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Bestech Park View Spa Next Interior design Gurgaon

How to separate the rooms of your house without walls

Our needs are constantly changing, and the nature of our use of the spaces of our homes as well, and after years we need a touch of renovation perhaps or to use the available space in a more practical way than it was before, and here the need for an easy-to-implement idea appears without resorting to demolition and construction, experts searched for an easy decorative way that helps you separate and re-divide

Your home and the open spaces in it without any cost or large budget and with little effort and without clutter or the use of sand and cement, and here appeared a group of ideas that we will present to you today as simple solutions that will help you a lot in choosing what is most appropriate for you to separate the rooms of your house without walls..

1. Metal cylinders..

Metal cylinders of equal thickness distributed vertically in parallel, to separate an open space in your home, with a bright, elegant and shiny look that is inexpensive and you can do without it whenever you want..

2. Tempered glass for bathroom..

In your bathroom, you need to create a special shower space. Instead of having to suffer from drying the bathroom after each use, add a heat-treated and moisture-resistant glass divider, and enjoy a wonderful shower room effortlessly..

4. Elegant wooden design..

An easy-to-implement, elegant looking wooden design made of a set of wooden pieces and panels to add a great look and help you re-divide your home inexpensively and without affecting your home space or visually reflecting the narrowness of space after it has been divided..

5. Wooden paravan..

Braves may be used as a decorative piece without practical use or as a necessity in some cases, with the purpose of separating certain spaces without feeling narrow, they are temporary and easily can be moved, moved or dispensed with..

6. glass spacer

A beautifully designed glass wall to give a simple privacy to a dining room away from the open kitchen, this is how the designer thought of a wonderful way to re-divide an open space with simplicity and elegance like no other..

7. Shelves..

Simple shelves DIY it at the lowest cost, arrange your favorite books and decorate them with elegant decorative pieces, and enjoy a new division of your home in an innovative and practical way..

8. Design around the column..

A column that separates the spaces in your home, but without a suitable use or design, take advantage of it by designing a set of hanging shelves in an innovative and distinctive way made of wood.

9. Changing the material used in the floors.

Only you can separate the open spaces visually by changing the finishing material used in the design of the floors, parquet and porcelain, for example, and a real feeling of separating the two spaces is reflected despite their direct connection..

10. Artistic design..

Artistic design with multiple ideas and shapes available in all sizes, sizes, colors and on all styles and models, the world of decoration does not stop in producing such ideas to help you meet your needs easily without worry or fear..

11. Vegetarian separator..

A wooden wall decorated with green plants separates  a living room , kitchen and dining room , creating a different situation inside the house, a new idea for designing your home from the inside with touches of the heart of nature, but be sure to take care of it so as not to cause another crisis..

12. A romantic glimpse…

A romantic glimpse that separates the rooms of your home, a hammock made of distinctive fabric suspended between two spaces to separate them without the need for building or installation, but added a beautiful oriental spirit in dreamy and calm colors..

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