As children grow older, their tastes, desires and personal preferences will also change. Teenagers in particular have the need to express themselves in their own individual style. They will therefore appreciate it very much when they themselves are involved in the transformation of the children’s room into a teenage room.

On Interior A to Z you can find many examples with which a new layout for a teenager’s room can be designed and created together with the children. Replace the childish curtains with sleek and modern ones, add trendy attributes such as beanbags and give the room energy and life with bright contrasting colors. The nursery will be less and less a place to play, but more a space that will be used for homework and study.


What is the best way to furnish a small children’s room?

Smaller spaces can also easily be transformed into a children’s room, but extra attention will have to be paid to the functionality of the room. It is especially important to keep the total floor area as large as possible, so that the possibility to play in the children’s room remains. This can be achieved by efficiently adding storage space to the nursery. Instead of a normal bed, a loft bed or bunk bed can be a useful option, as can storage boxes that can be slid under the bed when not in use. If decorations are added in the small nursery, it is best to attach them to the wall so as not to reduce the total floor space.


What styles for the kids?



The classic style has the great advantage that the children’s room has a neutral appearance with light unique colors, so that this style is suitable for children of different ages. The nursery can easily be supplemented with accessories according to the personal preference of the child, in this way the nursery can grow with the wishes of the child. A children’s room in this style is suitable for both boys and girls, all kinds of accessories can be added liberally according to personal preference.




The modern children’s room is characterized by clean lines and geometric shapes. There are countless examples of this style available on Interior A to Z, photos of modern children’s rooms brightened up with contrasting colors and trendy accessories. The modern style certainly does not have to be too cold and cold to be used for the design of a children’s room, the application of yellow and warm light can also create a sense of security in the modern children’s room. Do not be too minimalist when adding accessories, as long as the lines of the modernist style are not interrupted, additional attributes are a welcome cozy addition




The range of different styles can make it difficult to make a choice in the design of the children’s room. In that case, the eclectic style may be the best option, as it allows the nursery to be composed from all available styles. Bright, modern colors combined with classic accessories, it’s all possible. It is easy to design and create an exuberant children’s room without having to follow all the rules of certain styles. However, it is advisable not to place too many accessories, as this creates the risk that the children’s room becomes too busy and cluttered.




The Scandinavian style is characterized by the use of natural materials, such as leather and untreated wood. Just like in the modernist style, there is a clear play of lines and geometric shapes. For example, a commonly used type of wood is beech, which will give the children’s room a warm and light appearance. The Scandinavian style is suitable for the design of a boy’s room as well as a children’s room for a girl, because of its neutral colors and layout. A children’s room in this style can easily be adapted later, even with minor changes, so that the room can grow with the personal preferences, wishes and taste of the child.

The nursery – a place to dream | Best Interior Designer near me

  • The nursery – a place to dream | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

  • The nursery – a place to dream | Gurgaon | Noida

  • | The nursery – a place to dream | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

  • The nursery – a place to dream | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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