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Commercial Designs Gurgaon

Our area of expertise is in commercial projects, where we provide interior design and architectural design consulting. We are working on projects in the commercial sector spanning from the hotel business, wedding venues, hospitals, industrial offices, and commercial complexes. Depending on the situation, our scope of work may include design consulting or full project execution.

Residential Designs Gurgaon

Our expertise is in residential projects, where we provide architectural design consulting and interior design services. We are working on projects in the residential sector that range from single bungalows, villas, and flats to townships. Depending on the situation, our scope of work may include design consulting or full project execution.

Palatial Designs

We specialize in designing for palaces. We have successfully built palatial-style bungalows, apartments for people to live in, banks, and guest houses. We were successful in establishing a comparison between historic and contemporary cultural architecture. By our modern designs, we have supported Indian heritage architecture. The palatial designs were carried out in both natural sand stone and RCC. We create projects in a palatial style as necessary for the job.

Interior A to Z

Young, passionate, and creative professionals make up our company, and we’re continuously looking for new challenges. Our projects range widely and include industrial, hospital, commercial and residential buildings as well as bungalows and institutional structures. We specialize in interior design as well and take on consulting and complete interior projects. Regardless of the size and scope of our projects, we always strive to put up our best effort in order to produce original and distinctive results.

Residential Interior Designing

Since interior design is the art of creating aesthetically pleasing and practical living spaces, Interior Decor is the finest location to go for this service in Gurgaon. Interior Decor constantly aims for client happiness and works hard to recreate the home you’ve always imagined. Your rooms, whether they are 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, or independent bungalows, will be designed by our interior designers in Gurgaon with such professionalism and accuracy that it will easily surprise or amaze anyone.

Interior Decor offers interior styling services for your entire home, including the living room, foyer, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, master bedroom, child room, guest room, parent’s room, study room, home office, balcony, etc. All of these services are offered at an affordable price and with an emotional, professional and aesthetic touch.

Commercial Interior Designing

It is sometimes claimed that a company’s location and the environment in which its employees work are crucial factors, and Interior Decor has made it their primary goal to offer the highest caliber interior designs so that, as soon as you walk into your office, you feel positively charged.

Our interior designers in Gurgaon think that even if you have the finest location, your business would fail if you don’t have amazing interior designs, as the interior of a building actually defines its purpose, not its appearance. This is why Interior Decor offers you the best office space.

The commercial building’s practical needs in terms of physical space are balanced with its aesthetics by Interior Decor’s interior designer.

Architectural 3D Rendering

The greatest software available on the market is used by Interior Decor to create 3D generated graphics that give you a complete understanding of the project. This will leave you completely satisfied and foster a relationship of trust between the client and business.

Architectural Rendering is the process of turning a proposed architectural design into two- or three-dimensional graphics, and Interior Design gives you a realistic impression of the finished product before construction even begins.

Software used in interior design includes Autocad, 3ds Max, Google Sketch Up, Photoshop, V Ray, and many others.

Turnkey Projects Management

You can get a whole package from Interior Decor that includes project management and interior design all under one roof. We handle the entire project, starting with organizing, planning, deciding, and procuring materials, specialists, timing the board, and funding the board.

Your journey into interior design was made simple and straightforward by us. We make sure to keep you informed about the progress and include you in every decision regarding the material, texture, colour, and other factors.

Interior Decor is made up of a sizable number of very well-trained and broadly experienced Best Interior Designers in Gurgaon who provide you with the most appropriate structures in accordance with your requirement. Our team is made up of all-around skilled professionals who are experts in their fields and work harmoniously together to create the space you typically require.

Pioneer Araya Interior Designs in Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm

Kitchen interior design ideas

Working in a kitchen requires a very good strategy – so that we can work with ease – if your kitchen is small, the following things must be taken care of –

– Kitchen equipment and configuration –

– Length, width of counter tops –

– Fitting the lights in the right place in the kitchen –

2. The importance of space in the kitchen.

It is very important to have a proper  space between the kitchen furniture and the utensils used – for example, proper arrangement between the bins, drawers and kitchen cupboards etc. is very important so that there is no confusion in working in the kitchen.

  1. Location of the kitchen. If your kitchen is near the entrance, you should take care of the following: Let it never seem to be scattered.

– Garbage dump should be near the kitchen –

1-Best kitchen area –

Kitchen area should be 25.25m for one person only.

– Kitchens for six to seven people and for four bad rooms should be 2.2 m * 2.2 m.

1. Proper natural air management.

It is very important that fresh and natural air enters the kitchen. It removes the smell of the kitchen and does not cause mold and mildew on the walls and furniture.

٤- Natural light management-

Natural light makes the kitchen look brighter – although the lighting should be well arranged, the importance of natural light in the kitchen cannot be denied.

– Proper placement of window in kitchen.

In the kitchen window we can install a space in the wall that is not above the stove – because in this case the air coming from the window will affect the heat of the stove and make cooking difficult – usually the window sink. So that you can enjoy the work as well as the outdoors and the fresh air.

2- Arranging artificial light in the kitchen.

Instead of installing P-lights in one place, you should install P-lights at different points and important points. The best places are:

On the roof – If there is no shade on the roof, install a light in the middle and if you have cupboards, crosses or furniture in your kitchen, install the light in such a way that there is no shade during your work. Otherwise, this thing is confusing.

Another great place to have lights is the cabinets mounted on the cross – fitting the light on these cabinets will give the cross a better light and make your work easier – one thing to keep in mind is not the different colors of the light. Otherwise, it may be difficult to see the correct color of your food.

Another great place to have lights is the cabinets mounted on top of the cross – fitting  the light on these cabinets will give  the cross a better light and make your work easier – one thing to keep in mind is not the different colors of the light. Otherwise, it may be difficult to see the correct color of your food.

1. The importance of the stove in the kitchen.

The stove in the kitchen is the most essential and basic thing that is set with wool – the stove should be in a place where the gas or electric fittings are very close – and it should not be difficult to serve on the dining table.

The stove should have a table or a cross along the wall so that cooking utensils can be placed.

The distance between the wool and the wall should be 4.5 m so that it is not difficult to open the wool door.

– Important need of refrigerated kitchen-

If your  kitchen is small, you should take special care of the refrigerator so that it is kept in the right place and you do not find it difficult to work in the kitchen.

– The refrigerator door should not be difficult to open – and things can be easily placed and the refrigerator can be used easily –

If a person wants to open the refrigerator door, he should not feel the space constraint while working in the kitchen.

2- What should be the correct arrangement of cabinets and drawers in the kitchen?

The size and style of the cabinets  can also vary depending on what cabinets you put in and how much.

Similarly  , the use of drawers  varies according to different things – you do all the planning according to the space of your kitchen.

2- What should you do in practice?

A good kitchen should be set up in terms of area, capacity and equipment – and it should be noted that there is no difficulty or confusion while working in the kitchen.

On average, the kitchen is 2.2 meters long and 1.2 meters wide for two people.

Draw a triangle A, B, C. Its total length should be 1.2 meters.

Refrigerator A should have space in the kitchen space – there should be a stove on the opposite side – and a sink in the open space in the middle.

١٠- Extra space in small kitchen-

In the kitchen , downstairs cabinets and drawers are used for storing large utensils and utensils – upper cabinets should not be more than 30 cm wide and should be 60 cm from the cross so that they can be used easily.

On average, a home should have at least 1.8m * 1.8m space for a store, while there should be an additional capacity of 0.5m * 0.5m / person.

Home decor and design ideas

Home decor and styling are a reflection of your personality – no matter how good your clothes are, unless your home is neat and tidy, your personality will not have a good effect – your home Shows activities from morning to evening, so it is important that you keep a few things in mind and turn your home into a coin and beautiful home.

The question also arises as to whether it is necessary to decorate the house properly so that your house is new. The simple answer is that it is not necessary. But we also try our best for the new house with our planning and management. we emphasize the need for you to plan and make gradual changes – because it would be impossible to get a week’s work done in one day. We urge you to plan accordingly to your budget and make changes accordingly – this article includes tips.  Will be very useful in beauty and comfortable setting

1-Living room setting-

It doesn’t matter if your living room is small or large, whatever sofa you put in there should be the same color as the rest of the  room . Should have happened-

– Shelves in the room are very helpful in arranging and arranging things.

-The shelves should not be arranged in a row-but should be set according to the capacity of the room-

– The wall of the room should be painted in neutral tones or you can use green, blue and yellow in bright colors.

– If the TV trolley is modern style, it gives a good impression. – Keep the furniture around it with a good setting.

– If the TV trolley is modern style, it gives a good impression. – Keep the furniture around it with a good setting. – To enhance the beauty of the room.

Correct use of light-

The room should be well lit. It is also important to have curtains or blinds to protect from bright sunlight.
– If the room has low natural light, use lamps well or Apply glasses in such a way that they reflect light into the room and make the house or room look bright.

A coffee table is a very important part of your home or room. Decorate it with decorating pieces of your choice, keep a vase for fresh flowers or keep books and magazines of your choice.

– Make sure you have a good type of rug with a sofa in your living room. – There must be cushions for the rug so that your room becomes a complete comfort center . – It is better to change the rug frequently  than once. Take a good kind of carpet.

2-Hall decoration-

Usually when you enter the house you have a hall or entrance room whose setting and decoration impresses the guests first – Here are some tips for decorating the entrance of your house which will definitely be useful. –
A unique style of furniture is essential for your hall –

It doesn’t matter if the furniture is second hand or new – whether it is made of wood or plastic, painted or your handicrafts. You can place this furniture along the wall of your hall and use contrasting colors in the room. Excellent arrangement of light for lighting will enhance the beauty of your hall and it will be an excellent welcome room. Make sure you have a place to keep your shoes and keys.

٤-Room setting for a couple-

As a couple, when you set up a  room  , consult with each other on what should and shouldn’t be in the room – keep your favorite books, photos and essentials in the room – three colors in the room with the help of color switches. Choose the colors in the room keeping in mind the principle of 7-8-7. Curtains, cushions, sheets, blankets and all the necessary things in the room should be modern style and choose by mutual choice.

1-Individual room setting-

This is very easy if you just want to set up your room, but try to consult and it will be much better – as a single person, when you set up your room, of course you have your choice. Everything is set and brought accordingly – but be careful if you are a person of simplicity, keep your wardrobe short – so that it is easy to reduce – similarly take care of the rest of the items only Have a room in your room that you do not have trouble cleaning, setting and folding – Choose the color of the wall according to the principle of 7-8-7 for color in the room –  Proper arrangement for lighting in the room It is necessary-

3-Children’s room setting-

You can choose yellow, blue, green or any other bright color depending on the age of the children – it is better if there is not much furniture in the room – and the material used in the children’s room should be of this type. Easy to do –

It is best to use good material bags or cloth bags to keep things in the children’s room. They also have the advantage that you can hang them.

2- Bathroom is an important part of the house.

This is the best example of simplicity .

It is better to have minimal furniture in the bathroom.

It is best to have the right furniture to hold things from ceiling to floor or from floor to ceiling.

Have a suitable place for shower and clean faucets, faucets etc.

3-Kitchen setting –

Unique dark or bright color picks Whatever you like, in today’s modern kitchen you will find the best designs and colors in all kinds of colors – you can also take utensils and other kitchen utensils depending on the colors of the kitchen. -You can choose everything from hooks in the wall to slabs and utensils to the color of the refrigerator to your liking and style -Also you can customize your kitchens with traditional and cultural style instead of modern style.