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Interior Designer in Sector 94 Noida | Best Interior Design Firm


Your recreation room should be a cushy, inviting spot where your family and friends wish to gather. When you’re working with a smaller space, the space usually features a cozy, intimate feel thanks to the close quarters. If your furniture is arranged ineffectively, however, the space might not be as comfortable because it could. By rearranging your furniture to maximize space and make the space more functional, you’ll create a more welcoming space — one that your family might just get a touch more use out of.


In a small recreation room, bright colors and bold patterns can easily overwhelm the space and make it feel cramped and busy. Consider your wall color and main furniture pieces and choose on a clean, simple color palette for the space – neutral shades paired with two or three accent colors usually provide the simplest look. If there are accessories like artwork, throw pillows or area rugs that do not fit the color scheme, remove them from the space before you start rearranging the furniture. Does an equivalent with patterned items – if the accessory features a large-scale print that dwarfs the space, find a replacement home for it in another room?


The ideal furniture arrangement allows for the straightforward flow of traffic through an area, but it’s especially important during a small recreation room that sees much activity. To make sure that there is enough room for family and friends to navigate consider where the room’s entrances and exits are. Arrange your furniture so there’s a neighborhood that gives approximately 28 inches of clearance for guests to steer through. If you’ve got a square room, you’ll want to maneuver your couch, cocktail table and therefore the other components of your seating toward the middle of the space so family and friends can move around behind them. If you’ve got an extended, narrow recreation room, however, you’ll be happier arranging your furniture near one wall so all of the traffic is diverted to one side of the space.


Because a recreation room often has got to do double duty as an entertainment space and a headquarters or area, take full advantage of the room’s corners. You’ll tuck smaller furniture within the m to release space in the center of the space for larger pieces. For instance, if your recreation room features a desk for your headquarters or a table for crafting, place it during a corner where it’s out of the way of the seating. The corners also are a perfect spot for storage pieces sort of a bookcase, cabinet or maybe your child’s toy box.


Maximizing space during a small room is usually key, but it’s especially important during a busy space sort of a recreation room. You’ll mount shelves on the wall to carry books and DVDs so you’ll get obviate larger bookcases or cabinets. Swap out short, wide bookcases or cabinets for taller, narrow pieces that will not take up the maximum amount floor space within the room. Think vertically when it involves the room’s television too – if you’ve got a flat-screen TV, mount it on the wall so you do not need to include an out sized wall unit that takes up plenty of space.

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Tips and tricks for a good night’s sleep | Gurgaon | Design Firm

The bedroom is one of the places in which you spend a special and comfortable time in your home, it is the most place that contains you after the trouble of your long day, so you must take care of all the details of its design so that you can create an element of comfort in your room, and one of the most important details that make your bedroom comfortable is to be Close to your personality with all the features of its design. When the design is close to your personality, it has the ability to meet the needs of the person from the room, so today we bring you special tips that will help you to get a quiet and comfortable bedroom.

  1. Delightful wallsColors always give psychological comfort as soon as they are present in any design and anywhere, so it is one of the popular elements to use in the design of the bedroom for its ability to create beauty and distinctive details for the entire room. Of calm and comfortable colors together. It is also possible to mix different patterns with the same colors. For example, you can choose walls with colors and patterns of roses or polka dots and combine them with static colors for the rest of the walls. The color of the walls is like depending on two different colors together in different degrees.
  2. Comfortable bedThe bed piece in the bedroom is considered one of the basic pieces in the design, so you must choose the design of the bed suitable for the bedroom and be comfortable and preferably with a high head and upholstered to rest your head when supported, so that you can spend moments of comfortable sleep, so you must focus on choosing its details carefully, Among these details that we must focus on and choose is the mattress. We often care about the need to choose the shape of the bed and neglect the design and shape of the mattress, so pay attention to the shape of the mattress that you will choose for your bed to be as comfortable as possible.
  3. Comfortable materialsBed linen is one of the basics in the bedroom and is designed for your comfort during sleep, so it must be chosen carefully and preferably made of soft cotton so that you can get luxury and comfort in the bedroom, and you can mix more than one style and contrasting colors together to give the rooms a bright and elegant look.CurtainsCurtains are a very important element in the design of the bedroom so that it can create a spirit of privacy within the room and its design, so you must choose fabrics and designs for curtains that provide you with an element of privacy inside the room so that you can get a comfortable and quiet sleep.Lighting is also one of the important elements that work to provide the element of comfort and tranquility in the bedroom, so it is very necessary to pay attention to the shape and strength of lighting in the bedroom, and care must be taken that the choice of lighting is thoughtful, through its excessively low or high annoying force to the eye, Therefore, the types and style of lighting must be chosen to suit the distribution of furniture in the rooms.

Reasons Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

We believe that everyone has the right to live in a comfortable and pleasant home. It doesn’t matter what type. Tenement or apartment, the criteria are the same. You have to make sure you live in the right residence. The exact criteria here are not only about dimensions and size, strategic location, or a magnificent facade alone. It will be more complete if your residence really represents personal taste. Even if the residence can provide the maximum possible function, according to your daily lifestyle.

Is that too grandiose? Of course yes, if you do everything yourself. Interior design is one of the most important residential elements to consider. And even that can not be done haphazardly. Requires exploration, consideration, and careful planning to present it. Therefore, we recommend that you work with the right professional. In addition to those mentioned above, here are 8 other reasons why you need the help of an interior designer. For professional interior designer in Gurgaon, ideas are like the carbon dioxide they exhale with each breath. This is their first advantage, and not everyone is endowed with such a gift. In designing a small studio apartment, for example. The entire area must be utilized as well as possible. There is a private room that must be available, as well as a bathroom, kitchen, and dining room. Then what about the room to relax and receive guests? Try it yourself if you can. If you can manage the entire area without leaving an empty area wasted, go ahead. But to maximize the area of ​​a narrow room without previous experience, it is impossible for you to do it. Interior designer skills don’t just magically appear overnight. Before having expertise in this field, of course they have gone through various phases of education. Both formal education in theory and practice, as well as dealing with real cases in work. These various forms of experience are important not only for themselves. But the main thing is for those of you who need an effective layout at home. A professional designer in Gurgaon can act as an intermediary for communication between you and the residential developer. Give them more detailed considerations about the things you need. For example in the placement of electrical installation outlets for lights, switches, or terminals. Or about the choice of room and floor colors that are suitable to be combined with a sofa or cabinet in the living room. Maybe there are still many people who think that interior designer services are expensive. Asking for his help will only increase expenses, waste, useless, and so on. But before being influenced by the outdated opinions, think again for a moment. One time you want to place the sofa in the living room. You go to a furniture store and see a luxurious sofa unit with a charming appearance. Okay, you pick it up and take it home. Arriving at home, you are disappointed because it turns out that the sofa does not deserve to be placed in the living room. The design, model, and pattern really don’t fit. Then you are forced to exchange it, or even allocate additional budget to buy a new sofa again. Such trivial problems will not occur if you hire an interior designer in Gurgaon. They know what kind of items to choose according to your living conditions. Allows you to save on expenses, because everything is carefully decided. Designing the interior of a room is not a simple matter. There are ideas that will be poured, expressions and aesthetic views that need to be poured out, to management skills that must also be qualified. Professional interior designers in Gurgaon have it all, and know how to apply it. Experienced interior designers have intuition that can find solutions automatically. His expertise is the skill to improve the function of a room and the quality of your life in it. By using the services of an interior designer, you will immediately get a careful plan for the room. They are able to see what you missed. You must also have an idea or a sketch of a dream interior. Unfortunately you don’t know how to apply it in the current residence. There are many obstacles, from design, manufacture, to installation. Of course all that must be done by experienced professionals if you want maximum results. As a service provider, interior designers are obliged to fulfill the wishes of their customers. A professional will definitely accommodate your needs and try to make it happen, no matter how difficult it is. You also have the right to give suggestions and opinions, as well as detailed directions so that the results of their work are more mature. Do you remember the first point? That’s right, about the brilliant ideas that professional interior designers have. If you are used to conventional things, be prepared to receive surprising ideas that were previously unimaginable. You may never think of a solution to a thorny problem. Like switching the function of the living room into a guest room. Or choose a position for the television table, so it can be enjoyed from any direction. Professional designers can do the unexpected. Finding a midpoint to match your needs to the actual room conditions is impossible. One example, you can see the picture of the apartment room above. A charming house design will certainly attract the interest of many people. Many people are interested, while your beautiful and unique residence cannot be found anywhere else. Or in theory, there is only one item available to accommodate such a heavy demand. In economic principles, such conditions are already an advantage. If you plan to sell the house, you can set a high price. The higher the quantity demanded, the higher the market price. Of course you will need the help of professional architects and interior designers if you want to build a beautiful and charming dwelling. They have all the resources needed to do it. The only one, especially for you. Budget is a major consideration, you can entrust its use to a professional designer. If your time is limited, entrust the design and arrangement of the room to the experts. If you are facing a room condition that is quite complicated, of course you need applicable suggestions from those who have high flying hours in this field. Even when you have a personal desire that needs to be realized in a room.

Ideas to Renovate Your Bedroom on a Small Budget | Gurgaon | Noida

Do you feel it is time to make some change in  your bedroom, give it new color, new life, more light and sparkle to renovate it! If you need ideas to inspire you, you’ve come to the right place. Changing the color, using a new headboard, or just putting in new curtains are all simple touches you can do with the least amount of money, to get a stunning effect and a room that looks like brand new.

In today’s article, we give you some tips that you can use to give your room a new 180 degree look. Get to know them with us and choose what suits you!

1. Build a floating roof and combine it with the headboard

You can combine the ceiling with the headboard of the bed, with hidden lights, to make your bed appear to be floating. You can implement this by hiring a professional carpenter or do it yourself, you only need a structure, preferably of wood, to support the ceiling and wall, and cover it with the preferred material, whether fabric or leather, and perhaps wicker, to give you a sense of depth and a charming result.

2. Bedside lights

This option relies on building a structure of lightweight materials, aluminum and plaster corners, or plywood, and designing a floating structure at the top of the wall above the head of the bed, so that you can install electrical circuits inside it, and put some LED lights, then paint this structure to get a special touch Of mystery and romance in the bedroom.

3. Change colors with calm blend

These colors combined in the image in front of us, have the ability to generate a feeling of spaciousness, freedom and peace, as well as welcome, warmth and elegance as well. The walls and ceiling are painted white, combined with sandy-colored cotton textiles, and very muted grey-bronze details in both the curtains, the large rug, and the nicely padded headboard. Renewing the colors of your bedroom with a similar combination will give you a calm and gentle atmosphere.

4. Bed headboard

You can design the headboard of your bed using wood panels, or melamine squares, and install it on the frame that should already be fixed to the wall. You have an elegant board at the head of the bed, and the interesting thing is that it is not a single piece, but a series of geometrically organized blocks, with a much more attractive effect than an ordinary board.

5. Intense color to impart energy

Choosing a bold color like this orange gives you an amazing effect, because it fills your room with energy in the morning, but it can be neutralized and combined with the lighter colors around, so you can sleep peacefully at night, so the strongest color should be in  the wall behind the bed so as not to disturb your sleep night.

6. Simulation of a rustic roof

You can do this by installing some reusable wooden brackets, letting the worn pieces give you a warm rustic vibe, but make sure they are thoroughly treated and protected from pests before you bring them home. You can paint it white or simply decorate it lovingly while incorporating other wood details in the room such as the bed base, maybe an antique table, with embroidered furnishings, and we promise you a beautiful and cool result.

7. Change the blinds and lamp

For a new, more glamorous and elegant atmosphere in your bedroom, in simple steps you can replace the old curtains with new ones in silk or satin, with an elegant upscale tone such as bronze, or gold, with a luxurious crystal chandelier, to give you a very elegant classic result.

8. Vintage details with Scandinavian touches

If you prefer a warm antique atmosphere, you need to follow the Scandinavian style in the design of your room, through lamps in the form of geometric lanterns, which retain strong memories of the past, with textiles, pillows and prints, and keep a contemporary touch to save these elements, through empty spaces Full of light and open plan with little to no furniture, but with so many decorative details!

9. Do it yourself

For a drastic change, nothing is better than building furniture yourself, why not? It’s not difficult at all, you just have to get the pallets recycled but in good condition, treat them, and then you will need simple tools like hammer, screwdrivers, a drill, some nails and don’t forget the tires, maybe a couple of wheels if you want the piece of furniture to be able, Like the base of this bed.

10. Paint it black!

What do you think of some distinction?! Do you dare to bring black color into your bedroom?! Do not be afraid, not the whole room but only one wall, preferably the back of the bed, while creating contrast by installing colored lights, and incorporating a natural material such as wood or fabrics on the frame. A line of photographs for a unique and original character.