Pioneer Park Interiors in Gurgaon Best Interior Design Firm 2023

Pioneer Park Interiors in Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm | 2023

Pioneer Park Interiors in Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm

Shining modern style

There are different types of houses in different parts of the world. In some places the bedroom is important, in many places the kitchen is central, while often the TV lounge is the most important. And the great thing about having a town is that you can get it all on a small budget.

Today in this article we talked about one such house. Its calm feeling, heart-touching charm and your own example decoration will surely create a longing in you too.

  1. Your own example

Scientifically designed, light-colored lacquered headboards and a unique cream-colored feel, this  bedroom is the voice within us all. The hanging bulbs along the bed make the atmosphere more beautiful.

  1. Imitable

This bathroom is designed with a simple but sophisticated design, which is also in keeping with the overall look of the home where the rest of the space is carefully decorated.

  1. See also here

Take a look in the other bedroom, there is a classical round table with bed.

  1. Third bedroom

The last bedroom looks very beautiful from the front, the arrangement of things with pleasing colors is impressive, while the lamps at the back are bright and decorated.

  1. Study room

Built for reading and writing, this room has been chosen in brighter colors than the rest of the rooms in the house. Looking at the simple but thoughtful atmosphere, it looks like it is the room of mother or father.

  1. Closely

The bookshelf is modern in style with a lot of variety, without any special layout but no style is left out.

  1. The chair in the corner

A place we can call the “meeting of the past and the future” can also be read with the help of the light on the stand with the classical armchair. This painting, taken from Edward Munch’s collection ( The Scream ) , is a masterpiece.

  1. TV lounge

And this is the TV lounge for leisurely moments in the  evening, the use of light colors in the bedroom for furniture and dark colors in other places bring variety to the TV lounge. Beautiful multicolored pillows and furniture style make this TV lounge special.

  1. Another

With a ship-sized window (from which the view from the outside will be pleasant and wide), this place is quiet and comfortable. The Maltese color is as prominent here as ever, with a small table and a small armchair making it a great place to drink tea.

  1. The kitchen

It is very important to take care of cleanliness and sophistication in the kitchen, the main table should be kept simple so that everyone can eat comfortably.

Ideas for lighting the walls of a home

Lighting the house means lighting in such a way that the place looks clean and clear. Lighting up a space should be taken seriously as it changes the whole environment. Lighting doesn’t just mean putting a bulb in a socket. To illuminate a place, we have to look at its color, size and the basic components that make it up. What to hide, what to show, lighting undoubtedly plays an important role in home decoration.

Our main focus in this idea book is to enhance the beauty of the house by lighting the walls of the house. Walls are the basic structure of any home. On the contrary, the decoration of the whole house depends on it. We plan to design our home according to the walls. Isn’t it Let’s take a look at these 15 pictures to get some ideas and decorate the walls of your house. It will change the look of your home and make you special.

Be clear about what you need to light up

You’ll be half done if you’re clear about what you need to light up. In this photo, our goal was to highlight the surface of the wall and the beautiful painting that is attached. Even the beautiful hanging lamp is a beautiful reflection on the wall.

Yellow light heating

The yellow light gives the impression of warmth, peace, love and friendship. Put it in the private spaces of your home and feel the difference yourself.

Sensational starting point of light

This is a beautiful way to light walls. The eruption of light from an unknown place looks sensational and impressive.

Surface made lights

If you have a beautiful surface wall, you  can highlight this aspect of the wall by using the starting point of the lights. It creates a drama in the wall.

The starting point for alternative lighting

Change the starting point of the lights to give the space a deeper, brighter and more interesting impression. In this picture, the lights coming from the chandelier and the lights coming from the corners of the wall are creating a mellow feeling in the space.

Lighting the windows

If you have niches or shelves in your wall, highlight those niches with light and the creations that are placed there.

Simple creative lamps

Choosing the right lamps that go with the decoration of your home is a very important matter. Simple creative lamps add to the curiosity. Will be ready for praise.

Unlock the knots of beauty

Sometimes highlighting something makes something simple seem special. However,  some more lights  always look good.

Frame correctly

Can you block the lights and stop them from spreading? no! Instead, you can frame it and give the lights a new look so that your wall looks great.

Let the lights illuminate the place

Play with lights in the space, keep the lights low and bright somewhere. This contrast of lights will fill the atmosphere with magic.

To light the earth

This will create a dramatic impression, especially if the walls are made of stone. These types of lights will dim but create dark shadows.

Brightening and highlighting the furniture

Use some lights to illuminate your favorite furniture. But arrange it in such a way that the back wall is directly exposed.

Shining small thin lamps

The general impression is that small lamps are only used for decoration. If left unman aged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. In addition, they are unique and use less electricity.

Indirect lighting

So far we have used indirect light. Now light up the walls directly. It looks very impressive.

Extremely direct light

The light that comes from the indirect point, without being hidden or unrecognizable, not only illuminates the walls but also makes your evenings romantic. Definitely try to believe!

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