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The role of bedding in home design

We have a series of weddings, festivals and Eids and under the same pretext, the arrival and departure of the guests and the hug is tied. This series of festivals requires the addition of many decorative elements in the house to make it look beautiful and impressive. These include everything from decorations on the front door of your home to window decorations, wall art and home decor, new curtains or sofas, and beautiful bedding in every bedroom. Everything should be perfect and decorated in such a way that they look interesting and beautiful to the viewers. Replacing everyday bedspreads with a beautifully designed, luxurious bedspread will suddenly add to the appeal of your bedroom and give your room the color that the festive season demands.

It is important to understand everything

Remember that it is not necessary to just change the bedding. It is important to know all about the texture, texture, bedding, pillowcases, bedding, room texture and decoration of the bedding. In this case, you will be able to create a wonderful room that is not only pleasant to look at, but also festive. As well as the different patterns and textures of the sheets, it is important to know how to use them. You can use a simple striped design bed cover for children’s room. Similarly, sheets of different patterns are suitable for a room where decorative items are less used. Different designs help to fill in the gaps left by the lack of decorative items or wall decoration.

An example of the use of striped sheets in children’s rooms

Use the same color

Enhance the beauty of your room by using bedding of the same color. You can use any dark color but if you like light colors then white is the best choice. The use of sheets of all colors is great when the room is decorated with decorative items and artwork on the walls. Choosing the same color also works well in older rooms. Remember to design pillows with a single color bed cover.

Happiness and dignity at the same time

Since flowers are a symbol of happiness and colors anyway, their presence anywhere can be a source of beauty. The same principle applies to bedding. Flower patterned sheets can go a long way in creating a festive look. If there is a bed or couch in your living room, floral sheets are very suitable. If you like floral designs but are not fond of bright colors, you can also choose designs in light colors as shown in this picture.

For dignity and sobriety

Use a low-cut sheet to enhance the beauty of your room or choose a dignified design. For example, you can choose a round circular design, especially when your bed is rectangular in shape.

Bedding texture and texture

As well as design and pattern selection, it is important to know the texture and texture of bed linen. There are many types available in the market, you can choose according to your choice, need and budget. The most popular of these are the commonly used, durable and long lasting cotton sheets. They are suitable for all types of rooms and purposes.

Good quality silk sheets can be used year after year. Because silk naturally repels dust, odors and fleas. There are also many types available that can make your room beautiful and attractive. They also look great in terms of festivals.

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Great release of ideas for practical shoe storage

How many people don’t like buying different types of shoes? In particular, for most women, shopping for shoes is an essential requirement for happiness. But when we happily buy shoes, we encounter a new problem. Because no one likes to mess around with their new pair of precious shoes. Also, how many types of shoes are there… Wouldn’t it be a nightmare if you had to shove your sneakers, high heels and boots into a small  shoe closet? Even if you haven’t bought new shoes, if you have a shoe rack that is too large or too small for the number and size of shoes, it will not look good either. To solve these problems, today’s article introduces a sensible shoe storage idea. So let’s take a look now.

Practical multi functional storage bench

The more families there are, the more the morning of preparing for an outing becomes a battlefield. If it is difficult to find and wear your own shoes in the hallway crowded with busy families, you need a way to use the space more efficiently. It is a bench with storage function. First of all, if there is a bench in the entrance hall, you do not need to stand in a narrow space and wear shoes, and it is useful because you can sit and secure space when it is crowded. If there is even a storage space under this bench, that would be a bonus! Recently, you can find many products with built-in simple shelves or drawers under the bench, so it is good to refer to them.

Simple yet sensual hanger

If you don’t have a lot of shoes, you don’t need a storage space that takes up space. This is because a simple hanger can sufficiently satisfy the function and interior effect. A minimalist hanger consisting of only a few frames is not enough to store frequently worn jackets, bags, and shoes. These products are quite practical even when the space at the entrance is narrow, and they also have the advantage of being easy to move around. In addition, it is a recommended item for people who have trouble opening shoe cabinets because they can grab the desired item as soon as they reach out their hand.

Using the Practical Shoe Tree

If you have a lot of shoes and things to store but don’t have enough space, try using the shoe tree, an idea product. If you install a shoe tree in the form of a hanger in one place and hang your shoes on a hook to store them, you can identify the types of shoes at a glance and store many shoes, which is practical. In the photo, the color of the wall and the storage rings were unified in all black, completing an urban yet sensual interior.

Built-in shoe cabinet and mirror

Installing a full-length mirror in the entrance hall is useful because it allows you to check your clothes one last time before going out. Also, it reflects natural incident light to brighten up a rather dark hallway or hallway, and expands the sense of space. The entrance in the photo has a large full-length mirror placed on the front and a built-in shoe cabinet boasting a simple and neat design on the wall. By using this built-in cabinet, you can save space by not taking up a lot of space, as well as tidy up the entrance that can be distracted, making it possible to create a spacious and comfortable interior.

Personal shoe closet for the family

It is not easy to put in or take off the shoes in the shoe cabinet where the shoes of the family are tangled. One way to solve this complexity and to keep shoes more hygienic is to have separate storage spaces for each. The shoe cabinet in the photo is simple and has various compartments based on the modern white color, making it easy to classify. Ideal for storing shoes individually in each compartment. Of course, one way to separate them is to leave a small mark on the outside to prevent confusion among family members.

Vintage shoe rack

Pallet storage furniture that exudes a vintage feel. There are many advantages to the circulation because it utilizes a vertical space with a lot of space. You can store more than you think if you hang heels or organize your shoes by making good use of the stacking form. By giving a transformation to a part of the palette, you can feel a sophisticated sense even with the idea used as a shelf.

Separate storage for shoes

In order to wear shoes for a longer period of time, proper management is required depending on the type and material. The best place to store your shoes is in a well-ventilated area with little change in temperature. Keep in mind that the textile material of a shoe is more easily damaged in a space with a lot of change. As for storage tips, it’s good to keep heels and dress shoes together, and winter boots, even if they’re just for the winter. Summer shoes such as sandals and flip-flops should also be sorted and stored in one place, and it is more convenient to hang sneakers and everyday shoes where they can be reached.

How can you design your home in the minimalist style | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The minimalist lifestyle plays an important role for many people nowadays, as the fast-paced daily life brings us a lot of stress and pressure. It is important to design our homes so that they are a space for psychological comfort that we enter at the end of the day to relax and unwind so that it is a mixture of comfort and modernity.

If you want to design your home in the minimalist style, you should follow some things that will help you to furnish your home in a way that ensures that it is not empty or poor in design while maintaining the simple principles of minimalism. The minimalist style is a clever way to play and intertwine colors and simple lines and an easy way to make your home welcoming and functional in all its details. The process must appear not only in the rooms but throughout and all corners of the house so that you feel that your home has undergone a successful plan to change the minimalist style and that it has affected your life Positively.

​Modify room by room

If you are thinking of changing the model of your house to the minimalist model from another completely different model, you must be careful. Make a strict system that you want to implement in all rooms and know that it will take some time to reach the desired result. If you want quick results, it will result in chaos, which will result in confusion and frustration.

Start with any room you want to make the right decision at the right time. Here is a method where the large furniture is moved to be the center of attention first, which is the right decision as it is important when furnishing your home in the minimalist style that you deal with larger and then smaller items.

​Start with the furniture

The minimalist style furniture is characterized by clear lines in bright and welcoming colors. These specifications and rules give you a great advantage, especially in small rooms. You can have a minimalist style even in the smallest of rooms. Light colors help make the room more welcoming and transparent.

Furniture such as the sofa is very important here, as this design always comes in colors such as gray or white, as it matches the rest of the minimalist furniture such as tables, drawers and cabinets, but you should not forget to add the white color.

Just keep the important stuff

The most important features and characteristics of the minimalist style is to use only the important elements and get rid of what you do not need. This does not mean that accessories or cosmetic and complementary elements are unnecessary, but their presence may not appear the minimalist style in the usual way. So it’s time to remove the excess cosmetic elements that create crowding and are dust collecting elements and experiment with the room in a new and different way.

It is important to close the gap between the rules of the minimalist style that can be applied in our homes. Care should be taken to create relatively simple and empty spaces that are visually comfortable and make you feel psychologically comfortable, as they unleash your imagination and creativity.

​Free floors

Whether you apply the minimalist style in choosing the flooring material or you choose a traditional material such as HDF wood, we must be free from the idea that the floors should be covered with carpets, upholstery or any other accessories.

  Therefore, it is important to choose the material of the floor, its shape, and its patterns, and to be in bright and beautiful colors. You can replace the carpet with accessories such as plant pots, but you should avoid crowding the floor with different furniture or accessories as it comes at the expense of the minimalist style.

​Free decks

If you have a storage unit with shelves and drawers, then there is an opportunity to decorate its surface with various accessories and decorative elements. But care and care must be taken not to decorate the surfaces with elements such as crystals and large antiques, as many tend to leave the surfaces empty and clear them of any visual obstacles, as this method gives a greater impression of order and calm, unlike crowded surfaces, which give the impression of distress. Care must also be taken to clean the surfaces to prevent the formation of dust or dirt.

Free walls

Designing your home in a minimalist style means less work on the walls than frames, pictures, posters or other decorative items. If you can’t live without any wall decorations, be sure to choose simple items in monochromatic colors with unobtrusive frames that match the style of your new home and the look of the furniture in the room. You can use bold colors, but you should avoid stark or eye-catching elements.

  The paintings on the wall must be compatible with the furniture and the minimalist style followed, so there is no need for large and striking frames that will not fit the minimal style to be followed.

Wallpaper and stickers

This idea is wonderful and practical, especially if the material used comes in one color, which avoids the feeling of boredom in the very simple room and gives your home and walls  a beautiful and unique appearance.

Light windows

If you have the opportunity, you can abandon the traditional curtains on the windows of your house, without which the light can penetrate into your home as much as possible. The simple and light curtains have a better effect on showing the house in a simple way.

​Remove and store some items and accessories

It is important to forgo some decorative accessories as the minimalist style implies a lightness of design and not visually crowded with small elements in every corner and surface. You can only store redundant items and take them out when needed or exchange items to prevent boredom and last as long as possible Committed to following the general principles of the minimalist style while creating variety without having to pay extra money to implement the principle in your life as well and not only in your home.

Great ideas for a cheerful home in the new year | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

How to make your home cheerful with many additions and without affecting your budget, here with many ideas that help you get this joy by simply applying it in many rooms , which may fall under adding colors or different elements or recycling some of them, here is the gift of the year The new and the joy that we hope will always be in your whole life and not only in the decoration.

Insert new accessories

There are some simple accessories that help you add joy and renewal to any room in your home. You can use the intermittent panels above the walls, as well as the plants, flowers and shrubs for the corners, and you can change the look and furnishings of the furniture in the room until you get a new and cheerful look.

Door colors

You may be accustomed to the colors of the house in general, but there is no full budget to make a comprehensive change of the colors of the walls in the entire house, but this method will return to you the desired result without high costs, which is to paint only the doors and thus you will get a different, distinctive and delightful look for the corridors and interior rooms also.

Surface gloss

The feeling that everything is clean and has a fragrant smell will undoubtedly bring joy to you, so you have to clean and polish all the surfaces, shelves and cabinets in your home so that you can feel joy, beauty and renewal at the same time, and perhaps this idea we may do without feeling during the festive seasons and the approaching occasions Happy.

New lamp

To add joy and renewal to your home, you can buy a floor lamp or lamps of different colors than what you are used to, which will give the room a lot of renewal, especially in the form of lighting and changing it, as well as introducing the floor lamp to serve as a new accessory.

Go outside

At this time of the year, it would be great to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings by taking care of the balconies and windows, renovating them and organizing sessions around them, and you should enjoy all your time with the fresh air and the wonderful sunshine while spending your free time in your favorite hobby such as reading or reading the phone and others.

Great ideas for a cheerful home in the new year | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Create a green touch in your home with these ideas

A report published by the Department of Environment, Energy and Transportation Statistics in 2013 revealed that more than half of Canadian households had grown flowers, fruits and vegetables for their personal use in the previous year. Enthusiastic gardeners across the country put a lot of time and effort into beautifying their surroundings. They buy houseplants and the interiors of their homes with their green presence.

Like any other type of work, gardening is a challenging task. It is even tougher when you choose indoor gardening. Plants cannot access enough sunlight and nutrients inside the house, so you have to take extra care of them so that they do not fall short of the staple food. If you are a beginner gardener then you need to understand the necessities of choosing your house plants well. This article will show you an easy way to introduce greenery into your living space.

House plants

When it comes to houseplants, you have no shortage of choice. Some of the most common houseplants include different types of palms, and flowering plants such as the peace lily, orchid, cactus and fern. However, before going through the list of different houseplants, take some time to understand and assess your requirements, the following will help you choose the best houseplants.

Think about the area where you want to place your plants, is it near windows with direct sunlight, or is it one of the darkest corners? Does the place stay wet all day or dry? The plants that thrive in the kitchen and bathroom are moisture-loving plants.

Do you put seedlings in the farms or are you going to prepare a garden bed for yourself, garden beds can be designed on the terrace, under the stairs and in the courtyard. Also consider if the place has a good drainage system. The plants will need regular watering. Cutting down trees in this area will damage the structure of the building.

Take into account your skills as a gardener. If you are just starting out with your gardening project for the first time then you should choose hardy plants.

Types of house plants

Before you invest in purchasing plants for your indoor garden, consider the climate of the city in which you live. You might think that this is superfluous because the atmosphere inside is largely regulated. But you will soon find merit in choosing plants that grow well in your climate. Exotic plants are generally very sensitive. Although it is certainly not encouraged to have them in your home, you should be prepared to invest more effort and time in caring for them.

The plant kingdom can be classified into different types. Without much of that, the types of indoor plants you’ll have in your home are non-flowering plants, or cryptogams, and flowering plants, or phanerogams. Ferns, mosses and marchantia fall into the former category.

Flowering plants can be divided into cereal grasses such as pine, cycas, deodar and angiosperms. Angiosperms are classified into two groups – monocotyledons and dicotyledons. The palm tree is the most common in our homes. Orchids are also much adored monocot house plants. Rose, hibiscus, ficus, bougainvillea etc. are some of the satanic plants used to decorate our homes.


Whether or not you believe in the power of lucky bamboo, you’ll love being inside. They add beauty to your indoor garden. Bamboo has hundreds of varieties. They are moisture loving plants. You can choose bamboo plant plants such as Bambusa multiplex, Thrysostachis siamensis, or gigantochloa atroviolacea. Bambusa oldhamii is also a favorite bamboo species grown indoors.

Air purifying plants

All green plants, ferns and cacti increase the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. However, some indoor plants are known for their air purifying properties. Dracaena, spider plant, spider plant, weeping fig and cactus are excellent for cleaning the air. Most of these are easy to grow and you can easily have them in any corner of your home including your living room, dining area and kitchen.

Plants that do not need light

Bromeliads, aglaonema, dracaena, philodendrum and ferns are the perfect houseplants for the shady corners of your home. You can easily have it in stair space, bathrooms, dining areas and kitchens. Farnes also love moisture and thrive well in the darker and humid corners of any residential area.

Succulent plants

Because of their resistant nature, succulent plants are highly preferred in home interiors. Keep them near windows or on your terraces where they can get the most sunlight. You hardly need to water succulent plants regularly, especially cacti. The farmer you choose for a juicer must have a very good drainage mechanism. You can even combine several succulents in a spacious planter and keep them displayed on the side tables of the living room or dining area.