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After a while at home, we may get bored, get used to the shape and placement of the furniture and need to rearrange it. But if it is random and without taking into account the mistakes you might make, the process can turn into a disaster. In this article, we offer you some mistakes to be sure to avoid and get a new arrangement without problems.

1- There is no plan

Changing the location of the furniture randomly without a specific plan may result in wasting time and effort, with a completely unsatisfactory result. Take some time to imagine what you’ll do and figure out how you’ll move the furniture calculated so that it doesn’t get in the way of each other.

2- Inconsistency of furniture

When changing the arrangement of the furniture, it can sometimes happen that the decor loses its coherence due to the different sizes, shapes and colors of the furniture. If you have to, try to harmonize them as much as possible, even if you are going to change the color or textures to strike the balance.

3- Pulling furniture instead of carrying it

One of the common mistakes made by those who move furniture from one place to another is to drag the furniture and not carry it, which causes injuring the floor and the furniture itself, and may even damage the walls. Have someone carry your furniture with you and try to empty the contents of drawers and cupboards as much as possible before moving them.

4- Ignore the visitors

We do not disagree that the comfort of the occupants of the house is the priority when designing it, but when rearranging the furniture, keep in mind that your guests are comfortable and that the new home system is ready to receive them without feeling cramped and random.

5- Preventing light from entering

When changing furniture, it may happen that you block the sunlight and close the window inadvertently, also thinking that it is not that important. Keep the natural light in and also don’t neglect the placement of furniture, which with blocking light can leave unpleasant shadows.

6- Not taking advantage of the transfer opportunity

When you rearrange the furniture, it means that you will be moving a lot of it, so take advantage of that and remove everything that is old and get rid of everything you do not need.

7- Stick to the plan despite the mistake

Even after you come up with a solid plan, after implementation you may find problems you didn’t even consider or better ideas. Don’t get stuck in the initial plan and modify it until the arrangement satisfies you.

The art of choosing living room pillows | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Details always play a role that cannot be overlooked at all. Neglecting a decorative touch or one of the distinctive decorative details in your home can turn the best distinctive designs into a very boring and completely undistinguished design, making you feel that you are in front of the worst design. Among these details, which in turn can create a lot of beauty in your home, are the living room cushions. There are some tips and details for choosing living room cushions and their details, whether they are on the traditional design or the modern design.

Fashionable details

For a touch of modernity in your home, use the details of the small pillows to create a touch of modernity at home. The arrangement of small pillows on the sofa in a contemporary modern design is different from traditional designs. For example, in a modern design, it is preferable to choose an odd number of pillows, such as three or five. It is preferable to use a small number of pillows, but large in size, rather than choosing a large number for small pillows. Size and shape: Square pillows should have a diameter between 45 to 60 centimetres, to be large enough to show the shape of the graphics on the pillow.

Fashionable fabrics

As for the choice of fabrics to design the pillows, if you are going to choose neutral colors and patterns with large and clear geometric shapes, it is preferable in this case to choose fabrics from cotton and linen, these fabrics are very suitable for the modern design in your home, but if you are going to add many colors and patterns on the pillows you can coordinate Between the curtain in the room and its patterns with pillows to avoid crowding the room with colors and patterns.

Think of all the pieces of room furniture

When placing the pillows, think about all the pieces of the room’s furniture. The chair cushions do not have to be the same as the sofa cushions, but focus on their complementary in terms of colors and style. As for the size and shape with regard to the traditional design, there is no fixed rule for that, it depends only on the size of the sofa in the first place, and in most cases, the appropriate size for the pillow ranges between 50 to 55 cm, with an even number of the main pillows, and the addition of some other complementary grooves from squares or smaller circles than large pillows .


Finally and most importantly when choosing to place pillows in the living room, be careful to think carefully about all the pieces of furniture inside the room, that they are all harmonious and harmonious together in the design, and remember that integration and harmony or a detail must be achieved in the design of your living room. The art of choosing living room pillows | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Decorative ideas for the high walls of your home

High walls in the house give a wonderful effect of beauty and give your home a noble look, but many do not know how to take advantage of the high walls in the house and provide the possibilities and details that add to your home the difference. Distinguish yourself and take advantage of those walls in a practical and distinctive way, such as adding a closet, shelves, hanging the ceiling or even placing special decorative touches on the walls, so today we and through this site we will show you the distinctive ideas that you can use the high walls to implement so that your home looks truly a special home.

Hanging ceiling

Suspended ceilings are one of the wonderful decorative touches that create a very effective and dynamic touch in the design of your home rooms, and one of the most advantages that high walls offer you in your home is the ability to design a suspended ceiling very easily and suspend ceilings in different gradations in a way that gives the room a touch of beauty and special elegance. The suspended ones also added a special touch of lighting through the scattered ceiling spots, so we see here in the design of this ceiling that room, the room has high walls and high ceilings, so the designer suspended a spiral ceiling equipped with spotlights of lighting to illuminate the room for you with a touch of warmth and absolute beauty in the evening. It is worth noting that adding spotlights to the ceiling design is not the only option that you can use in suspended ceiling designs, but you can also install ventilation and air conditioning systems in it.

Storage Spaces

If you have high walls, and you feel that you need storage places in your home and do not find enough spaces to do so, let me tell you that one of the most appropriate solutions to create storage spaces in the house is to use high walls, the high ceiling is a wonderful space that you can use as your use of floors, you can make cabinets in The ceiling allows you to store in an ideal and very distinctive way. Here, the designer took advantage of the ceiling and high walls of the house and made a design for a closet attached to the wall in a simple way that allows you to have practical storage places in your home.

Decorative touch

The presence of high walls in your home will allow you to create decorative touches and completely unconventional decorative details and will make you step away from the traditional design of the walls. With the presence of high walls, you will be able to add architectural visual illusions on the walls in different ways that impress in the design of your home and create a unique atmosphere in the rooms. We see here a distinctive design of the walls and ceilings of this high kitchen, which are designed from wood and light fixtures in a warm, dramatic way.

Exploiting heights

Sometimes you will be thankful for the presence of high walls and ceilings in your home. In this case, you will not only use decorations or suspended ceilings to exploit the high walls, but will use ceilings and walls to separate some rooms from each other from suspended ceilings hanging from the ceiling, and distribute the lighting as you want to focus attention on places you want in your home easily.

Artistic details

High walls are the basis for the emergence of some historical architectural styles and special technical details in the decor, so if you are one of those who appreciate art and love artistic details. Let me tell you that the high walls in your home will allow you to practice your hobbies. You can use the high walls to place artistic details, paintings and other decorative touches that will make the walls of your home a special artistic area.

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7 ways to decorate your bathroom

Bathrooms are often narrow because of other spaces. What are some ways to decorate the interior with practicality and beauty? If you want to create a rich bathroom interior, it is good to give it a point with color or accessories. There are ways to try bold colors and textures that are not easily used with tiles , or to decorate with dehumidifying plants needed in the bathroom. In addition, there are ways to select a product with high storage capacity while occupying less space in a bathroom that requires a lot of storage space, or to create a cozy space using mirrors and lighting.

Cleaning for a clean bathroom

Before decorating a bathroom, it is important to clean it. Unlike other spaces, the bathroom is a closed space, so it is easy to have the worst conditions such as mold, dirt, and bad odors. Once mold starts to form, it is out of control. So, let’s learn about simple bathroom cleaning.

When mold and dirt on the bathroom tile wall, soak a kitchen towel in detergent and stick it on the contaminated area, and then remove it when the stain swells. Then, it is good to rub it with a sponge or a loofah, then rinse it off with water. Second, for the water in the shower, dilute it with 1L of water and a cup of vinegar in a large basin, leave it for about an hour, then drain it, remove the scale with an unused toothbrush, and rinse with water. The third is to remove odors from the toilet, dilute half a cup of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar, pour it into the toilet, close the cover, and rub it with a brush or a scrubber. Fourth, how to remove the old grime from the sink. In the case of the washbasin, you can use a toothbrush or dry cloth with toothpaste to wipe it off. Lastly, let’s talk about cleaning the drain hole, which is the cause of the bad smell. The drain hole is a place where all kinds of garbage are collected, so if you don’t clean it in time, it can cause bad smell in the bathroom. In the case of the drain, pour 1 cup of baking soda, pour 1 cup of vinegar and pour hot water when bubbles form.

Flower pots for humidity control

Because the toilet is a damp and closed space, it is a place where harmful energy tends to gather, so cleanliness and tidying are basic. Humidity control and ventilation are important. Since the bathroom is hot and humid, it is better to put dehumidifying plants such as Gwaneumjuk, Tillandsia, Sansevieria, and Lucky Tree. Alternatively, pine cones, which are easily available at flower markets or forests, also have a humidity control function. Let’s take a look at some plant characteristics here.

Fortune wood is usually poured with water in a bowl, but if you want to create an interior, you can also hang it from the ceiling. However, too much moisture can cause it to burn, so you need to change the water frequently when immersing it in water. In addition, fresh and clean water is important, so if you use tap water, it is better to keep it indoors for a day or so and use it when it becomes close to room temperature after removing chlorine. Gwaneumjuk, which is effective in removing bathroom odors, does not require much sunlight, grows slowly but is easy to manage, and is resistant to pests and diseases, making it one of the easiest plants to grow even for beginners.

Shower curtain

Curtains , the main accessory of the bathroom, are one of the economical and easy ways to change the bathroom interior when you can’t easily change it to your liking. Curtains come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can create a different atmosphere depending on which product you choose. At this time, it is important to note that products that are too dark in color or do not transmit light well make the bathroom overall dark, and it is better to avoid dark colors as much as possible. Also, no matter how good the material is, if it is not dried properly after showering, mold will form.

Toilet seat

The toilet seat , an item that can decorate a bathroom as easily as a curtain, is an item that can give a different change to a plain bathroom. If you choose a toilet seat made of soft material rather than sitting on a cold toilet seat, you can not only sit comfortably but also give warmth in the cold winter. There are many products that are as unique as curtains in color and design, so let’s make a unique bathroom by purchasing it according to your taste and concept.

Tile points

Items that can be individually decorated The tile interior is a good space to decorate a closed and narrow space such as a bathroom with a point color or pattern. There are as many different patterns and colors as the point wallpaper, so you can decorate it freely according to your personal taste. A single frame is not fixed, but you can freely connect each desired tile to create a new pattern, or create a single tile with a unified color. The uniqueness of each tile is unique, so you can decorate your own bathroom with a little personality. You can connect various patterns like a puzzle without trivial props to make them a point in the space, and you can also find the fun of creating your own style. In the case of bathroom tiles, it is good to know the bathroom type before installation. There are two types of bathrooms: bathtub type, shower booth type, and powder type. So, after deciding on the bathroom type, you need to choose the finishing materials for the floor, ceiling, and walls. For bathrooms, the size of the construction depends on whether the bathtub or washbasin has been removed and the tile construction method. Tile construction includes coating construction, over-room construction, and demolition construction.However, no matter how good the tiles are, if there is mold and dirt in the stylishly decorated bathroom with tiles. So, the first and most important thing is, of course, cleaning for hygiene and cleanliness. Unlike other spaces, the bathroom is a closed space, so it is easy to have the worst conditions such as mold, dirt, and bad odors. Once mold starts to grow, especially the bathroom is out of control. Let’s find out the cleaning know-how for a clean bathroom.

When mold and dirt on the bathroom tile wall, soak a kitchen towel in detergent and stick it on the contaminated area, and then remove it when the stain swells. Then, it is good to rub it with a sponge or a loofah, then rinse it off with water. Second, dilute the water in the shower by adding 1L of water and a cup of vinegar to a large basin, and leave it for about an hour, then drain it. Then, remove the scales with an unused toothbrush and rinse with water.

Cabinets & Shelves

The bathroom is surprisingly one of the spaces that requires a lot of storage space. A cabinet for towels, clothes, and various toiletries is required. The free space at the bottom can also be used to store other bathroom items. In addition, if you choose a ladder-type towel rack, it uses less space and secures storage space, making it a practical item. At this time, if you choose a product with a ladder-type wooden plank attached, you can put a heavy product on it or use it as a chair. To secure insufficient storage space, attach a small shelf to place flower pots or bathroom accessories, and decorate it cutely to create a natural and atmospheric bathroom.

Mirror & lighting

Mirrors and lighting, which are important accessories in the bathroom, are indispensable items. In the case of a mirror, it is better to use the space efficiently by choosing a product that is attached like a cabinet. In the case of a bathroom, if you use pendant lighting, you can create a different atmosphere with just one lighting, even in the bathroom, which is a limited space. Install pendant lighting that suits your personal taste, but if you install a wall, etc. next to the mirror as an auxiliary, it compensates for the limitations of pendant lighting. When making a bathroom lighting plan, location is the most important thing, and there is a risk of water splashing up to the ceiling. Therefore, it is recommended to use pendant lighting only above the sink or in the powder room, and install a recessed mood lamp above the shower or bathtub. .

Fun bathroom accessories

Even if you choose one bathroom accessory, how about choosing a product that gives fun to your bathroom? Like the product in the photo, the tree-shaped tissue hanger gives a point to the space with a completely different design from the general tissue hanger. It is an item that can accommodate various tissues at once without taking up a lot of space by fixing it on the wall and giving it a uniqueness because it can be hung in the shape of a fruit blooming.

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Teak Wood Furniture

Teak is a popular wood with furniture makers and buyers around the world. Due to the large number of applicants, logging of teak forests is now strictly controlled to ensure a continuous supply of wood and for replanting. What makes teak so desirable?

Teak is a hard wood. It is strong and durable, able to withstand extreme hot and cold weather. While this makes it an excellent wood for outdoor furniture, it also means that the same reasons can make teak durable and weather-resistant, making it more widely used indoors. Its durability means that it doesn’t rot or rot quickly. Using the right type of teak and good quality with large amounts of oil and rubber can produce beautiful furniture that becomes part of the interior of your home. The beauty of the color and type of teak wood makes it one of the most attractive to furniture makers and homeowners. While outdoor teak furniture can be processed into elegant silver gray color elements, teak used for indoor purposes is often oiled to maintain its warm golden color. Its strength is a real plus for furniture designers, who can produce various pieces that might not be worth using other softer woods, it all depends on your choice you have a wider choice of furniture designs using teak than others. The natural benefits of teak, namely strength, durability, warm color, resistance to termites or other damaging elements, make it a very adaptable wood. Its water resistance and tendency to not rot easily have made it a favorite with shipbuilders for hundreds of years and has since been used for a wide variety of furniture, both indoors and on patios . From large dining tables to elegant cabinets and patio furniture, teak has the versatility that today’s furniture makers are looking for. If you have real teak furniture, you really don’t have to worry about rain or sun causing damage. On the other hand, if you buy furniture for the outdoors with the frills of oiled teak or better than teak , there is no guarantee that the wood used is real teak. Some outlets sell outdoor wood furniture with the phrase oiled teak furniture meaning that the wood has been treated with teak oil. This teak oil treatment will wear off over a period of time. In addition, all buyers should understand that this furniture is not real teak wood, although many buyers believe this information. This assumption can arise due to the buyer’s misconception or false information provided by the seller. One of the reasons this can happen is that everyone wants the best price; they want to pay less for a quality product. This makes us often forget to ask questions and do the necessary research as a guarantee when buying, so that we can get the goods as expected. Another popular promotion used by many sellers is “teak-like furniture”. You have to ask yourself what this means. Teak wood contains a high silica content and lasts for about 75 to 100 years when left outdoors to withstand various weather conditions. Teak is the only type of wood that can fulfill this claim. If you are still confused, you can consult with  our professionals so you don’t make the wrong time to buy teak furniture. In principle, one of the most important things in adding a teak wood element to your home is ensuring good space integration. Even expensive and elegant furniture will not have a good appearance if the layout is inadequate  due to errors in arranging the room . To determine the quality of teak wood, first of all, you must pay attention to the wood grain. Basically, high quality teak wood is old wood. In principle, the older the age of teak wood, the cross-section of the boards that can be produced will be stronger and more stable. Wood will not shrink, crack, or warp easily. To determine the age of teak, you need to look at the density of the fibers. Like other types of wood, teak has several layers of cambium that will develop each year. The shape looks like rings and you can see the density if you look at it from the side. The closer together, the age of the wood is certain to be older. That is, the quality of the wood can be said to be good. The second way is to look at the connection of the teak wood planks. If the joints of the boards are wide, it means that the wood used has a large diameter, and large diameter wood means that the wood is old. As previously explained, old wood is of good quality. You may be wondering, what is the width of the connection board that is considered good? It all depends on the quality of the furniture you buy. For example, a table with quality C (standard) has a board joint of 15 cm wide, while a table with quality B (good) is at least 20 cm, and quality A (best) is at least 25 cm. Knots are natural wood defects that can be seen in furniture. Although it looks elegant and natural, the use of knot components should be limited because it can increase the risk of cracking on the surface of the wooden planks. Furniture with the best quality ( grade A) usually only has 5 knots on wide surfaces, 2 points on medium-sized components, and no knots on small components. Those are the three ways to distinguish the quality of teak wood. After reading this article, are you ready to beautify your home by adding teak wood elements?

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