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5 ideas for attractive window design

Windows are among the complementary elements of any interior design, whatever its orientation and taste. Unfortunately, the process of choosing and taking care of them is subjected to a lot of neglect, thinking by some that they may not be as important as other elements and complements to the beauty of design in rooms , but in fact windows are the official gates for the passage of light into the house, and as he confirms Experts that they bring fresh air to you, in addition to their height, shape and size that make them clear and very impressive in any design, here are 5 wonderful shapes of windows that you can quote from their most beautiful design in your home decor.

huge window

Huge windows are suitable for most large areas of formal rooms such as living or reception, which has multiple advantages over the design of classic curtains and aesthetic veils above them, and glass patterns are used in them if they were without any curtains, and they help you enjoy a wonderful view with a clearer view from all angles and room corners.


classic window

Classic windows, which mean medium size, elegant shape and clear height, will be your first choice if your home is originally designed in a classic way, whether in curtains, furniture, inscriptions, walls and room division. You can enjoy these windows with transparent glass and behind it are often the curtains with multiple layers and more attractive.

single window

Single windows of small size are suitable for rooms where children are afraid of climbing, such as their bedroom. They are also used in a private way in kitchens and bathrooms, and the glass used in them may be of the opaque type that passes light and does not pass vision.

nook and cranny

The corner and corner in the windows represent a free view of your home on the outside, in a way that resembles all-glass walls with the difference that there are clear glass bearing columns and sashes in the windows. Note the white sashes in these windows to realize the difference with walls full of glass only.

connected windows

Connecting windows in the walls surrounding a room will be a great way to convey the design of your home to a modern, clear style, over which you can use light or formal metallic curtains, or without curtains at all, to allow the view to enter the entire room without any difficulties.

Aastha Greens Interior Designs Noida Extension, Noida

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