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Tips to avoid decorating mistakes while decorating your home

There are many mistakes that we often make when decorating our homes, but today in this article we present the most famous of those mistakes and put clear solutions to them. For example, when buying a sofa that is too large, or a carpet that is too small, or painting and decorating  the walls  in very bright colors, all of this may cause Mess and major decorating mistakes, simple changes If you want a modern, calm home, it is best to follow these tips.

The decor should not be uniform: contrasts enhance the elegance of the room

It’s all too easy to fall into the temptation to match everything with the same motifs and styles, or to make things the same color. This doesn’t just apply to one area, you may also have fallen in the way of putting your  living and dining room together in the same colors There’s nothing more wonderful than mixing colors, textures and styles.

For example, in this room he left a stone wall uncovered and painted the other walls entirely, in contrast to the solid color of the walls. With a gray sofa in beautifully contrasting colors with the rug and pillows in red stripes. It ends with something more interesting, and there is nothing better than a couple of plants and some paintings to decorate the place nicely.

Extra large sofa

Before you start choosing furniture for the apartment, you should be sure of the measures, estimate the distances and find out if the sofa.

This applies to the whole house, most often when you see furniture on the Internet, you rush to buy it without calculating the area and the shape in which it will be placed, but in the end you discover a bad choice, so be very careful, taking room measurements.

No to a lot of colors and decor

Often times you would like your favorite color to be on walls, furniture and even curtains. But you have to look at that because it causes crowding and the opposite effect in the house, for example if you prefer very strong colors, it will cause eyestrain, and no one wants to go home and get a severe headache.

If the colors are minimal or balanced, you can give a distinctive touch to the room. In the end, you can use whatever colors you want, but in moderation and take into account the contrasts.

Do not close the lanes

No matter how small a home is, space for movement should always be available, as corridors are important not only for rest but also in case of any emergency. From a decorative point of view, having an enclosed, cluttered area has a bad effect and filling it with furniture makes it look too messy and feels lumpy and unnecessarily stressed.

Electrical wire spread

Now with all the technology we have in the house: TV, games, phone cable, phone charger, portable charger cable, electronic cigarette, digital camera and battery. And many things! That’s why you need to get a trigger for all of this together. Too much wire hurts the overall look as well as out of style.

There are many ways to hide cables, for example, in this picture we have a large tray that keeps the TV with cables in the form of a piece of furniture that does not affect the overall look. With these creative ideas, we can organize the room even more. For example other keys, when not in use, we can use shoe boxes, roll them up and store them indoors.

Rug too big or too small

Like furniture sometimes we buy a rug that is too small or a rug that is too big. Ideally, the corners of the room’s furniture should touch a portion of the rug that is large enough to continue covering the rest of the space, but not the entire room.

Lighting is the key

Surely there is a mistake many often make as they make sure to use a lamp in the kitchen or dining room and get it done. Like a lamp that lights one direction is enough for the whole room.

It is best to start by locating two lamps with the appropriate illumination level for the lamps. One on the ceiling and one on the floor are suitable for a good distribution of lighting. If you do not have the money for this, you can always install small light branches, on the edge of the surface or the upper corners of the kitchen counters.

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