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Youth bedroom design

Young boys and girls have different tastes so they prefer to decorate their room to their liking. For this purpose, they adopt different ideas in their rooms and keep trying to improve as much as possible. For this purpose, some of them hire expert designers while some of them try to decorate their own rooms. If you also need a designer to decorate your room, contact our  designers . You may have read a lot about youth rooms, but still today we have brought you some more ideas that you will like and get inspired from, so let’s take a look.


Choosing light colors can be great for your youth room as they also provide coolness and comfort to the eyes while bright colors can also affect the eyes.


Whenever you are going to make a room for a young person, make sure that everything in the room is present in a proper manner. The bed should be comfortable and cozy. Also, its color and size should be such that it is comfortable as well as beautiful. There must be a desk and chair for reading. Cabinets should be used to keep things. This keeps things safe and prevents them from scattering. Cabinets in the walls also play an important role in the beauty of the room.


Bookstores can be set up in small spaces to hold books as well as other necessities. The room should be decorated in such a way that it suits your youth so that they can feel calm and comfortable. If your youngsters like modernity then you should prefer modern style decoration in their rooms.

Room decoration for young girls

For girls’ rooms, care must be taken to use different colors everywhere from the bed to the curtains and to the floor and walls. There should be a bed and a table in the youth rooms at all times so that the studying youth do not have to go out. Charts and cupboards on the walls should also be beautified. The color of the walls of the room and the suitability of the bed sheets and pillows make the room look more beautiful.


In addition, the use of cabinets is a must, so cabinets are better if they are to be attached to the wall. Cabinets should be a place where light can spread throughout the room without interruption.

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Interesting roof design ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The ceiling of the room gives the room an individual character. Obviously, a well-maintained and professionally designed ceiling can positively impact a room, but the effect can hardly be compared to the actual roof design. In addition, the architecture of the living space will definitely be included in the simple roof design. This is especially recommended if you encounter special features such as roof support or pieces of wood. But the ceiling design of the room allows for more. It’s not just a matter of color, but the lights also affect the room. Of course, all the possibilities also depend on your own roof ideas, as long as the space provides your own choice.

However, in the design of the roof, you can leave your imagination free, because it is not only based on the type of space, the type of design should also be recognized. Clearly, the ceiling in the bathroom needs to meet other requirements than the design of the kitchen ceiling. Like floor coverings, you can create contradictions with the design of the ceiling and at the same time bring a lot of separation to the room. Don’t be intimidated by individual combinations of different styles. Sometimes these are short fancy creations that spread an undeniable attraction in the space.

Concerned ceiling design for more light

In kitchens , it is a matter of space, which should be as bright as possible. Sample lighting or main room lamp means the working area is limited and the local capacity of the kitchen cannot be fully exploited. A well thought out roof design will have a positive effect here.

Additional lights can be installed in the ceiling, without splitting the main ceiling lamp. If, in the context of ceiling design, the distribution of lights is focused on later work surfaces, you will benefit from fuller lighting and fewer shadows that will affect post-kitchen tasks.

Use local texture

Sometimes the structure of the roof is explained before the architect of the building  . This should not be a bad thing if the rustic style does not affect your choice. Such properties are often found in fields or half-timbered houses.

In the best case scenario, you will find open beams and the rest of the design according to your ideas, as in the case of Antique Austin. If you are happy with these blankets, but your room does not have such a roof, then with a little effort you can get such a roof design.

Unusual ceiling designs can be achieved not only with unusual colors. Different tools also allow indirect space distribution. These optical effects can easily be caused by the use of wood or polystyrene.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. After tying the parts, you can color them according to your ideas. When choosing materials, however, you should pay attention to whether you want to fill the components on the desired roof design.

Room ceiling featuring cozy lighting

You can implement indirect lighting using reasonable ceiling designs, depending on the architectural style and decoration style. For this you need to hang the ceiling. The hard work of this technique is manageable and can yield impressive results.

With a suspended ceiling you can get not only the most individual roof design, but also the space between the roof and the suspended ceiling. You can also use this space to install lighting systems, which will indirectly fill the entire room with light.

Colorful rooms provide different types of ceilings

With so-called continuous ceilings you can achieve the same effects as you would with a normal suspended ceiling. However, with this type of roof design, there are many more possibilities, according to the light, as illustrated in the example of the digital spandex.

With different materials in different colors, the ceiling is suspended and bright from the inside with lights. The room can not only be indirectly illuminated by this ceiling design, but you can also immerse the room in different colors.

Decorative items for beautiful ceiling design

Conservatively designed rooms, the design of a specific ceiling makes the room more distinct. This can be achieved by installing cosmetics in different colors or different designs.

Decorations can be placed in the middle of the room, or attached to the walls. You can use both variables at the same time. If you want to make your roof design more unique, you are free to color the decoration.

Indirect lighting with well-imagined ceiling

The bedroom is not often romantic. To turn this setting around, romantic lights can create a harmonious atmosphere. In addition to dim night lamps, the ceiling design with indirect lights is also suitable.

For this, you are provided only with a careful paragraph, which provides an absolute space to install the lights. If the lights are out, not the lamp or the like. It is only when the system is open that the lights show their romantic style.

The coastal design of the roof ensures comfort

You should feel comfortable in the bathroom. This is one of the rooms that contributes to comfort. As the bathroom invites you to relax, it is obvious that this room will be transformed into a coastal design.

Of course, you can also create beach elements on the walls and floor, with attractive ceiling designs, so that the whole room provides Caribbean flow. Also, make sure that your choice of furniture takes into account the appropriate room design.

Stylish roof cover for beautiful design

If their great and modern design is preferred, the designs of a conservative roof are relatively colorless. But with a few hand grips you can create a platform on the roof. For example, with a plate, which is decorated to your liking.

With this plate, your roof design will have a significant effect and instantly direct the attention of the audience to the additional elements of your roof. Depending on the size, the elements can be extended, so you can install your own room lamps.

Deep Beauty. Asian Living Room Ideas

The distinctive Asian style has a tendency to strongly dominate the image of the whole house when grafted into the living room. As it is a genre where you can see a big visual effect with a small point, it is a style worth trying as a living room interior if you want to put a distinct personality into your home.

Today, I would like to suggest a variety of Asian-style living room interior ideas. Although it is broadly classified under the name of Asian, if you look closely, you will be surprised at the interior that shows a much more diverse image than you think. Let’s take a look at the Asian-style living room interiors in various directions that show the charm of eight colors with a glamorous or simple, intense or subtle point.

Asian ceiling structure

A basic modern natural style living room with a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. However, just by adding a wooden structure to the ceiling, another unique Asian style production idea was born. Although there is a sense of burden that the center of gravity will fall down due to the glamorous composition of the ceiling, this has been compensated for by a structure in which one wall is completely open to the courtyard.

Colorful hanok interior

The Asian genre that comes to mind most easily is hanok. However, since it is an architectural field that is difficult to access, it is also a genre that is difficult to approach from the problem of finding relevant experts or engineers to obtaining materials, designing and constructing.

However, this living room is far from complex issues such as the process of building. Only the interior was completed using the image, but in reality it is an ordinary apartment. An Asian-style apartment interior with an impressive old-fashioned and splendid beauty was completed just by putting paper and ornate Korean-style patterns on the traditional design furniture, doors and windows.

Subtle Asian atmosphere with traditional furniture

If you want to create an Asian atmosphere that spreads softly instead of a strong image, it is recommended to expand the range of wood materials and place traditional style furniture in the basic modern style. The soft texture and natural pattern unique to natural wood are revealed as much as possible, and the visual effect is high just by adding Asian design handles, decorations, or mother-of-pearl as points.

Decoration in the shape of rafters

This is an example of an Asian style interior with ceiling decorations utilizing the rafter feel. Designed with a high ceiling and the most spacious feel, this living room expresses the formal beauty of a hanok by irregularly padding a rafter-like timber on a high-middle wooden roof. Of course, it does not match the ceiling shape seen in actual hanok, but it draws a unique Asian style by using the visual point it gives.

Korean flat structure

With a high ceiling and rafters adorning the ceiling, it is an impressive house that shows a modern and Asian feel, a hanok-like feeling, and a strong modern house feel, full of personality.

Expensive furniture added to the minimalist

The living room is finished in white and uses monotonous design furniture to make use of the beauty of the blank space. Let’s remember that antique furniture with a simple design that seems to be contrasting but strangely harmonizes is not flashy, but it is a useful item that adds personality to the interior with the elegant charm of antique Asian furniture.

Modern modified hanok

The Asian style that takes advantage of the beauty of the blank space is also a good interior to incorporate into a narrow living room. This house, with beams and rafters visible from the high ceiling, is a modern improvement of an existing hanok. By lowering the kitchen, which is adjacent to the living room, and composing the entire living room in a sitting position, the space efficiency is increased while maintaining the stylishness of a simple hanok.

Bedroom Designs That Make You Feel At Home All Day

This one resting room must be considered, starting from the placement of furniture that follows the shape of the room, the lighting, to the design. Well, for your inspiration, we will show you some bedroom designs that are not only beautiful, but very comfortable. Hopefully this Idea Book can inspire you to make your bedroom as comfortable as possible, and make you feel more at home all day long.

A comfortable bedroom is certainly a neat bedroom, where our belongings and equipment are stored and neatly arranged. Well, if your bedroom is quite small, you can consider choosing a custom bed, or a multi functional bed. Usually this multi functional bed is equipped with storage at the bottom of the mattress. You can also put various items in the drawer, so that your bedroom is spacious and has plenty of space to relax.

Every aspect in the room can change the appearance of a room. Likewise with window selection. You can try to apply a large glass window. Not only will it add to the aesthetics of the room, the presence of a window can make you enjoy the view outside. And of course it also provides many benefits, including good room air circulation, your room becomes fresh, and natural light intake enters the room.

This one bedroom tries to combine concepts from two different spaces and times, in the form of interior elements and layouts. Not only looks so warm, this room combines metal elements to reflect the day, and uses a lot of wood material to represent the character of warmth at night. With a design approach like this, the designer hopes that this room will not only become an ordinary bedroom as a transit place for sleeping, but a homey and comfortable room for relaxation.

If the application of wood is done properly, the room can look fresh and light. In the following room you can see a bedroom that is dominated by wood, from the bed, floor, headboard, to wall panels, all using wood. However, the room is still comfortable with the balance of using neutral colors on the blankets, decorations and windows that bring sunlight into the room. Oh yes, the modern design also makes this bedroom look stylish, you know.

The choice of color for the bedroom is important. If you want a color that gives the impression of a larger room, try choosing white. This neutral color is suitable for small rooms, because white gives a bright and spacious impression. White color can be easily decorated and decorated with any display. And don’t forget, so that the room looks more comfortable and can make you sleep soundly , try to paint one corner of the wall with a different color, to beautify the appearance of the room.

The bedroom is not only used for resting, but can be used as an area for reading books, working, and gathering with family and friends. Well, therefore for furniture and decoration , you can put a sofa or chair that can enhance the comfort of your bedroom.

Not only can you sit back, you can also lie down on this type of sofa. But make sure your room has enough space to put this sofa, so it’s not overcrowded.

Choose a comfortable chair and the model you like, because this furniture can add aesthetics to the bedroom. You can put one or two chairs in the room.

Let’s make a comfortable corner in the room to watch or read a book. You can combine a bean bag with a rug and a small table, you know. So it’s a comfortable corner to relax.

No need to order a special bed so that the bedroom can accommodate two people. You can put the mattress and stack it side by side, where the mattress is directly against the wall, like this one bedroom. The appearance of a small staircase can make the room look more stylish, especially since the ceiling is also given elements of wood and attractive lighting. Oh yes, there is no need to put large furniture in it, because it will add to the narrowness of the room. But you can try to put a minimalist long table on the wall, for a place to study or work. Then choose a shelf or box shelf like in this room, which can be used as a place for books and displays. Agree, this room is minimalist but still displays a charming architectural aesthetic.

In addition to Scandinavian, industrial, minimalist or tropical styles, you can choose an ethnic-style design. But you don’t need to decorate your entire room with ethnic decorations, but just place a few traditional elements in a corner that you like.

Like this bedroom that beautifies the appearance of the walls by hanging batik cloth as decoration. In addition to batik cloth, you can also choose some ethnic accessories to beautify the room, such as pillowcases, tablecloths, blankets, curtains, displays, to a coffee table.

A studio type consisting of one large room, usually without room dividers. And the only separate room is the bathroom. However, there are many tricks that you can apply to studio type apartments. One of them is like the following inspiration, where our professionals work around this by presenting a glass divider between the sleeping area and the kitchen, which can give the illusion of a wider space.

Another tip is not to play with lots of colors. Just mix two neutral colors. And last but not least, maximize the available space, such as an empty gap that can be used as a place to read, put shelves, or multifunctional furniture.

Industrial style which is synonymous with building ornaments and materials from concrete, iron, and cement. We can also apply this to the bedroom. Especially for small rooms.

For color, you can play with gray, black and other dark colors. But give a little light color accents, for example on pillowcases, displays, don’t forget the touch of wood on the bed or table, to pipe ornaments that can make the room very industrial.

Oh yes, we also often see walls that seem unfinished. You can combine it with a brick look like this room. But if you don’t want to bother, just install brick wallpaper on the walls.

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