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Bestech park view spa interior in Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm

Gorgeous small bedroom designs

Decorating a small space can be tricky since you do not have a lot of area to work around. However, there is no lack of options when it comes to decorating a small bedroom. Whether you are looking for a modern interior or a traditional one, there are various alternatives available. In case you are looking for an easy way to search for references. Here you will find 10 gorgeous small bedroom designs suitable for homes.

1. Focal wall

Creating a focal wall always helps when you are trying to decorate a small space. Here the designer has opted for an open brick wall which adds a rustic touch to the room.

2. Narrow bedroom

In case you have a narrow bedroom then you can opt for a similar layout style. This way the first half of your bedroom can be used as a sleeping area. Whereas, the second half becomes a study or storage.

3. Modern looking

One of the simplest ways of creating a modern looking bedroom is by opting for an entirely white interior. Apart from this, it also looks well organised and clean.

4. Lights in the wall

Back lights can be added all throughout a room including your focal wall. Here the design has created a crises-cross pattern using back lights and a false wall.

5. Wallpaper

Another easy way to incorporate patterns on your wall, and make your bedroom look beautiful is with the help of wallpapers. These wallpapers are available in a variety of designs and colors giving you an extensive range.

6. Touch of color

Even if your bedroom is decorated in neutral colors, you can still make it look vibrant. To do so, you can add a touch of tones in the form of a side table or a rug.

7. Fancy headboard

A fancy looking headboard can also act as the center of attraction in your small bedroom. Apart from this, you can also adjust the height of the headboard depending on your preference.

8. Customized headboard

In case you have decided to customize your headboard then this design can be a great choice. It has been built using foam and fabric which makes it soft and comfortable to key against.

9. Rustic interior

Who said that you could not incorporate rustic looking elements in a small bedroom? The primary walls of this room have been designed using stone which gives it a warm feeling.

10. Compact layout

Lastly, if you are looking to incorporate storage in your small bedroom, then these floating shelves are a great choice. They can even be used for displaying decorative objects.

Beautiful wooden partitions for your home

Creating permanent walls is a thing of the past. These days there are numerous ways of marking different areas of the house. One such method is with the help of beautiful wooden partitions. These partitions not only look amazing but are also easy to create since wood is available everywhere. If you too are looking for some inspiration. Here you will find ten wooden partitions that will suit every design theme.

1. Parallel blocks

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money buying a pre-made wooden partition, then you can also create your own. All you need to do is place thin wooden blocks parallel to each other as seen in this picture. You can even play with the tone of the wood according to your interior.

2. Being creative

Who said that you could not be creative with wooden partitions? The designer of this particular home has used a low rise curio cabinet as a partition between both the sitting areas. The best part about this structure is that it does not interfere with your view and is multi functional.

3. Grill like partition

Wooden partitions can be very heavy. That is why if you want to create a lightweight structure, then you should opt for similar designs. You can incorporate almost any type of pattern in the wood since it is not very thick.

4. With a mesh

Another wooden partition which will not interfere with your vision is one with a mesh. It will give you the effect of a sheer curtain without the added maintenance responsibility. You can also create a half and half partition as seen in the image.

5. Sliding wood frame door

Wood framed sliding doors can also act as a great partition especially when there is a lack of space. It gives you the desired level of privacy without having to incorporate a massive structure.

6. Wooden logs

The parallel design concept of wooden partitions can also be created with thick logs. However, this particular option is more suitable for large size bungalows that have an open floor plan. If you try incorporating it into a small house, then it might take up all the space.

7. Open display cabinet

Creating a wooden partition which is multipurpose is a new age trend. For example, here the barrier also acts as an open display cabinet, which has been used to showcase potted plants. You can even add wider shelves if in case you want to display curios.

8. Wave pattern

With a little more effort and money, you can create different patterns on a solid block of wood. In this case, a wave-like texture has been added to the partition to give it a distinctive look.

9. Designer panels

you are looking to incorporate something delicate, then considering a designer panel like this is highly recommended. Since these panels are movable, they can be left in any position that you like.

10. Delicate design

Lastly, if you want your wooden partition to look regal, then incorporating intricate designs is worth a shot.  It can hold anything from a flower to a figurine.

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