Decorations of the latest ideas for walls and walls

Decorations of the latest ideas for walls and walls | Best Interior Design Firm

Decorations of the latest ideas for walls and walls | Gurgaon

There is no doubt that the designs for walls and walls are one of the important things that must be taken into account, because it is one of the first things that fall upon the eye of those who enter and see the design; And this is for several reasons, the most important of which are the colors that attract the eye and consideration, and the colors vary between neutral and bright colors and others.

We will review for you in this article five of the coolest and most modern designs, and from this point of view you can choose what suits you and your general taste for the house, and also in terms of raw materials And shapes, and these designs need material capabilities in terms of money and space.

1- Bright and distinctive design

This design is bright; Where the use of the light white color with zigzags is similar to the waves of the sea, and this wall represents one of the walls in the design, while the rest of the walls are also smooth in white, and these walls are appropriate and suitable for the design as a whole, where the gray color of the bed cover as well as the carpet, while the floors are wooden in color.

The light is to match the shape of the walls, and the lighting plays a major role in highlighting the splendor and beauty of the design; Where the two types of lighting, whether natural or artificial, and the design is not without some types of decor from some pictures, as well as the light curtain.

2-Design for a different shaped wall

Decorations of the latest ideas for walls and walls

This design shows the designer’s accuracy in using stones to make a wall of a different and distinct shape, and we see the splendor of the design in its fit with the design as a whole, whether with regard to the smooth walls surrounded by dark and different colors, in addition to the ceiling, with the light-colored wooden floors, and this design is suitable because It is  a living room because it has a place to put the TV and sit around it. As for the lighting, it is dim and weak.

3- A wonderful marble wall design

At first glance when looking at this design, we find the wall of light-colored marble, and at the same time, in a neutral gray color with zigzag that characterizes any marble wall, and this design is for the living room, and this wall is suitable for placing the TV and giving an aesthetic shape to the design, The marble wall is surrounded by a smooth glossy black wall to create an amazing combination, and next to it is a library to put books and some decorations for the living room.

4- Distinctive wallpaper for the modern living room

Decorations of the latest ideas for walls and walls

Many people see that the diversity in the shapes of the walls is in itself a change and renewal, so we find a large percentage always searching for that; It is clear through this design what we are talking about; Where the designer uses the stone wall with small bricks, and what distinguishes it also is the use of the wonderful and distinct sandy color, and it is evident that this design of the modern living room is somewhat present. Clear.

5- Neutral colors and creative wall

It is clear from this design that the designer’s accuracy in mixing and combining the shape of the cement wall or something similar in gray, as well as because it is a smooth wall, which is very similar to gypsum board, and we also find that it is properly exploited and invested;

As it is suitable for placing the TV and its decorations, in addition to that it has a wonderful and distinct shape, and the design does not stop at this point, but rather touched on the use of the stone wall, and that fits the design as a whole through the floors and lighting, whether natural or artificial, and it is clear on this design that Living room.

Decorations of the latest ideas for walls and walls | Best Interior Design Firm |

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