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DLF Capital Greens Luxury Interiors in Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm

Furnishing ideas in low budget

Furnishing our home is always a task that gives us enthusiasm and motivation. Usually it starts, somehow, a new phase in our lives, or it turns a house into a home, to change our home. But furnishing your home is not a simple task like this, as we first think, because it has to do with making permanently small decisions that could affect our lives in the years to come. Therefore, if we do not do the work of presenting the house correctly, then this work becomes difficult and tedious.

Avoiding becomes a nightmare, good planning is essential as it will help us control costs and we will not have to work hard during the process of finding different elements. The first step we must take, therefore, is to review the budget to see if it is available to meet the apartment. Generally, the amount available to furnish a house is limited, while the furnishing phase is usually followed by other phases which involve high investment (purchase of house, development of rent collection, relocation expenses, etc.).

If you find yourself in this situation, we offer you some tips and tricks in our book of ideas to make the process of furnishing your home easier and more efficient, resulting in a personalized And have a welcoming interior that you can enjoy with each passing day.

1- Make a list of needs

Once a budget is available for our home furnishings, as we have already mentioned, the first step we must take is to make a list of the elements we need. , Must establish order of priorities. And not all furniture in the house is the same. It is important to choose the necessary things to start living at home, in which we can add ‘priorities’ so that the house is comfortable. This is even more important when we see ourselves in front of an empty house, such as  a proposal, that once we have invested in a good house, we need to slowly fill it. Think about it and don’t get ready on the first day.

2- Don’t forget what you already have

If the house is not completely empty or you have furniture from another house  or, simply, you already have the house or they have given it to you, the first thing you should do , Make a small inventory of the things you already have. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The furniture you need to complement yourself will be available in smaller spaces.

For this, with a plan, along with common steps, the house will be of great help. Do this carefully because you will avoid buying furniture too quickly, and at the same time, you have to keep pieces that you have not fitted into the house for many years.

3- To be provided

Proportion must be present in many aspects of this phase of furnishing. The ratio between the size of the furniture and the dimensions of the room we offer. Proportion in the price of selected elements, to say that the investment in different pieces of furniture should always be in accordance with the budget, simple furniture but with sufficient quality. Also proportions and balance in terms of stylist suggestion. This does not mean that you have to bet on a decorative style for each piece of furniture, but you see the harmony between the design and the colors, so that the shape of the room as we see in this picture. can.

4- Investment in multi-purpose furniture

In general, you should keep in mind that in this initial stage where we have a very limited budget, you just have to be concerned to keep each room comfortable and decorate with the necessary accessories. Should complete. Later, when the time comes, adding new pieces of furniture depends on your needs. In this sense, if the pieces of furniture you put first on your list of priorities are flexible and versatile, it makes it easier for you to use them in every room. Sofa with changing furniture, photo table, or multi-purpose possibilities as you have shown in the previous picture, or short, furniture in which one piece allows to meet several needs.

5- Use soft cushions and carpets

If we talk about accessories, the most important of them are cushions and carpets, which are perfect for a self-respecting residence. These elements not only decorate but also make the room comfortable, they introduce a note of color, add fresh prints, in the case of carpets, can make the space more comfortable or many Help us to stay with the use. They are also things that can work to make the residence more flexible so that with their immediate re-deployment, you can increase the space by reducing the areas covered by the carpet. Using Imagination It is important to think about using resources to enhance the possibilities of our home without spending massive amounts of money.

6- DIY nose

Imagination should keep on taking advantage of everything we have and we can take advantage of it to furnish this house, we can invest in other elements to save money; For example, when furniture becomes unattractive, we can change or restore it. With this attitude, we can give new life to an old piece of furniture, to solve the part of the furniture, which also means a reasonable decision regarding the environment.

7- Create storage area

Creating your own storage space is one of the easiest and most useful tasks we can start with this DIY mindset (create yourself), even without doing this type of work before. Using piles, which are in fashion these days, fruit boxes like we can see here or any other element that is resistant and stable, we can make furniture from  it which helps to maintain order in the house. . Booklets, shelves, furniture, shoemaker etc. They are great allies for organizing your home and actually creating very personal interiors.

White is very well used

You must have heard that white is the target of the eyes. It is not limited to words but this color is really very special. This color is not for any particular room but it can be used for bedroom, bathroom, living room anywhere. Can use This color is used for many different purposes. It beautifies your home as well as enhances its size. It creates a soothing atmosphere in the home and another nice thing about this color is that you can combine any other color with it. If you are also thinking of repainting your home, read this article once because the ideas given here will make it much easier for you to choose white.

A modern apartment

White helps to increase the dimensions of the apartment. The snow-white color has created special elements in this apartment. Matching white interior interior and exterior terrace. White is the only color here

A bright and luxurious room

This white room feels very comfortable, pleasant and bright. The white ceiling makes the room feel comfortable and the curtains  and bed sheets I use  are amazing.

Combining minimalist design and classic

This home combines minimalist and classic designs. The white color is very attractive in this design. The white floor and white staircase make it spacious and bright while the use of wood makes it comfortable and classic.

White for sophistication and charming atmosphere

White also creates sophistication and charm in the environment. Paint the entire  room , including the ceiling, white, but paint the walls gray, so this room will create a 3D effect.

In an industrial style penthouse

We offer a special industrial design. A white French-style window with white walls, ceilings and floors allows natural light to enter, and a magnificent garden on the outside gives the apartment a stunning look.

The challenge of white in a retro home

White can also be a key element of stylish homes. As we said in the introduction, white is very useful for showing small spaces. In this place you can see well

Spend white

How brilliant and soothing to the eyes these simple white colors are. This design is taken from New York apartments where design as well as functionality is taken into account. Everything from sofas, carpets, benches and small stools is complete and luxurious.

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